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The Dover Comic Con convention 2019 adventure lots of cosplay

see look at this man straight all in madness no what’s up peeps yo I am down
in Dover today checking out the Dover comic-con right I walk in here look at a
DeLorean 88 Marty – so this has been going on since I believe 2013 something
like that and it’s a nice little thing this is my first time at so checking it
out you got some Jurassic Park action going
on libraries are good for information I think I will get some information now
there’s a prop check-in checklist we are use for checking in weapons and I have
no weapons anything okay well there you go
Skeletor pick Skeletor out it’s a brick Skeletor
hey I know you thought there were only like I know four five six Ghostbusters
but ghosts or ah there we go ghost cord I’m sitting here chilling with the ghost
cord that is it that is it that is awesome
I’ve done it like I feel this try to save this part of the whole thing right
here this mini proton packs and ghostbusters just like I don’t know what the hotdog guy was
walking around with but they look delicious it’s like a historic thing as
we zoom around here yeah like all kinds of stuff around here
and it just goes on and on it goes down that way so we got some live action
role-playing going on over here in the shade
it’s like role-playing comic-con like everything’s happening up in here yeah
so you know just sitting here walking around and that’s no bull yeah you see
that you see there you yeah it’s the enemy pocket yeah so the jobber of Public Library
created at Dover Comic Con back in 2013 as a way to promote graphic novels 22
showed up at that point Gover comics so to get a chance to check
off the Dover Comic Con check it out share this video and take care of each
other later

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