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Técnicas mixtas de ilustración para diseño de personajes – Curso online de Jorge Sefy

Hi, my name is Jorge Sefy
and I’m an illustrator. I’ve worked in advertising and design, but my true vocation
is character illustration. From a young age,
I copied the drawings from stories, and soon I discovered
that drawing was what I loved most. I like to come up with my own stories,
create worlds where my characters are meaningful
and live by their own rules. The small details and color
play a very important role. The materiality and textures
of traditional techniques make me feel
much closer to my characters. The different emotions that come up decidedly influence our perception and help us to get into
fantastic worlds more easily. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
and experiment with different techniques to discover your own way. In this Domestika course, you’ll learn to use
different traditional techniques and apply them to characters
of any style, whether they’re cartoons,
realistic, or comics. As a final project,
you’ll design a character and apply color using techniques
like ink, acrylics and oil paint, and you’ll finish by doing
digital retouching in Photoshop. For this, we’ll do a color sketch
of our character, we’ll trace it on paper and we’ll take a look at the materials
that we’ll use in the course. We’ll also look at inking,
acrylic grisaille and creating
simple airbrushed backgrounds. After, we’ll start coloring
our character with different
acrylic and oil painting techniques. Later, we’ll varnish our drawing,
we’ll scan it and put on the finishing touches
with Photoshop to make it perfect. After this course, you’ll be able to
apply different illustration techniques to breathe life into your characters. For this course, you need some basic notions of drawing and some initial contact
with color techniques. Regarding the materials, you’ll mainly need
watercolor paper, paintbrushes, pens, markers, acrylic and oil paint. As optional materials,
you can use an airbrush liquid mask and spray varnish. This course is designed especially for
illustrators, designers, artists, and anyone interested in
traditional painting techniques and character creation. Learn to combine different
traditional painting techniques to give your illustrations
a unique finish. Mixed Illustration Techniques
for Character Design A course by Jorge Sefy
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