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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 100 Page Spectacular Review

You’re dead, Shellbrains! They ain’t getting any prettier!! Uh, hi. I’m David Marcel, and this is my
comic book obsession. [Music] and today we’re taking a look at the
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Archie’s 100-page spectacular! is it any good? well you’re not going to hear me say this a lot about teenage mutant ninja
turtles product, Uh, except for maybe that one,
but no. No it’s not. This comic book covers the first,
and in my opinion best season of the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles TV show and during that time when the show was picked up for
syndication, Archie and Mirage studios struck a deal: mirage would continue to publish
their ultraviolent, and really weird Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stories, and Archie’s
would cover a more kid-friendly market. The story opens with April covering a
crime wave when she’s attacked by some of the Shredder’s punks. She escapes into the sewers. After passing out from blunt head trauma,
she’s rescued by everybody favorite fab four. No, not the Beatles, the Turtles. After the obligatory introduction scene,
the Turtles and April follow a trail that leads them to the ninja district. While the Turtles check out the ninja pizza
parlor, April is caught snooping around Manhattan securities, and captured by
the Foot Clan. The Turtles rescuer her, however they lose
the foot when they flood the building that was connected to the Technodrome. The next day the Turtles and Splinter
pick up the chase, while Krang inspires the Shredder to mutate his own people. A quick trip to the zoo by two roadkill Rodney’s later, Bebop and Rocksteady are born. Splinter in the meantime catches up with the Technodrome, and is captured. the Turtles of course arrived to rescue him and turn down the Shredder’s offer to join
him. After defeating Bebop and Rocksteady the Turtles take a well-deserved rest. The peace doesn’t last long however, as
the Shredder recruits down-on-his-luck scientists Baxter Stockman, to build an
army of his trademark mouser robots to track down Splinter. The next story sees the Turtles hooking up
with Neutrinos, who burst through the portal Shredder has opened to Dimension X while
trying to call forth Krang’s army. The Turtles take down the Neutrinos before
realizing they’re on the same side, and hooking up to defeat Shredder and Krang. The final issue Shredder finally caves
and builds Krang his body, while also baiting Splinter with a retro-mutagen gun,
that can turn him back into Hamato Yoshi. Krang fights the Turtles by using his
transmutation chip to become a giant, while Shredder fights Splinter. Will our heroes save the day? Will Splinter become human again? will Archie choose Betty or Veronica-
uh, wait a minute, sorry, wrong comic. Random house at this time teamed up
with Archie’s as well ,and they published some audio tapes which they packed
together with the comic books. The audiotapes contained a very “interesting”
take on the TMNT, especially Krang, who sounds like Dr. Claw pretty much. But if you had those audiobooks and would like to relive those times, then grab
yourself some high C, or hawaiian punch, or whatever you were drinking at that
time, then click the link over here. so without further ado, let’s get to
The Verdict. Artwork:
Michael Dooney was an interesting choice as an artist for the
Archies mini-series. On the one hand, he did lend credibility
to the effort, on the other hand his style is usually very detailed and pretty gritty
here’s some panels from his normal work. Granted the inking has something to do with
this as well- and that’s I think the biggest problem this issue has as far as the
artwork is concerned. It’s not just forcing Michael to do very
minimalistic art, it’s also not really working with him by giving him
the Archies Inking treatment Writing:
While I do love this story I mean it’s from my favorite TV show from
My favorite season from that TV show. I’m a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan,
So of course, I’m going to give it some leeway, but the problem is, the TV show
does not condense well. It just really points out all of the
flaws the story has, which frankly is that the story is
extremely silly. And at the same time it takes away a lot of the charm, so
I’m going to have to give the story three stars, but that’s got a VERY big
nostalgia factor figure in. Digital enjoyability: Now this is where the book takes the
biggest hit. This was rushed through production,
and you can tell. There’s a lot of faded colors on the
page margins. You can see where the original comic
book was placed on the scanner. There’s still artifacts from that left. Most of the original problems
from the Archies comic are left intact like for example, the bleeding Ink. This book would really have profited from a re-inking. It would have fixed a lot of the problems as well, like the
classic but still annoying fact that sometimes the wrong turtle is saying the
wrong things. I mean this is something that’s not just in this comic book, it was
in the TV show as well, that the inkers just sometimes would be like: “Eh, one of
them’s red, one of them’s blue one of them’s
purple, ones orange, They’re interchangeable, right?” and, you know, they’re not. But this could easily have been fixed. And then on the last page, which would
be the back cover, you’ve got the biggest tell-tale sign of
all, and that’s when text is just kind of layered on top of each other. sometimes it’s bold sometimes it’s not. Since this is a book that’s for the fans
that’s a huge No No. I’m giving this two stars, and I’m being
Generous. Value for money: When I bought this it was going for
one dollar. and for that price, fine. You, well, you overlook stuff. but now it’s going for three dollars and that puts it in the same price class
as some really way superior books quality wise, and that just really breaks
it. I would not spend three dollars on this. Wait for it to be in the bargain bin again. So there you have it, Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles Archie’s 100-page spectacular, which is anything but spectacular. You can still find this book down in the
description below on amazon, if you’re really interested, or maybe if you just
want to find out for yourself, there’s a demo you can download. Also, check out one of these other videos on the side here, give a like and subscribe,
and I’ll see you around in the next episode! Bebop is not being very cooperative…. ARRRRRRGH!

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