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The Comics Bear Open

Grrrr Greetings humans, greetings and welcome to the channel. Bear here, 29-year veteran of these vicious and deadly woods. And as the apex predator Bear comes to you today, well… to check out some comic books. You see, during a… horrendous hurricane, Bear was swept up by a gust of wind. Floating helplessly in the air Bear was struck by lightning and fell to the Earth. When Bear wake up from a long slumber, and, well he can now speak English. But this gift was also a curse as Bear was shunned by the others. So now, segregated and alone Bear takes up residence behind Little Timmy McTimmerson’s house. And, every once and a while, Little Timmy will receive a package. A comic book, delivered to his front door. Amazing. But Bear will chase the Postman away and show you good humans a box opening ore even a review and tell you what he thinks. So if that sounds good to you humans then smash that like button and consider subscribing. That would please Bear very much. But for now Bear must go into the woods. So until next time humans Grrrrrr (thunder clap)

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