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The Flash Season 6 Episode 7 Trailer – Crisis On Infinite Earths Teaser Breakdown

you look scared he should be
it is the end of the world what’s happening he wants to take control of
you it’s up to you to resist him there’s a way to save the world and
still survive all you have to do is choose life did you bring the plans
about that I’ve decided not to join you and your cosmic fashion tragedy that
you’re in cahoots with then you won’t get your earth back if saving it means
going back to the person Anna used to be then what the hell is the point you
really have changed look I’m new to this whole doing the right thing game but you
should really tell your family the truth not yet don’t want to believe it I’m sorry you said you here to get me because the
crisis is here I will be running off there suger for the biggest crossover ever
we’ve got your backs places the CW’s crossover event begins Sunday
December 8 presented by boost mobile the switch that gives you more welcome back
everyone it’s Charlie we have a brand new flash and
crisis on Infinite Earths Trailer so we’ll break it down we’re
doing a flash ring giveaway all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and
leave your best theory about crisis on the video so just starting with the
beginning of the footage you probably noticed a whole bunch of Easter eggs and
all this there’s a whole bunch of stuff going on in this so I’ll just try to
break it down one thing at a time starting with the flash footage so
episode 7 is called the Last Temptation of Barry Allen but it’s a two-part
mid-season finale before they do the crossover episodes the synopsis just
reads that Barry gets infected with Ramsey roses black goo and starts
tripping balls on his way to becoming a version of the negative flash and
because it’s Ramsay’s consciousness taking over Barry’s body they might use
that to create a TV version of Red Death everybody wondered how they were going to accomplish red death because they teased him last season Red Death in the comics
is the combination of a version of Batman combined with a version of the
flash but Batman’s mind takes over the body of the flash so he’s the one that’s
running around using the Flash’s powers that’s kind of what’s going on with
Ramsey Rosa here but it’s them doing a version of negative flash because he was
negative flash during the Ramsey Rosa bloodwork arc in the flash rebirth
comics so it’s a bunch of different flash characters combined into one thing
for this two-part finale so it sounds like it’s going to be a pretty big deal but
the synopsis also says that Ramsay turns most of the city into his minions with
that black goo and then the rest of team flash has to find a way to stop him well
it seems like iris West is going to uncover the secret behind black hole that’ll
spill into the back half of the season after crisis on Infinite Earths
so you see Barry wake up in a couple different places in this he’s in the
loft watching the blast wave of antimatter during crisis on Infinite
Earths erasing everything from existence it’s a bit of an easter egg for the
pilot episode when he saw the particle accelerator exploded and he had the same look on his face as he watched the blast wave wash over him and then he got his
flash powers this time it’s the opposite of that and it’s kind of like the
runaway dinosaur episode or episodes where he spends the entire episode
inside the Speed Force where you’re not really sure what’s real and what’s fake
he passes out here this is probably in the real world then he’s back in the
mind space version of his childhood bedroom I think the last time
this room was in the runaway dinosaur episode from season 2 when his mother’s
speaking to him here trying to help him it’s unclear if she’s one of the
speedforce wormhole aliens or if it’s just his own subconscious and he’s
speaking to himself using the form of his mother then he and Ramsey are inside
the Time Vault looking at the future newspaper
notice that the date on it reads December 10th that’s the actual day in
real life that we will be watching the flash episode of crisis on Infinite
Earths then Ramsey telling him to choose life and give over control of his body
in his powers to him although it’s unclear why Ramsey wants the powers of
the flash maybe just to infect and turn people faster like Ramsey can use him to
run around and put the black goo and everybody way way faster than he
normally would then this is a big one he’s inside Nora’s baby bedroom that’s
her crib with her little hand reaching for the XS symbols spinning above her
iris West is actually writing the actual article that will become the future
newspaper in the original timeline she actually wound up winning a Pulitzer
Prize for writing that article but then there’s Barry in real life reaching down
to touch something that might be before he gets infected for the first time with
that black goo so remind her about the flash two-part
mid-season finale over the next two weeks then the crossover starts for
everyone asking where reverse flash is I’m assuming that he’ll either show up
right before the crossover in the mid-season finale and some sort of post
credits tag or he’ll just show up during the crossover doing something evil and
explain where he’s been for the past couple of months the arrow crisis on
Infinite Earths scene is sort of a continuation or a
sequel to the Laurel post-credit scene from last week where the monitor asked
her to betray Oliver Queen this time she gives them the middle
finger and then tells Oliver and Diggle LYLAS secret that she’s been
double-crossing them working with the monitor this whole time as the Harbinger
character Lyla has them tranked and they’ll just pick up with that at the
beginning of next week’s episode the whole thing that Laurel was supposed to
do to betray Oliver Queen was steal these plans when they went to Russia on
their little field trip to steal plutonium but also she was supposed to
steal plans for a special weapon that was this big blast wave generator for
the monitor it probably has something to do with the giant cosmic tuning forks
that they create during the original comic book crisis on Infinite Earths
they’ve been assembling a whole bunch of different parts Oliver was stealing
dwarf star particles for the monitor for whatever it is that he’s building
but like I said it’s probably the tuning forks but the big thing with Laurel this
season is they’re trying to turn her good because she’s going to be on the
green arrow in the canaries spin-off TV show which they just actually said is
going to be set during the future I feel like if you really enjoy the Future team
arrow characters and those storylines this season or you really like the
canary characters you’ll probably be down for that new arrow spin-off show
but for now I’m just going to be focusing on crisis on Infinite Earths stuff
because there’s already way too much stuff to handle between all the
different shows there’s going to be a lot of Easter eggs but don’t worry if you
don’t follow all the shows I will be explaining all the Easter eggs as we go
along the reason stuff they just revealed was
the first look at Tom Welling as Smallville Superman he was wearing the
flannel on his version of the Kent farm on Smallville’s earth we don’t know what
the designation of that is going to be there were so many people that were
wondering why he’s chopping wood with an actual axe and why he’s wearing gloves
people were worried that he lost his powers my assumption there is that he’s
just being nostalgic he’s just doing it because he likes to do it he doesn’t
need to wear gloves he could actually just chop those in half with his hand he
could cut up wood with his laser eyes but that’s typically not something you
would find Superman doing usually he does stuff the old-fashioned practical
way when he’s on the Kent farm as awesome as it is seeing him play that
character again I’m also really really hyped up to see what they’re doing with
the Kevin Conroy older version of Batman that’s wearing that very Kingdom come
looking Batman harness the whole idea with his character if he didn’t follow
the Kingdom Come storyline or if he didn’t read it is actually awesome so I
would recommend checking it out at some point that version of Batman was a
little more cynical it was a bit of a post-apocalyptic environment all the
superheros children in the future generations just wound up being terrible
the world devolved into chaos so it was kind of a situation where a lot of the
old guard the classic superheroes from the Golden Age like Superman Batman
Wonder Woman had to come out of retirement to kick a whole bunch of ass
so I’m assuming they’ll just have a lot of Easter eggs for Kingdom Come with
this version of Batman maybe a couple of Batman the Animated Series and Batman
Beyond Easter eggs too just because it is Kevin Conroy but just because he’s
wearing the harness I’m assuming most of the Easter eggs will be for Kingdom Come
I talked about this recently too because Brandon rouse Superman becomes Kingdom
comes Superman and there’s a lot of dregg’s for his kingdom come origin
story in the last pre-visit they dropped i’m wondering if his batman is also from
the same earth as brandon rouse superman you have to remember that even though
superman looks a little bit older he has those streaks of grey he ages so much
more slowly than other people that he’ll wind up living for thousands and
thousands of years usually why you see in the future when they do Legion of
super-heroes stories and Superman isn’t fighting with them it winds up being
Superboy in the Legion of super-heroes it’s because Superman has died for some
reason and he’s not around anymore but the whole idea with kingdom comes
Superman is that he’s a super man who’s Lois Lane was killed by the Joker in an
attack he became super cynical he went into seclusion and eventually the other
classic heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman convinced him to come back and
help kick the asses of all these younger superheroes that were going crazy
obviously this is all about crisis on Infinite Earths so you have a lot of
different major DC comic book stories intersecting so I’ll just trying to deal
with all the Easter eggs episode 2 episode as we get them all but let me
know in the comments what are all your predictions what are you most excited to
see there’ll be more trailers probably in the next week or two so as soon as
they drop new footage I will totally do videos for that stuff I’ll name a new
giveaway winner when I post new DC while you wait for that click here to learn
about the big Joker 2 movie announcement that happened this morning and click
here for the Star Wars Mandalorian Episode 2 video thank you so much for
watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!

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100 thoughts on “The Flash Season 6 Episode 7 Trailer – Crisis On Infinite Earths Teaser Breakdown

  1. Here's my new Crisis On Infinite Earths and The Flash Trailer video. New Negative Flash, Red Death and lots of easter eggs. Let me know how many you spotted! Here's the other new Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer video too!

  2. So I have a hunch that Tom Wellings Superman will show up in more than just that one scene with him on the farm. Because someone who worked on the crisis crossover was asked what people will be most excited about, and he said “you get to see 3 Supermen on the screen at the same time” so obviously he is in more than that one scene

  3. Holy smokes, l can't wait to see the crossover to see what happens, I can't even get into this seasons bad guy, I want him to get out of the way so I can get to the big action.then of course is the dread of not knowing what is going to happen with my favorites. I wanted to see a team up with 90's flash and new flash. we will see,if they wipe out to many of my favorites I'll probably quit watching the show. I watch to escape reality for a short time,your heroes need to live.natch.

  4. The monitor=Physco Anti Monitor=Almost same physco as that reason lyla=Physco threatening not to restore laurels earth back and took out John and Oliver Monitor=Turning people against each other kinda so far oliver

  5. I think 90s flash will take Barry’s place and die because in the trailer his suit was all torn up and burnt like what happend to the flashes

  6. Theory- reverse flash will take the place for flash because the world needs the flash we need berry and I think reverse flash had a thing for Nora so he’s gonna give his life to make sure she has a life later . OR reverse flash will take Berry’s place after his death

  7. I think all the different about flash because iris is writing the article on 11 Dec where else you told it is going to be happen in 10 dec

  8. Reverse flash too would be frightened by the upcoming crisis. He might be planning something. I guess he is waiting for the flash to die and save the multiverse cause he is the flash's biggest enemy and this is an easy opportunity for him to get rid of him. Or he might show up during the crisis and help everyone save the multiverse ( I am doubtful about this one).
    And i would love to have the Flash ring!!

  9. Wait a moment, please, if BlackLightning Multiverse, Donner Multiverse and Smallville Multiverse are presents..¡then our have the first TV Metaversal Crisis!.

  10. that barry like in the comices because the bolt of lighting that hit him and becomes well…..hes speed or time travels and earth jumps to get all flashes and nora then that formas the rogas when the villons come but there heros not villons to trick all the fans so eame coming back to kikiwak that a denisey joke but then olver changes the timeline and lives with the monter alclly being the evil one and anit monter being good and then we find out that promthes is the reson the monter did this like in the comice beat that

  11. and we find out that he as a kid fell in a mountion but came out of it with no meroy and side note ha get it he has a youtube channel hummmmmmmmmmmmmm who does that make you think of BOOM

  12. What's the point? Uh, saving billions of lives? I mean, if she thinks he can save her universe then she should help him.

  13. Yo Charlie could you make a video on explaining the story leading up to crisis on infinite earths?

    If not, can someone link me a video where it’s discussed? I can’t find anything anywhere.


  14. Please provide a simple yes or no answer, but will the upcoming episode(s) of The Flash spoil Season3 of Black Lightning and Season 8 of Arrow, case i'm not caught up with those shows yet.

  15. (imagine these words but Harrison Well's with his "whisper" voice is saying this.)
    No matter how fast you go.
    No matter how much you go back time.
    No matter how much you try to fix it.
    One day, you will fail Barry.
    One day, you'll trip. You will mess up.
    One day, you'll realize you can't win.
    And than, you friends will die.
    And than time will end.
    And than, you will wonder "why."
    Once more, you'll try.
    Once more, you'll fail.
    Once more, you'll wonder.

    Because Barry, you aren't a god.
    you're just a man, with extraordinary ability's.
    and man, makes mistakes.
    but for you Barry.
    You'll fail, over and over.

  16. Crisis prediction: Last year's "swap" of Barry Allen and Oliver Queen actually foreshadows how the Flash might survive. The Monitor saw "you" (Oliver) die, but claims that "the Flash" (not necessarily Barry Allen) has to die to avert Crisis.

  17. So there’s a version of Superman where joker kills Lois and he goes to live a peaceful life as a farmer, and another version where he takes control of earth using brute force for the same reason

  18. Can someone please tell me the crisis series . What day what show will it be telecasted other than The Flash respectively

  19. Hey Charlie! I think. That during the crisis Barry is going to die but somehow they get Barry back but he’s dead for like more than one episode. Hope u see this

  20. My theory is less of a theory more of who I think isnt going to make it out of this crisis.

    I predict for sure Oliver is going to die because would be a good way to end the season and his last 2 ep. To mourn him and set up for how the future would be w/o him.
    And I think 2 of the superman's will die. TOM Wellings and Kingdom Come Superman. Because how little Tom is going to be in this series and emotional connection for Kingdom superman cus he's more involved and hurt more if he dies.

  21. 7:00 On Smallville Clark usually does just chop wood with his hand, he also uses his other abilities to complete chores on the farm. Idk what he and Lois are you doing back there though since I remember them selling the Kent farm and moving into the city.

  22. I think Barry is gunna be protected by the speed force bc it’s stronger than a black hole so that’s what’s gunna bring him back but idk about the infinite earths

  23. I don't think that Kingdom Come Superman will be bad like in the comics. I think he would be a broken hero. Broken, hopeless, sad and with heart full of pain.

  24. They’re gonna fight (all of them vs the Moniter unleashing the book of destiny) and then when they’re about to loose arrow (Oliver) will sacrifice himself and save everyone

  25. earth 90 flash going to die (just a big guess on that.) ill be so crying on that to but who's else is going to die is anyones guess.

  26. I think Barry won’t die and instead either jay Garrick or wally will sacrifice themselves for Barry as the minister says the flash must die that does not mean the flash of that earth has to die

  27. there's every flash episode that sucks! Examples These last two, are episodes that made me hope that this series ends soon because it has become a fiasco now! it was very good in season one and two after that! I hope this CRISIS impresses me!

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