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The King’s Man | Official Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

[Wind howling] [Rhythmic explosions] ♪♪ DUKE OF OXFORD:
Throughout time our people robbed, lied,
and killed… until one day we found
ourselves noblemen… but that nobility never
came from chivalry… it came from being
tough and ruthless. Real power is not found
running off to war… real power lies… in understanding who it
is you’re truly fighting… DUKE OF OXFORD:
and how they can be defeated. ♪♪ DUKE OF OXFORD:
I know you want to fight… but there are other ways
of doing your duty. DUKE OF OXFORD:
Come on. ♪♪

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36 thoughts on “The King’s Man | Official Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

  1. It’s meaningless if there is no eggsy & Harry.
    And the mood & tone seems no longer Kingsman series .

    That’s pity to me

  2. So this is basically the back in time older John Steed Avengers sequel we never got….looks interesting! Still wish Uma Thurman and Sean Connery were in it lol. JK, I still love Kingsmem so I'll go see it for sure.

    PS. Only cool people know which Avengers movie I'm talking about 😂😉

  3. I'm sure this will be good, and it is good to show how the whole Kingsman thing started, but I can't help but not be interested without Eggsy, Merlin, or Harry.

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