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The Gifted (FOX) Comic-Con Trailer HD – Marvel series

You never know you’re a mutant. Help me! What is that? Until it happens the first time. – Come on!
– I need to find my brother! On this day, everything changes… forever. Two mutant kids from Dallas
almost took down a high school gym. Feds are coming in. If it wasn’t too hot before,
it sure as hell is now. I just can’t believe
there wasn’t any warning. Mom, you know that’s how it happens. It’s moments of stress or danger,
dad talks about this all the time. We all know about your father’s work. I don’t see how that makes you an expert. Mom, I know because… How do you think we
got out of that gym? Why didn’t you tell me? Dad puts people like us in jail. In my experience, things change
when it’s your own kid. You hear about the mutant incident
at the high school? Those are my kids. What? My family needs help. We can’t take this risk, all right? Then when do we fight? The X-Men, the Brotherhood,
we don’t even know if they exist anymore. Or we’re getting picked off one-by-one. This is the story of two families… – Is this everyone?
– Yeah, we’re all here. … who came together to protect each other. Cops, they went past this way. Not the ones with resources, but the ones in the shadows,
fighting to hide. To escape. To survive. This is our story. Go now! That way! Go! This is a burden, yes. But it’s also a gift. You ever burn anyone with that? Uh-huh. What about your girlfriend,
you ever burn her? Yeah. She doesn’t care.
That’s why she’s my girlfriend. Kinky.

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81 thoughts on “The Gifted (FOX) Comic-Con Trailer HD – Marvel series

  1. this show looks good but i can't enjoy it because everyone i know and love is dead Cyclops, storm, jean, xavier and night crawler are all dead.

  2. I'm super excited for this. But is it me or does Eclipse's voice go from having an accent to not having one when he said "the X-men the brotherhood we don't even know if they exist anymore" he had a bit of a British accent and then the kinky talk he sounded like American

  3. Hey I wonder. After few fights they should knw pwers. So why they never try to kill mMaagneto or other mutants with magnetic powers using crowwbow and wooden bolts? In Sanderson's book serie they use glass/wooden weapons just to avoid magnetism.

  4. Literally heroes rip off why does polaris look like that. Bryan singer needs to stop touching xmen properties. Ugh!

  5. great now making kids become superheroes, what else.. fk sake! 2017 become kiddo stuff shows ! if that the deal i send my cat to marvel so they can turn her into cat-women right! amateur production idiots..

  6. Yea another show where im supposed to believe a raised hand is enough to blow a person across the room…

  7. #sigh woman gonna be lead actor, then it's going to devolve into some terrible woman centric love story and it will be canceled, when all the man stop watching it. why even make this? because the million advertisers will pay to get into the women's brains that watch it. This is why men have stopped watching TV.

  8. Im from 2032 there are mutants living among us they try to take over the world better watch out I'm one of them

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