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  1. Robin/Dick Grayson was not the third wheel dear. He was the social lubricant. XD (As he is with… basically anyone he comes into contact with. XD) Dick sees Supes as his surrogate uncle/second mentor in most stories. Even before they decided to write Bruce as a paranoid, anti-social wet blanket, Robin still looked to Clark/Superman for advice and guidance in some occasions and has historically never looked at Superman as an "alien" but as just another hero/person.

    I sort of am in love with all Dick Grayson/Superman team ups because he is basically the perfect middle between Superman and Batman as a character. Right down to having his own particular word that encompasses who he is. For Superman it's "Hope" for Batman it's "Justice" and for Dick Grayson, it's "Compassion" or maybe even "Trust".

    But a brighter hero with the same gadgets/methods as Batman open to trusting in Superman and working… rather well with him on most occasions, personally, brings me some immense joy. With the mantle of Nightwing (inspired by Supeman no less!) it just got better. It's quite a lovely bromance to read. πŸ˜€

    Future video suggestion: Was Dick's evolution into the Nightwing character created to draw in more female readers.
    (With those… umm… "angled" shots it always feels that way. lol)

    <3 Just thought I'd throw that out there.

  2. Umm, you know that DC heroes had been appearing together inside the covers of comics since All-Star Comics #3, with the first appearance of the Justice Society of America, right?

  3. In these early stories where Batman and Superman teamed up they were often seen as not only peers but also fairly equally matched. Either Supes' powers would be lessened or Bat's powers of gadgetry would be hilariously heightened. At the time no one seemed to mind but in hindsight the results are laughably cringeworthy. One of the many problems DC has in the modern day is bringing all these god like characters together with Batman who's essentially a normal rich guy with a bunch of toys.

    Fast forward to the recent DCTV crossover, you got Flash in Supes' shoes, Arrow in Bat's shoes, and now Supergirl is taking on the Wonder Woman role, in what's turning into an homage not so much to Justice League or even Justice Society, but the Superfriends. It works, but it's a bit quirky.

  4. I am the interdimensional tug of war demigod. No rope goes unyanked, no war goes untugged. I challenge you to a tug of war match Scott I bet I'll beat you, no amount of comic trivia can shield you from my cosmic tugging wrath

  5. Great video mate, I'm a new follower of ur stuff and I'm thoroughly enjoying what you do. Keep up the great work!
    Also I've been getting into image comics recently, and I would love it if you did a little vid on how they initially broke into the industry and then rose to popularity
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  6. I wouldn't exactly say it's a dumb reason, superhero comics were losing popularity by the mid 1950's, and National was doing what they could to boost sagging sales while finding cost cutting measures to keep the books on stands for the dime they cost. The decision was to cut out 12 pages to save on paper costs. However, someone's adventure was going to be cut, would it be Green Arrow? Superman? or Batman? How about neither. Readers really responded to the first Superman/Batman team up story 2 years prior so why not make it an ongoing thing? You keep Batman and Superman in the book, and you can still keep costs at a dime. Seems real ingenious to me.

  7. Well, color me confused . I mean, didn't Action comics go for years with a seperate adventure of Superman and Supergirl with the same amount of pages?

  8. Post-Crisis, most of the Batman & Superman team ups have kicked ass; that whole post 2000 series was freaking epic 90% of the time. And I am a beast at Tug o War; my division is champ 4 years running at Company sports day.

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  10. I have a superman annual, I can't remember the issue number, that reprints a story titled "The Origin of the Superman and Batman Teamup" or something similar. It takes place wwwaayyy before anything. Superman is super boy and batman is just young Bruce Wayne and he isn't even batman. He's fox man or something stupid.

  11. I always thought if anyone should team up more often, it should have been Shazam, the original Captain Marvel, and Superman more than Superman and Batman. But my question is, since Shazam is really a kid, Billy Batson, wouldn't such a team up make Shazam Superman's boy side kick????

  12. Team-ups between Superman and Batman & Robin go back further – to the Superman radio series a decade earlier. They would not only team up, but fill in for Superman so actor Bud "Superman" Collyer could take his vacations. This would happen regularly. from 1945 onward till the end of the Collyer's run in the late 1940's/ Most of the episodes exist and are available officially and unofficially. (This first meeting also became part of "Earth 2" continuity in a World's Finest story in the early 1980's)

  13. Stop picking on Robin. if it was Damien, then he wouldn't need Batman and superman. he'll take out the bad guys by himself.

  14. I always liked the Superman/Batman team-ups, because it created an entirely different type of story from your typical Superman story and Batman story, which is what they were in World's Finest before they started teaming up. Of course, such a mis-matched pair of heroes need the right kind of story to justify their teaming up, and I think a lot of writers had trouble pulling it off, so they weren't always the best stories. But when they did pull it off, it was fantastic!

  15. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, "World's Finest Comics" had some decent stories and artwork featuring Batman and Superman, but by the 1970s onward, the writers ran out of ideas, and started to use gimmicks to try to get people to buy the comic bock (such as the "Sons of Superman and Batman" storylines, along with some special guest appearances by rarely-seen DC heroes, such as The Vigilante, with a more modern-looking motorcycle).Β  By the 1980s, DC Comics had no other choice but to put "World's Finest Comics" to sleep.Β  With the emphasis during the past year on the "Batman vs Superman" movie, one would think that this might lead to a revival of the "World's Finest Comics" series at DC.Β  Perhaps a "trial miniseries" might be in order within the next 12 months or so, to see how the comic book audience reacts to the idea of such a comic book.

  16. while I do like team ups from time to time individual stories is something I prefer. Maybe that's why I don't read as much Marvel than DC, with marvel running in to other heroes every other page and having an event that changes everything every few months. feel exhausting

  17. 1:10 Ok Robin must have Some Power at this point…..**points to the comic of Batman and Superman on a stick on Robin's shoulders

  18. Batman and Superman can't stay in their respective cities, because they both live in New York City.

  19. So, while they started teaming-up with each other beginning in World's Finest #71, that wasn't the first time they were in a story together – All-Star Comics #7 (Oct-Nov, 1941) had them cameo when Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt brings Superman, Batman, and The Flash (all honorary members at of the Justice Society of America at that time) together with $100K each as part of an effort by the JSA to raise $1M for war orphans. And, beyond that cameo, they also had a full-fledged adventure in one of the JSA's cases in All-Star Comics #36 (Aug-Sept, 1947), which may also have been the first time Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were on a comic book cover, as well

  20. Superman and Batman met briefly in All Star Comics #7. They were also featured with the JSA in All Star #36.

    The crazy thing is that Green Arrow was appearing in backup stories in World's Finest after the team ups started.

  21. I like the supergirl tv series, I think it’s funny and a little emotional. Like, they know when to do a serious scene, but never let the humor go away.

  22. 3:01 WTH? Am I looking at the beginning of a three-way affair? Shame on you, Supes and Bats! He's still just a kid!

  23. crossovers are so potentially awkward…
    as always, DCAU did it best. exactly often enough, not so much that it ran into the ground
    hell, Batman and Superman were each taking breaks from the Justice League all the time in their version, the former because he wasn't a team player and the latter because space beckons and two green lanterns isn't enough

  24. I like them together in JLA but I don't like just the two of them together. Batman works better with Wonder Woman.

  25. I like how Batman doesn't like being forced to work with Superman
    Just like how the writers were forced to put them into the same story

  26. Robin is actually super man's and Flash's time travelling great great great great great great great great great great great great grandson from the future.

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