THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2099 Launch Trailer | Marvel Comics

SPIDER-MAN issue is a tie-in to 2099,
and the 2099 one shots are the coolest comics
ever because they give you views of the future
you’ve never seen before. And they will mess
with your head. We wanted to capture the
spirit of the original 2099 while doing a
completely new version and a completely new take. What excites me
most about this is putting Nick Spencer
and the rest of our writers and the rest of our
editors in the same space that the writers and
editors back in 1992 of the original 2099 did. They wanted to
look at the future. You know, I was just so amazed
by what we got when we let those writers loose
to do whatever they want with these characters. One of the great things
about the original 2099 was they brought in new
identities and new origins to these characters. And so we wanted
to build on that, but there are still
some survivors out there that are going to pick up. NICK LOWE: Patrick Gleason,
he is going to make his Marvel in the biggest way possible. NICK SPENCER: I mean, Pat’s
such a blast to work with. You know, I’ve been working
with him on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and it’s so much fun. And he’s just one of the most
gifted storytellers in comics and, you know, never
passes up an opportunity to go bigger with a visual,
which is something I love and just a great
deal to work with. The story is huge, and, like
a Spider-Man story should be, also really small and about
Peter Parker and his life and everything that’s going on. Doctor Doom’s going to show up. The Foreigner’s going to show up
for you Spidey nerds out there. I’m not even to tell you
some other characters because they’re surprises,
and I want you to enjoy yourself while you read it. Well, like I said, it’s a new
take but with a lot of hat tips and nods to the original
and maybe more connective tissue than is
apparent right away. So if you’re a fan of the
classic original 2099, stick around. There’s going to be
some good stuff for you. This isn’t an
alternate timeline. This isn’t a what if. This is the future of
the Marvel universe.

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