The Darkness.. | Dragon Ball Infinity Ch. 2 | Dragon Ball Fan Manga

Narrator: Chapter 2. Narrator: Taima arrives back to
civilization to find his fat cat friend Narrator: surrounded by a gang of thugs. Taima: Hey! Leave
him alone! Thug #1: What are you gonna do about it? Narrator: The two square off and Taima easily sends him flying into the distance! Thug #2: What the?! Thug #3: Let’s get out of here! Russo: Wow, thank you! Taima: You could have just shared with them… Russo: I would have if they would
have asked nicely! They were hostile from the beginning.Besides… I’d rather share
with you. Russo: You better get back to the Pharaoh. You’re running out of time before the darkness comes. Russo: I’m staying here to wait for my dad. Taima: Oh, yeah! Well, I
guess I’ll see ya! Be careful and thanks, again! Taima arrives back in town. King Noob: So, young
one, I see you are the only one to taste success… King Noob: I assume you have my water? Taima:… Yes, sir.. King Nood: Very good… Now come with me, son. King Noob: Let me show you what you’ve been doing with your life! King Noob: You’ve been helping build these pyramids, but do you know what they do? Taima: They… power the city? King Noob: Very good! But how? Allow me to explain… King Noob: Each pyramid uses the great power from the sun to store the city’s power into batteries. Because our planet is a barren wasteland – we have developed a way of growing food and herbs King Noob: using aquaponics, a form of growing things using only water. Taima: I.. have a question.. Taima: .. are you really scared of water? King Noob: Uhh… King Noob: Ahahahaha! King Noob: I had a bad experience thousands of years ago with a large body of water… King Noob: So I avoid it, yes. King Noob: Now back to the topic at hand. King Noob: During the seven days of darkness upon us, we can’t use solar power to create these batteries – and our city requires a LOT of power. King Noob: Luckily, your MIGHTY GOD Noob is here to protect you and provide power! My throne is no throne. It is a godly device that allows me to focus my energy to power the city. because of this – during those seven days
I am completely bound to my throne. outside of the palace when darkness
spreads throughout the desert jackals spread alongside of it. That’s
why during these seven days the city is the only safe haven
and so during these seven days as a reward for your service my palace is
yours. eat and drink your fill. King Noob: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to my throne. The darkness is upon us. Narrator: And with those words, the King walks away. Taima momentarily
lives the high life before he gets an odd feeling about his mother –
and sure enough she’s waiting outside without warning she alerts time out that
she has lost her sight timeless sobs for his suffering mother
before she explains her dark past the only reason Taima’s mother has a
place in this city is because King Noob murdered her father. She had heard a
rumor that her father had just been banished to the desert. The day she found
Taima she was actually looking for her lost father and she has looked and
looked until the Sun has finally taken her eyes. Taima’s grandfather was a proud warrior who questioned Noob’s Godhood. used to lead a group of warriors to get
the life water for Noob and protect the power of the city. He trained himself and
his soldiers not to fight for Noob, but to fight for the day he would fall. After
having to kill the Jackals themselves he was convinced that Noob was no God. This reality and engrages Taima! Continuing her monologue
Taima’s mother goes on.. Mother: That’s why my father was killed, for treason! But before
he died, he used to tell me a story he heard from the Thoth. Our kind and theirs
were one in the same somehow according to legend our kinds eldest
ancestor almost drowned and the Thoth’s eldest saved him! I can’t prove that Noob
is that person.. but I have a very strong suspicion. Taima: Don’t worry about any of that!
I’m in Noob’s favor now, so just get your rest! Mother: Being in his favor is not a good
thing, my child. My father was in his favor.. first.. the more you learn about
Noob, the more danger you are in. And I’m worried sick about you. Taima: I’ll be okay and
you will too! That’s a promise. Taima: Now get some rest. Taima begins to turn in for the night. when abruptly he hears a very familiar
voice in the distance (HELP!) Taima discovers that it’s Russo, his friend from the desert! Russo: Help.. *inhales* HELP! Taima: Leave him alone! *Jackals barking* with a glimpse of the full moon in the
distance, a remarkable transformation takes place. What’s up everybody? That was
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