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TEEN WOLF Season 6 Comic Con Panel – Tyler Posey, Holland Roden

We’re gonna start with somebody He’s a boyfriend He’s a bestfriend He was the beast Khylin Rhambo He’s the Beta Who now has a werewolf girlfriend Dylan Sprayberry Now this next guy you might know him Is like the protector of Beacon Hills But what you might not know about him Is that he’s
actually a huge fan of flash dance It’s Tyler Posey He’s such a big fan he did it twice Now he’s the man behind it all executive producer Jeff Davis Okay no matter how loud you guys scream I think this next person could probably top it. It’s Holland Roden I love you And because we love like a
potential redemption story on Teen Wolf Or actually bringing out someone you might have considert of villain in the past But who knows what’s in his future. It’s Cody Christian The stage is now a hassert thanks to Tyler’s lover flash dance It was worth it Okay well to kick things off i’m gonna
throw it to Jeff I think he has a little something he wants to say to you guys Yes. Well there are a lot of you here Yes Every year we comes to Comic Con And we been nounst the next season of Teen Wolf And every year we’ve been able to celebrate with the fans And this season This year is a little different but no last reason to celebrate We’re gonna hit a hundred episodes at the end of season 6 And we also… yeah that’s amazing And we decided that a hundred episodes is also a good place to stop Yes This will be the finale These next 20 episodes will be the finale season of Teen Wolf Yes I know We’re sad about it and it’s bittersweet But we’re so happy to be able to come to Comic Con and share with you guys I’m gonna start to cry i think I know Tyler has to say something about it Go for it Omg you guys so yeah this is it This is the routine that we build Everybody that we put in the seats. It’s coming to an end And I just want to let everybody know from Jeff and everybody here’s heart That this is been the biggest movement that we ever been a part of This isn’t just a show. This is a family You guys are all a part of it You guys have helped us get to this point And… I hope you guys know that we love you guys I do crazy sh*t like this because i wanna make you guys smile and laugh You mean so much to me and so this ending is the end of a huge era for all of us And me specifically cause this is you know i care so deeply about the show And i wanna be the leader of the show So i’m have to find something else to be a leader of when this is over But this is huge. I love
each and every single one of you And i wanna come and hug every single one of you when this is over But I… We also. We should probably say a word. Tyler has been talking to Dylan i’ve texting with Dylan And told him the news. And Dylan send the most beautiful message about how bittersweet it was And how, what an amazing thing we’re been able to do We miss him here We wish he could come but he’s still at home recuperating And i’ve gotta ask since Holland was here from the beginning too. Holland say something about this. The show Ohh gosh I mean… I grew up with this like just gang of boys Basically my entire twenties and… I was a boy back then too You’re still a boy Jeff Look at the people. L, Look at all the people here man. Look at what we created. Everybody turn around. T, take a look at the sea of people. How many people are in here right now? I’m so proud of us. I’m so happy. I love.. This is the greatest -We’re gonna need a spin-off. I think JR and Ian should do a spin-off together. Uhh, we’ve already got one. Just not being filmed. Uh, I think one of the great things about Peter is how consistent he is, and how fundamentally he doesn’t change. Uhm, regardless of whether he’s doing something that looks good, or looks bad. Uh he’s exactly the same guy underneath. I should start… I think so, Ok let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. -It’s gotta be a Blink 182 song. I could be your hero baby. or a… *Starts singing Hungry Like the Wolf* -Did you forget the question? *Still continues to sing* But that that one.. not that song. I guess you have to sing your answer Tyler. -And Dylan. Is it my turn? What’s that umm… What’s that umm, Katy Perry song about the plastic bag in the wind? *Crowd shouts Firework.* -Firefly! Firefly. That song. Firework? That would be my theme song cause I feel like a plastic bag in the wind. *Tyler starts singing Firework* Oh! Work by Rihanna. That would be, that would be *Tyler starts singing Work* *Dylan and Khylin joins in with Tyler* I don’t know if they’re good but I would go with the good vibrations. *Tyler starts singing Good Vibrations* -or like the Marky Mark one.. “You know what on second thought…” [Tyler] Is to touch people deeply, wait that’s not right either I wanna be inside of you guys, wait, that’s …. Nah I’m off track All I’ve ever wanted to do is inspire people positively, and inspire the world and make a difference in people’s lives And the amount of, uh, of people from all… from the years and thousands of fans that we have met throughout the years Different parts of the world, everybody, there is always somebody who comes up to one of us Ans says how much we’ve affected their lives and changed their lives for the better, and saved their lives And whether it’s one person in a group of a thousand people, or a group of a thousand people…every single person counts, and…and…I’ve uh, I don’t know, I’ve always wanted just to change people’s lives And I really feel like this show has that power. I know counts of people that this show has bought together and I’ve learned So much about myself and I have some of the best friends that I will have in my entire Me and Dylan, this guy too… but Dylan O’Brien and I have this bond that I can’t even go into words to try to explain Or express and I just, I hope to God that everybody will find that and uh, this show has just, not only has it saved other people’s lives But it saved mine too. So this is just, like, [Jeff] I’ll, I’ll add [Tyler] Add please, please [Jeff] It’s an extraordinary feeling to Because um, I, in high school always said

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19 thoughts on “TEEN WOLF Season 6 Comic Con Panel – Tyler Posey, Holland Roden

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  2. Love tyler even more he is a such great friend to have. He always memorizing his best dude dylan o'brien support him every moment he could even he is not there with them.

  3. Tyler whispering to Jeff into the mic: "I'm allowed to say that they erase memories right?"

    Well, that question became real irrelevant, real quick lmao

  4. To everyone saying this was the last panel….it’s not
    There’s one more and Dylan O’Brien does come to it…

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