TESLA CYBERTRUCK FIRST LOOK! ESMR REACTIONS! What a crew we are the ESM are Avengers There are drugs and IV girl and Weezy and you catch me on instagram instagram bully. Amw triple easy. Triple wine. Ok Kesha is time alone. Who are you sir? Who is putting down? I think I am bill. You can find me Also catch you on Twitter Admiral product 1 and tonight we’re talking about Teslas new cybers trucks So Tesla just dropped and all of that trip pickup truck that’s supposed to rival like the f-150. It’s supposed to be like interesting Often and it’s also the longest amount of charge for a battery and electric car ever. It looked at five hundred miles So and I was listening to this guy is really interesting. This guy’s name is Jerry rig everything we are Using your video. Please. Don’t you know punish us for that, but it’s a good video, but Over over time it’s way more inexpensive to own Last longer absolutely, no gas station visits. Yeah, I mean it so I we might need to make a move we’ve thought about it Um, and so we’re gonna go ahead and get into this the tesla cyber truck. Is it worth it? A trip owners locks a truck under stats for the cyber truck Definitely something nobody has ever seen before Ilan said this would look like an armored truck from the future And he’s definitely not wrong. Looks like something out of like weather lady’s gonna get fire GRE is mad at us already and it’s smoke. I Think we’re trying to shake. It’s gonna cool though. Look at those tires, though Like it really makes you feel like you could be shot at you wouldn’t be that worried about it Nothing looks like the Batmobile to know that Batman You get and it’s like a block and then you just snap on the wheels Would you own one do you think I like it and then went to it said right when he shows the inside And I would feel like a total badass pulling up in that you can driving belongs on yeah tell me when you know, you’re rich That you own the road matrix, this is very matrix s I’m like who wears trench goes like that who wears gloves? Living in the matrix Thanks, Elon Musk. Oh this looks like a supervillain to me Tony. Oh I’m sorry. Did you guys did you hear that? he were on the Joe Rogan podcast and smoked weed and then his stocks plummeted that plummeted but I missed it. I hear That was a huge thing They wanted to kick him off the board addressed a basin want to get about the company at that point You know, he was doing a lot of weird stuff at that time He was kind of wall. I know but is he not a Bond villain me? Yes. Yes That’s steel design quickly won me over. That’s someone who likes to build things in my garage I’m kind of glad it looks like it was built in someone’s garage utilitarian stainless steel panels aren’t painted Oh, it could be at some people get in but I’m all for that bare metal design I’m sure the whole look of this truck is pretty polarizing though so let me know like at first I didn’t know that this is crazy now, I’m like, oh, that’s the Exoskeleton went on to explain that the truck is designed with an exoskeleton design instead of a body-on-frame design like a normal truck Which is pretty interesting made from cold rolled stainless steel. The cyber truck is the same alloy used in that sledgehammer There’s going down. They use the same metal and space to the truck Which I thoroughly enjoy it goes into the sound that both doors make when? They even went as far to say that the sturdy cold rolled stainless steel panels could stop bullets which is interesting In the front it’s these things you can stop bullets they’re about to be in every hit in America Okay, you think it really stop bullets? You’re about to see drug dealers everywhere with these would be famous for buying one. Oh, yeah look what I’m saying like Hannibal they have a model for 40 grand. Hey people not easy for pedestrian safety And I’m not sure if these panels provide that but I’m sure we’ll learn more down the road pedestrian safety Novelty glues new transparent metal, which I would love to learn more about durability testing of the transparent metal didn’t go too well because Shouts to jr. I think that’s him. I Mean that’s still a pretty big ball. He may be big I mean it broke but it didn’t shatter that they were throwing things at the glass because they don’t know that it’s not gonna start So that’s pretty good. Got myself compromised. You know how your cell phone might break after dropping only a foot? That’s because some tiny fraction. I mean it’s a ball, you know, that makes me confident He’s cracking jokes Air suspension that can read no lighters they go out over time It has a 16 inch ground clearance the highest 16 inches really the baby crawlers Milan Tacoma has a nine and a half inch stock clearance higher I haven’t added an aftermarket lift to get me to 13 inches So 16 inches of ground clearance is pretty impressive straight off The assembly line trucks are meant to be tools though and specs are important and once again the cyber truck beats my Tacoma by almost double it has a 14,000 pound towing 6000 My acceleration with a 2.90 six latest they move up the street though, you can’t tell you saw that coming at you, right? Speed of a sports car in the bottom of a tank, of course. It’s all electric and this truck This might get outlawed active. That’s just crazy. It is electric No, I know I did of course I’ve heard it from no I didn’t hurt hear that but my thing is like I just saw a good on the street fast yeah, I think that’s what to me is like sewing boggling is that That it’s electric and it’s cool Look Oliver says if you see this coming down the street and you’re crossing the street you’ve done this thing hits you Actually, you may go right under because of the 16 inch clearance Generator or even charge up other electric vehicles like the new electric for no charge up another Body tapped into for air tools there are three versions of this you see the interior in Tacoma to the most maxed out most expensive version which cost 69 thousand dollars and comes out in 2022 but there is a cheaper version which cost you like a Zen has basically the same exact specs range and acceleration as my Tacoma does right now and it comes out in 2021 The price is competitive with current truck pricing Keep in mind though that electric cars are cheaper to own for the long term electricity is cheaper than gas or diesel and combined Operations is just lower it Does apply some a little kit would make them cuz they range you’re Like some Lego blacks currently announced on the market right now This contraption the truck is pretty minimalist, which I’m a fan of remember before I bought that 2018 Tacoma There’s nothing in there around me a 20 year old man. He’s a big ol computer He got the job done to me the usefulness of the truck is more important than the appearance of the truck The truck is a tool the cyber truck has a slightly larger footprint than my Toyota Tacoma Combine that with these 16 inches of ground clearance looks pretty comfortable look in the bed Look at this two people in there. You’ve got a cup holder thing between the two front seats This can also be raised up to turn the front row into a bench seat to fit People as a nice large screen in the center comparable to the current Tesla Model 3 Your panels on the sides are pretty iconic The truck really looks like nothing else on the street right now and no other truck existence We are assuring in a new era of technology the models lumens in there 100 years ago, there’s a grown-ass man in the back an Arm dude not this cyber truck is starting a new era and not leg the leg rocks It’ll be fun to watch and see where electric vehicles end up Sighs and there’s an LED light bar on top as well. That doesn’t reflect off the New peak I have pre-ordered a cyber truck it’s 100 bucks to get your spot online and fully refundable So I figured I’d get a head start before I have to officially make up my mind in a 2200 bucks Appealing driving around it we go up northern Oasis the real truck right now and that’s probably because the release date is still pretty far in the future and a lot can happen between now and 2020 to Riffian has a truck supposedly coming out next year in 2020 and Ford and GM have tentatively teased electric trucks as well Remember the same 8th though. These are beetle remaining and for the environment The vehicle you currently own until it dies fix it and keep going But if it is time for you to get a new rig Electric just might be the future a new age is coming and let’s put a bug free attack me in the 2j rigs everything Jay Riecke would be Man, I am fucked up. Yeah I Watched it earlier. I was that artists is cool. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did I bet it looks very simplistic and very utilitarian. Um because like he kept saying he made a point to say that trucks are tools and And I like trucks man was always on the truck. I kind of grew up on him You’re not like a huge fan. I am now Right good. You have got that room and inside the truck you I mean dings and scratches I mean I fuck up cars. So I need something that’s gonna that’s gonna last me right amen to that And to get 500 miles on one charge Damn, yeah, I won’t hate you. What do you guys think of your new tester Tesla test the cyber trip? I kind of was 40k, you know bené bené not doable is to say that well Let us know what you think about the new Tesla – anything about the homey Elon Musk. Is he strange? Is he a Bond villain? I feel like in order to have the levels level of success and to be as creative as he is He has to be surged. It’s kind of the Kanye West I’m just kind of like what if he decided to use his power for you? Really smart dude, he’s building like electronic trucks and done fucked up All right. We are this Marvin let us know what you think about the cyber truck as well as the man Elon Musk and if you haven’t already hit the like button leave a comment for us and Subscribe our Channel. We’ll see you next video

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