100 thoughts on “The 7 Most Twisted Joker Moments in Comic Book History

  1. joker's top 10-15 smartest moves. let's be real here, joker is a twisted maniac, but he's incredibly smart. what are his greatest, most genius plans he's done in comics, movies, tv, or video games?

  2. Since I was a teen in the 80s, I comforted people going through sh^t by relating to them with my personal experiences and life lessons. I had (now have more) many ways to relate to people.
    But since my teens, I had a way to tell people how even a moment in their history for their issues isn't nothing. I told each one that every second has two moments, there are 60 seconds to a minute, 60 minutes to an hour, 24 hours to a day.
    Any moment, to any of us, our lives can change. Through the realization of previous events to instant trauma, in a half-second, any of us can lose our minds, die, become fiscally ruined, be innocent for a crime we are arrested for, become publicly guilty of a horrible thing despite being innocent, see one or more loved ones die, be responsible for one or more really horrible thing, etc. Each of those can happen in a moment, a moment of trauma.
    Now, imagine how many moments happen in a day… a possible 2 per second, 120 per minute, 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours per day. A bad day is possible for the worst event to that person ever. A bad day can convert a person from what they were to anything after. A bad day can be an entire lifetime of horror to anyone. I never dismiss or minimize anyone saying "I had a bad day" as trivial. I just shut up and wait to see if they bring it up again.
    Because of my way of seeing things, The Killing Joke was (after it was published) used to tease me. I got around to reading it. That was the only time I ever related to The Joker, philosophically speaking, from a different angle.
    I stopped thinking of The Joker as a campy Batman villain and took him seriously. The Joker is not insane. The Joker is a hyper-sane realist and he is a game-playing sadist. The Joker is an awesome bad guy. He also does the best bad guy superpower. He is willing to cross any line his enemy is not willing to cross. Nothing can stop that enemy without killing them, even then that might be the trigger to another plot.

  3. superheroes who abstain from killing the Joker are paragons of Good Stupid character. And have blood of all of his latter victims just on their hands

  4. Fun fact did you know with out skin on any part of the body can start to get infected and eventually kill you

  5. Well feminist, there's your other female Joker you never knew about. The problem is are you going to accept her or not?

  6. Hoping to god that the time he captured the whole bat family and tricked Batman into thinking he cut their faces off including Damien’s is included

  7. Is there a place 10x worse then hell? Because I think Joker would be there, even Satan would loss his mind with Joker in his realm

  8. The joker isn’t smiling while he gets killed by vampire Batman because he knows he corrupted him, he’s smiling because he’s a kinky bastard

  9. That's what I like the most about the character we make of the Joker, he puts you in dilemma 'impossible' to resolve that would ultimately make you become what you have never been, most likely always for the worst. The ethical dilemma of choosing between Lois or the Joker was much more profound then what it seemed at first.

  10. What if Batman made joker a crippled men? break every bone that is possible without killing him,Joker cannot kill people while not being able to stand up and use his arms,it is cruel but better than murder in Batman's book…..i think

  11. If Batman ever decided to kill the joker i can imagine him straggleing him in a violent but goofy man and joker just laughing three the whole thing

  12. Could you just…..cut his hands and legs, seal his mouth and sral him away?
    He would still be alive but made to be unable to do anything

  13. So If the joker always win what would happen if Batman somehow made him mentally retarded?

    No offense to anyone who is mentally retarded

  14. Somebody finally put a bullet in his head. To hell with the "moral high ground" when he keeps murdering and toturing people.

  15. Im suprised it didnt mention one of the biggest examples of when batman kills the joker with the batman who laughs

  16. After watching this..when the Joker says "I think we are destined to do this forever" in the Dark Knight…it all makes sense!

  17. Batman looks at Joker, "Yeah, Batman can't kill you." He takes off the mask, revealing his face to the Joker who busts out laughing. "But that doesn't mean Bruce Wayne can't." The Joker stops immediately as Bruce Wayne strangles him.

  18. I think the worst is when Joker tricks Superman into killing a pregnant Louis Lane that set Superman to becoming evil in Injustice.

  19. Kills many innocent. We can't kill him
    Boi the sentence for suicide used to be death even then though kill him lock him up he breaks out so just kill him no more breaking out without a life to sentence

  20. you completely forgot to mention that Martha Wayne's Joker has a striking resemblance and acts simmler to Heath Ledger's Joker.

  21. So your just gonna leave out the time where the joker brainwashed and tortured robin into becoming joker junior

  22. Can anyone find the source where joker tortures Batman to the point where batman breaks and superman has to take his memory

  23. I'd say that the writers were channelling Rick and Morty with the Joker telling Harley that she's just one of a series of expendable sidekicks but I think that issue came out a year before Rick and Morty first aired.

  24. They should make a gag mini movie where Batman kills joker and then becomes depressed cuz he realizes he needs joker in his life. Or vice versa

  25. Didn’t Batman also snap Joker’s neck at one point, taking the Joker completely by surprise? If I can remember correctly, didn’t the Joker just kill someone or something, making Batman lose it and start laughing like a maniac? I think they were laughing together when all of a sudden Batman grabbed him by his throat and snapped his neck. Or maybe he just suffocated him. I can’t remember.

  26. I still think that the Joker from "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth" is still the most twisted.

    It's straight-up 'Nightmare Fuel (TM).'

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