The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Manga (Part 2)

This is GTV! Truly Legendary!! In our last episode, Link and Princess Zelda
learn the past secrets of Hyrule…. Link discovered that he is the Chosen Hero who
will fulfill an ancient prophecy. In this discovery, Princess Zelda finds that she has
a namesake who has been under a sleeping spell in Hyrule Castle for many generations. To
awaken her, Link must unify the three Triforces, though the location of the Triforce of Courage
is unknown in fact Link and Zelda didn’t even know that it existed. To open the pathway
to the Triforce of Courage, Link must place 6 crystals into statues at the altars of 6
Sacred Palaces scattered across Hyrule. Link has thus far placed half of them, has 2 more
crystals in his possession, and one crystal remains unfound. With his quest half complete,
Zelda. Link, Billy and Watto reunite and form a plan to unify the Triforces and awaken the
First Princess Zelda. However the minions of Ganon continue to terrorize Hyrule and
Ganon will re-awaken if his army can bring Link’s blood to place on the ashes of Ganon.
The road ahead will be dangerous as The Adventure of Link continues…… Several days after returning from Mido Palace,
Link has taken up the task of training Princess Zelda for battle, as well as his longtime
friend Billy, guardian of Zelda, so that the three of them may finish the quest before
them together. Link and Billy are practicing techniques as the Zelda’s handmaidens come
to alert them that Zelda can not be found in the castle! Billy and Link think about it and come to
the conclusion that if Watto is with her, they can’t be too far. Then one of the handmaiden’s
find a letter from Zelda saying that the two have gone off on a little jaunt and will return
soon. Watto is not too pleased with Zelda as he thought they were going to have a picnic,
but Zelda intends to do some exploring. She wants Watto to join her on her very first
Treasure hunt! Zelda and Watto enter an old abandoned dungeon nearby, but find nothing.
Zelda does enjoy the experience though and is happy Watto could tag along. Returning back to the castle, Zelda and Watto
hear a commotion from afar and the find Torotto, the wife of Watto, who is relaying a distress
call from the forest. They find themselves face to face with Moblins, who say they are
looking for a boy fitting Zelda’s description. Zelda finds it amusing but erupts in anger
telling the Moblins, that the days of Ganon’s army is over and the remaining forces will
meet their end soon! After scaring them off, Torotto takes them
to the forest where all of the animals are gathered and explain that Ganon’s army is
occupying the forest, causing trouble and displacing them from their homes. Zelda and
link see a Moblin guarding a nearby passage. Zelda gives him one club to the head and ties
him up. At the other end of the passage stands another Moblin and Zelda does the same attack
again, and ties him up as well… The passage reveals a fort built by Ganon’s
forces. They’ve built a huge catapult and have also stowed away the treasures of the
nearby dungeon that Zelda and Watto were looking for! This startles Watto who screams out,
and becoming noticed by those in the fort. Zelda tells Watto to bring Link immediately
as Zelda tries to to fight the forces off herself. But it’s no use, she is captured
and taken to the leader. A Lizalfos! He tells Zelda that soon Ganon will be resurrected
and this fort and this treasure will be a payment to him upon his arrival. Zelda is
then thrown into a cell along with Torotto. She is able to chew up the ropes that bound
Zelda, letting her free her arms. She tries casting a spell to break the lock, to no avail.
She then tells Torotto to find Watto and give her pendant to him as it will protect them
at night, when more dangerous monsters are out. She doesn’t need to go very far as Watto
hasn’t even left yet! She finds Watto pilfering some treasure for himself before he takes
off. Watto then departs and is able to make it back somewhat safely, though at the expense
of all the treasure he tried to carry with him. In the night air, Link and Billy stand
at the castle gates, wondering why Zelda never came back. Just then Link spots Watto off
in the distance being chased by Aches! Link is able to save Watto and without hesitation
Link gets his sword and is on his way! At the fort Zelda is brought out to be executed!
And luckily Link has shown up just in time. Link frees Zelda from the table and confronts
Lizalfos. The Lizalfos tells Link that he and Zelda are about to take a special trip.
He pulls the mouth of Ganon’s statue open, activating a mechanism that floods the fort,
destroys it entirely, and sends everyone underwater and down the drain! Everyone is eventually able to swim to safety,
but Watto laments his losing of all that treasure being held inside the fort. Torotto tells
Watto, you may have lost something of material value but they still have each other and that’s
the most valuable treasure of all. That morning they rest and regroup with the
aim of reaching Eastern Hyrule. Billy says that without a ship, it’s impossible to cross.
Link tells him that in the third palace he found a raft that he can use to get everyone
there. Billy says that’s impossible, but Link throws the raft onto the water and to
everyone’s amazement the raft transforms into a full sized sailing ship!! They board
and set sail for Eastern Hyrule! Aboard the ship Watto gets a surprise as Torotto has
sent their three children to join their papa, so they can have more time together. Watto
says it’s too dangerous for all 3 of them to come along, only 1 child can come and so
they draw straws to see who gets to tag along and who goes home. Potto, the baby bird wins
and gets to join Watto on this part of the journey. Sailing across the eastern sea of Hyrule gives
Link and Zelda a lot of time to talk and reflect on where they’ve been and what still needs
to be done. They know the battle ahead will be intense, but Link takes pride in stepping
up to the challenge of finding the Triforce of Courage and bringing peace to the land.
In a time of calm and quiet, Link tells Zelda that he just wants to admire her smiling face
in this moment, together.… It won’t last long as storm clouds have formed and have
put the ship into a squall! The ship takes on water and the mast cracks! A whirlpool
forms and starts to take the ship down! Everyone tries frantically to stay grouped together,
but the force of the water is too much!! Zelda cries out for link to take her hand! Link
reaches out with all of his strength to hold her as they go down the whirpool…… Far away, the mysterious leader of Ganon’s
army sees everything from his crystal ball. Sending the storm their way, he says, was
a good idea, but that the combined power of Link and Zelda can only mean bad things for
the followers of Ganon. He then calls out to the army to bring him the blood of Link!! On the shores of Eastern Hyrule, the storm
has calmed itself and Link washes up on the beach-head. Potto find him and wakes him up.
Potto says was afraid they would all die and is deeply saddened to be separated from his
father. Link says that the best thing to do is to go find them, and assures the baby bird
that if they are fine, The rest of the team should be as well. Link teaches Potto about
the powers of the crystal pendant that Zelda entrusted to Link, that it serves as a beacon
and can easily help find the others. Not far away, Link hears the cries of a familiar
voice! It’s Billy! He’s being ganged up by octorocks. Link charges and they start
to flee, But Link continues the attack and slays them, telling them there’s no escape!
Billy is happy to rejoin Link and managed to save Link’s shield during the wreck,
which he then gives back to him. Soon the three find a town to rest and refresh
themselves. Link doesn’t know where he is though and asks villagers what the name of
this town is. However no one will answer him! Only one woman will answer, a familiar old
woman who helped resurrect Link at the fairy spring prior to his fight with Ganon two years
ago! She tells Link he is in the town of Nabooru. The old woman is no longer in the medicine
business though, as the fairies who live at the spring have disappeared and without them,
The Water of Life cannot be made. In the town the old woman takes Link to the local wise
man who teach him the fire spell. He tells link the fourth sacred palace is nearby, located
in the center of an island maze, and the town of Darunia is in the same direction. The old woman presents Link with some food
and a new hat, Billy and Link thank her for everything and before they part ways she gives
him the final bottle of The Water of Life that she had been saving, for when he needs
it! この番組はご覧のスポンサーの提供で送りします。 Link and Billy get lost immediately after
departing Nabooru. Potto flies above the trees to scout the area and finds the fourth Sacred
Palace off in the distance. The palace sits atop of a mountain surrounded by caves and
pathways. A treacherous maze indeed. Billy and Link see what looks like Princess Zelda
going inside! They chase after her, but the maze is confusing and they get lost quickly,
along with having to battle all of the monsters within the palace. All throughout this Link
wonder and worries about Zelda and why she is walking around here alone. Deep in the
palace, Link must battle the Wizzrobe, who can disappear and moves too quickly for Link’s
fire magic. And the Wizzrobe’s magic attacks nearly shatter Link’s shield. The Wizzrobe
tells Link in battle that it’s useless to fight as his magic is too powerful. He also
reveals to Link his ability to shape shift. That ability, the Wizzrobe admits is how he
set a trap for Link by transforming into Zelda to draw him to the palace! The Wizzrobe tells Link to prepare for his
end, Link flees but there’s no way out. The jump is too high and too far to make it.
With no other choice, Link casts the fairy spell on himself. He shrinks down and transform
into a fairy. While fleeing Link collides head on with Potto. While removing from the
crash a stalfos attack link from behind, and completely shatters his sword and then his
shield! The lack of equipment forces Link into hand to hand combat, but it’s only
enough to push off the stalfos and escape. Outside, Potto notices humans are nearby.
Link walks along the path and falls through a pit to discover Billy, all tied up! As link
unties him, Zelda appears! Warning Link that Billy isn’t real and it’s a trap! Link’s first reaction to her is to ask if
the Triforce of Courage is safe in her possession. Not having any answer, Link knows something
is not right and that this isn’t actually the real Zelda. Link’s instincts are correct
as Zelda transforms and attacks Link! Though with Link already on guard, this fake Zelda
is taken care of easily. With Billy is a small boy, named Hank, who
was kidnapped from his hometown, Darunia. Since that is the next stop for them anyways,
they take the boy with them to return him home. On the outskirts of Darunia, more enemies
lay in wait. They are so strong that even fire magic can’t defeat them. Link and Billy
are surrounded but suddenly a brave man jumps into the fray and manages to take the tough
monsters out, without much effort. The man is the father of the kidnapped boy and they
happily reunite! The battle has taken his toll on Link and
so he takes the final bottle of the water of life to restore his power. Now rested,
Link and the man can be properly introduced. His name is Shamon., The Paladin of Darunia,
chosen as the strongest man in town to be the guardian of the people there. As such
a high profile person, he tells Link that his son was kidnapped as a way to distract
and displace Shamon from his duties so that Darunia could be conquered. When the group arrive at the gates of the
town, they find it under siege! Ganon’s army tearing down the walls and setting fires
to the town, while attacking innocent people! Link, Billy, Shamon and Hank jump right into
the battle, slaying as many minions as they can, while sticking together to protect each
other. Shamon casts the powerful Reflect spell that repels all enemies and their projectiles
from the immediate area, giving them more space to fight and the chance to fend off
and expel Ganon’s army from the town! Link cannot believe the power of that spell,
having never seen it before. In the town of Darunia Potto winds Watto!! And Zelda with
him!!! With the town now safely locked down, Link and the others retell their stories of
what has happened since they were separated. They all spend the night with Shamon and his
family, including his grandmother! She tells everyone of how her grandson, Shamon is the
strongest warrior in all of Eastern Hyrule she’s ever seen in all of her years. Shamon
offers to teach Link the ability to cast the Reflect spell. Link is appreciative but tells
Shamon of how he’s damaged his sword and shield. Shamon replies that he can offer Link
a new sword, imbued with magic powers! Back at Death Mountain, the leader of Ganon’s
army scolds the minions for failing to take the town of Darunia! And orders the ENTIRE
ARMY! to not return until they have Darunia fully under their control. Shamon takes Link to the town smithy to forge
The Magical Sword. Rare materials mined only in Darunia are melted down and poured into
the mold. Shamon pours magic potions and casts incantations over the sword as Link watches
on! Outside the smithy Billy and Zelda discuss their plans after leaving Darunia. Zelda says
that it will take days 3 days and nights to finish forging the Magical Sword. Zelda worries
about Link, not only that it’s dangerous for him but also that she is putting herself into
harms way, which Link opposed from the beginning. Zelda confides in Billy that she thinks it’s
almost time to end her quest and return to the castle. Holding Triforce pieces in her hands, Zelda
looks up at the night sky pondering what fate may befall Hyrule. Three days later, The sun rises over Darunia
and before most in the town are awake, Ganon’s army has appeared at the town gates, demanding
they hand over the town! The guardsmen sounds the alarm and the town’s minutemen assemble,
ready for battle. However, Shamon and Link are not present, as they are still forging
The Magical Sword! Hank is therefore the highest ranking soldier available and gives out orders
to defend the town. Ganon’s army pounds the gates with a massive battering ram, smashing
the gates! Ganon’s army pours into Darunia ready to charge! However they all pause when in the town square
Link appears, ready to fight! The leader demands a one on one duel with Link, joyful at the
prospect to be the one who can defeat him! The leader attacks with a giant axe and knocks
Link to the ground! Billy calls for Link to get up! The leader goes in for the kill, when sudden
a voice cries out to stop! It was LINK!!!!! Everyone is shocked to see two Links! How
is this possible?!! One Link is actually Princess Zelda disguised
though her own magic power. Then the real Link, goes on the offensive and charges the
leader, killing him in one stroke! As the leader’s lifeless body hits the ground,
Link turns to the army and says they are next! Hundreds of arrows, axes and swords come Link’s
way. Link retaliates by casting the Reflect spell! The soldiers of Darunia charge and
push out Ganon’s army, as Link wields his new Magical Sword and casting spells to send
the army running! The soldiers of Darunia win the battle! However
one minion remains in hiding and is able to strike a blow by arrow to Shamon! Watto and
Potto find the hidden archer and attack, the archer transforms into an ache and flies away!
Shamon pulls the arrow from his arm and throws it into the air, driving it right thru the
Ache! The town is fully clear of danger and things get rebuilt as Link, Zelda, Billy,
Watto and Potto are ready to leave the town, to return to the fourth palace and place the
crystal there. Before leaving Shamon’s grandmother gives Link a present! A new shield, made with
a helping hand from Princess Zelda! Everyone says goodbye to the people of Darunia
and heads back to the fourth palace, to finish the job. Before entering, Link takes Zelda
aside and begs her not to enter. He tells Zelda that he knows he promised to teach her
to fight and that they would be equals in this journey together, but that ontop of the
dangers that lay inside, link needs to finish this fight himself! Zelda agrees and is secretly
relieved to hear this from Link. However Watto, long separated from his best friend, insists
to go along, just like old times. Link travels right back to the Wizzrobe’s
chamber and they battle one more time. However with the new shield and reflect spell, Link
is able to use the Wizzrobes magic energy and send it right back at him, leading to
his end! In that chamber, Link finds The Magic Boots and then proceeds to palace guardian,
Carock! Huge, intimidating and extremely powerful, Carock with a haunting, booming voice, tells
Link that he will be last thing Link ever sees! Outside the sacred palace, Zelda, Billy and
Potto feel the shockwaves of this battle throughout the ground. The magic used by both Link and
Carock causes an earthquake, and the Sacred Palace itself crumbles and disappears into
the mountainside! Billy, Zelda and Potto run to safety and just as they fear the worst,
Link appears in the middle of the sea, walking on water to greet them! この番組はご覧のスポンサーの提供で送りします。 After walking down the shoreline to find a
nearby town, our heroes find Watto’s family playing on the beach! Zelda tells them all
about Watto and Link’s bravery as they have nearly completed their quest to return the
six crystals to their rightful place within the Sacred Palaces of Hyrule. And that Link
and Watto at this very moment are putting the fifth crystal in its place, leaving just
one more to go until the pathway to the Triforce of Courage will open, which can awaken the
First Princess Zelda who has been asleep in the castle depths for generations. soon after,
Link and Watto return and present Zelda with treasure that was found there, a Magic Flute! Link has only one more Sacred Palace to visit,
but is left with a problem. The crystal to place in that palace is not in his possession.
Our heroes find a nearby town, to see if it can be found… All of the people in this
town act strangely, The town wise man has no knowledge of any crystal, and says that
magic isn’t performed in this town either. A helpful old woman tries her best to explain
to them that Link needs to find the Town of Kasuto, which lies to the south. Link follows
the road to Kasuto, but comes to a dead end when he finds the road stops at a huge lake!
Billy asks Link what are they to do? There’s no help from the town and now way to cross
or get around the lake. Just then a giant lizard like monster jumps out of the water!! Link prepares for battle but Zelda steps forward!
She asks the monster to not be so angry. She then takes the Magic Flute and plays a tune
that tames the monster and pust it under her command. Billy is amazed the sight before
him! They all ride the monster across the lake, taking them to a fort, built by Ganon’s
army blocking the way to Kasuto! Link, Zelda, Billy, Watto and Potto form a battle plan
to storm the fort, with Link weirding powerful magics, Billy and Zelda defending on each
side while the birds airdrop rocks from above! One attack come a little too close to Zelda
and Billy turns around to guard her, leaving him open to an attack from behind! They take
Billy off to the side and with no Water of Life remaining, Link uses healing magic to
bring Billy back to full health. Link is ready to go back and finish the battle! Watto warns
him, that he has used up all of his magic power and that there isn’t any Water of Life
anymore either. There will be no way to heal themselves during or after this battle! It’s a tough position to be in but what
can they do? Link asks. They must move forward and they are are unable to finish the quest
without another crystal, which might be found beyond the fort. Zelda stands up tells Link
that she has still has magic power, and though it can’t be used to defeat the army, she
can transform! It’s one idea that may work, and the only choice they have left. To create
confusion among Ganon’s army, Zelda uses her power to make Zelda and Billy look just
like Link. As they storm the town once more, the forces inside are confused as to who the
real Link actually is! The three Links charge at once and take out
as many of Ganon’s forces as possible, turning the the tide to win the battle! In the midst
of battle, one Link gets injured and must be taken away while the rest continue to fight!
The wounded Link stays with Watto and Potto in a secluded cave off to the side for now.
Unknown to them though is that the eyes of Ganon are everywhere following them! As the
battle wages on, the lizard beast that was tamed by Zelda’s flute shows up to heed
the call to action and fight along side the Links, helping to clear out Ganon’s army!
Not long after, the leader of Ganon’s army gives the call for retreat! Saying that they
have what they are looking for, they army abandons the town. Link wonders why the army would suddenly leave
and take nothing with them. There in the center of town, tied to post, hangs one of the three
Links in a pool of blood. Link asks, did they take your blood!? Please
don’t die! Laying on the ground the injured Link says,
Is that you Link? You survived? The healthy Link casts a revive spell, which does not
work. The real Link has no magic power left! The magic spell begins to wear off and the
disguise of Link fades away to reveal Princess Zelda. Zelda lying on the ground in the rain tells
Link that she was grateful to travel alongside him and fight together, as equals. Link cries
in anger over his own lack of magic to bring her back, asking why? Why did Zelda have to
this? Zelda says Link has to protect Hyrule for her, Link says How? Without a leader? Link cries profusely and screams out Zelda’s
name, in a vain hope that can still hang on. But Zelda no longer responds, the Princess
of Hyrule has passed away. Meanwhile in the fortress of Ganon on Death
Mountain, the dark lord has been brought back to life!! As the body of Ganon begins to form
from the ashes he screams in pain saying his face burns, leaving his disfigured! The leader
of the army asks the battalion leader if that was truly the blood of Link. The Battalion
leader says he doesn’t know! There were three Links!! He took the blood of the only
one he could capture! Ganon strikes down the battalion leader and kills him instantly for
his insolence. Link returns to the cave, carrying Zelda’s
lifeless body. Billy can’t accept the loss of Zelda, as he has failed in his sworn duty
to protect her life at all costs. Angry at himself and at Zelda for inviting to come
along, he is overcome with grief and regret over what he could have easily avoided by
staying at the castle. Link tries to console him, but also feels the same regret. The rain
breaks and out of nowhere Ganon appears!! Link can’t believe his eyes! He asks if
he is truly Ganon or not? Ganon says that he has returned from deepest reaches of the
underworld, thanks to the blood of Princess Zelda!!! He begins to strike, attacking Link
and Billy with damaging waves of magic! As Ganon gets closer to move in for the kill,
he backs off, and screams in pain, as again his face begins to melt! His underlings can’t
explain why and Link appears confused as well, but something is harming Ganon. The army make
a retreat, fortunately enough for Link, as now would not be a good time for battle. Billy, Link and the birds prepare a ship they’ve
found nearby and place Zelda’s body inside. Link tells everyone to return to the castle
and to stay safe until Link finishes his quest. Which now includes defeating Ganon once more!
Before they leave, Link kisses Zelda, saying his final goodbye.. As Link watches the ship
sail away he begins the trek to Kasuto Town. He says goodbye to the lizard beast as well,
telling him to hide out and stay safe, now that Ganon has returned. To reach the town, Link must climb steep mountains,
but after the rainfall, they are slick and slippery. High atop a mountain cliff, Link
loses his balance and falls headfirst, smashing his face on rocks below. Everything goes black,
and Link wakes up at the fairy spring, with his old friends waiting there after reviving
him. Link asks where the fairies have been, to which they reply that they are always around,
but can only be seen when it’s really needed for them to appear. Link immediately asks
if they can bring Zelda back to life. The fairies tell link, unfortunately that since
Zelda has already died, there is nothing they can do to bring her back.
Link thanks them but says he must leave quickly. He must find the Triforce of Courage, and
do so before Ganon, saying to himself that the Triforce can bring her back, just as he
did once before. Link finally reaches the town of Kasuto, using
some help from the pendant that Princess Zelda gave Link long ago. The town seems abandoned, yet Link finds one
old man living in an old worn down house. The old man says that he is the only one living
in the town, as the rest have moved to New Kasuto. Link tells the old man of the passing
of Zelda. He concours that the darkest times of Hyrule may be near. This is why the people
of Kasuto left, to flee Ganon’s army and protect its treasures. Link is instructed
to go there to study magic under wise man’s apprentice and prays that Link can then find
the Triforce of Courage to save Hyrule. As Link leaves, he hears a strange sound outside. It’s Watto!! He’s crash landed! Link scoops
him up, and scolds him for coming back but also is concerned about his well being. Watto
tells Link that he was trying to find him because the lizard beast wanted to come back,
to help Link as a way of saying thanks for removing Ganon’s forces from his home. So,
the three decide to journey on together. Meanwhile Ganon’s army has made its way
to Hyrule Castle in search of the Triforces, only to find that the Triforce of Wisodm and
of the Triforce of Power each have a piece missing. They were in the possession of Zelda,
but now she is gone and the location of these pieces are unknown! Ganon is also informed
of the Triforce of Courage. They formulate a plan to let Link find the Triforce of Courage,
then take it from him. With the pieces that Zelda took missing, no one can actually unify
the Triforces and they believe it should pose no threat to Ganon to face Link after the
Triforce of Courage is found. Until then Ganon and his army continue to terrorize the people
of Hyrule. Link continues to venture east towards the
town of New Kasuto, fighting off the fiercest enemies Link has so far seen, the assistance
from Watto and the lizard beast being invaluable. While fighting their way through the forces,
Link find three lost children held hostage by Ganon’s minions. Link is able to rescue
them and learns that the children are from New Kasuto, had wandered away from town and
ended up getting captured. Link asks them to take him to the town, as he has been all
over these woods and can’t find it! The children take Link to a large tree, a
basket descends and they tell Link to climb aboard! To Link’s amazement the town of
New Kasuto is suspended high above the trees of the forest! The lizard beast is too heavy
to ride up and has to stay below. The children are happy to be reunited with their families,
as are the parents, though one receives a scolding for disobeying his mother! The town guard insists that Link meets with
Bente, who to Link’s surprise is NOT an old man but a beautiful young woman! And an
extremely skilled mage! Bente thanks Link for saving the children and explains why the
people of Kasuto moved into the trees above the forest, and that was to protect the children
as they are the most cherished treasure that the town could ever have. Bente teaches Link
the ability to reduce strong enemies to the weakest beings, the Spell magic! Link asks Bente about the final crystal, and
she says that the crystal is not missing, its not even hidden! The final crystal is
right here! The final crystal is the pendant that Zelda gave to Link long ago.
Bente reminds Link that there is very little time left as Ganon is destroying Hyrule as
they speak. Link concurs sets out for the 6th palace! Before he leaves the people of New Kasuto
have gathered to say good bye and the children have presented Link with a token of gratitude
as well! The whole time Zelda has been with Link and
with her gifts of the pendant and shield, she was able to show her love and appreciation
for Link, and though she is gone, Zelda truly is the one who can allow Link to complete
his quest for the Triforce of Courage!! (Use. Page 162) Ganon has been reborn and is out for revenge!
Hyrule is left without a leader! Will the Triforce of Courage be found? What will be

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