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The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Manga (Part 3)

This is GTV!! The Gold Standard! In our last episode Link and Zelda fought
together, along with the royal bodyguard Billy and Watto’s family in their quest to find
the Triforce of Courage which is needed to awaken the First Princess Zelda, who has been
under a sleeping spell for generations. Link forged the Magical Sword and was given
a Magical Shield by Princess Zelda. Things looked positive at the start but soon
turned for the worse as Zelda was killed by Ganon’s minions and her blood, mistaken
for that of Link, was used to resurrect Ganon who now is destroying the countryside of Hyrule
in search of the two missing pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Power
that were taken by Zelda as a safeguard to having Hyrule fall into the wrong hands. Link must still place one final crystal into
a statue in the sixth Sacred Palace in his hopes to awaken the First Princess Zelda,
unify the Triforces and defeat Ganon!! Hyrule hangs in the balance as The Adventure
of Link continues….. In the the town of New Kasuto, Link has learned
from the town mage, Bente, that the final crystal is the pendant that was given to him
by Princess Zelda. The people of New Kasuto take Link to a shrine,
located under the oldest tree in the Hyrule, which has the same inscription as the catacomb
in Hyrule Castle, with the message that only the Chosen Hero bearing the insignia of Hyrule
can enter. Link places his hand upon the seal and the
doors open to the shock of the people of New Kasuto! Inside Link finds a key. Bente explains that this is the Magical Key,
and any door in Hyrule can be opened with it. Link departs with the Magical Key and returns
to Old Kasuto to visit the wise old man once more. The wise man hears from Link of his time in
New Kasuto and teaches Link the most powerful spell that exists, Thunder magic! The wise old man tells Link that he has learned
all that he can and there is nothing for him to do. He tells Link to go and save Hyrule!! The final Sacred Palace lies far across the
desert near the Three-eyed Rock, as they reach the desert, the lizard beast who has been
with Link and Watto on this leg of their journey says that the environment of the desert is
too dry and deadly for him and won’t be crossing. For now its just Link and Watto… The desert is filled with minions and Link
gets ambushed at every turn, Link takes the opportunity to try the Thunder spell for the
first time. As he casts Thunder, everything disappears
into a blinding flash of light and the minions around him are reduced to dust. Link and Watto are amazed at what they’ve
seen and the magic is so strong Link is physically affected by it. They eventually reach their way to the Three-eyed
Rock! Watto is confused as there is no palace to
be seen. Link reminds him that, per the instructions
of wise man in Old Kasuto, the palace will open if you play a hymn on the Magic Flute! Link says he doesn’t play as well as Zelda
but will try his best anyway! The desert sand surrounding Three-eyed Rock
gets swallowed up as the earth shakes all around! The center rock IS THE PALACE!! Ganon’s minions are everywhere and are super
strong! Link uses his entire magic arsenal to make
his way through. They find The Cross in a treasure room. In the depths of the Palace, it looks like
they’ve reached the end, but Link feels that something is wrong, it’s too quiet. Just then the giant fire breathing serpent,
Barba, flies up out of the water and attacks link with a deadly blaze!! Link leaps out of the way, jumping all over
the island platforms within the chamber. Watto tells link to attack from behind. Link tries to get behind Barba, defending
against the fire with his shield, but Barba is just too fast and Link can’t strike! Link waits patiently for Barba to rise up
again, but knows the timing must be perfect or he will miss. Link attacks before Barba even surfaces! Landing a critical strike right in time! Barba freezes in place. Link and Watto look on as it appears the strike
did nothing. Then Barba explodes in a giant fireball. Link and Watto leave the Sacred Palace, but
they are unsure of what to do. All of the crystals are in place, but where
do they go? How do they find the Triforce of Courage? Suddenly a beam of light shines from the Triforce
etched in the front of the palace. The beam extends far off into the sky to reach
the hills of Death Valley! They now know where to go! And just like that, the beam of light fades
away, the earth begins to shake, sand rises up! And Sacred Palace has disappeared back into
the ground. Link and Watto return back to their friend
who was waiting for them at the edge of the desert and walk together under the night sky
towards their destination. Meanwhile on Death Mountain… The mysterious Leader watches from afar and
now that the location of the Triforce of Courage is known, sends Ganon’s army to Death Valley
to finish Link and claim the Triforce there for themselves. Link, Watto and the lizard beast travel from
the desert to Death Valley and must fight through the entirety of Ganon’s army who
are blocking the way. It takes all of Link’s strength to survive
the battles and without the magic he has learned along the way, he would never make it! Most effective is Spell magic which reduces
minions to mere Bots! As the three fight on the road does lead in
the end to The Great Palace, which is sealed under the rock of the mountain! It looks impossible for anyone to enter! But, on the side of the mountain lies a stone
tablet with a message that tells all who try to enter that only the Chosen Hero can open
the Palace gates. Link removes the Handy Gloves and places his
hand that bears the royal insignia of Hyrule on the tablet. After which, the rock of the mountain crumbles
away like dust, revealing The Grand Palace!! Looking as new as if it was built just yesterday!! Link says to Watto, the Triforce of Courage
is just ahead! With the first step though, the worst has
happened as Ganon appears before them! Ganon thanks Link for the help and says that
the Triforce will now belong to him, and that Link’s journey ends now! Ganon reaches out his hand sending a shockwave
of dark magic! Link barely lifts his shield in time! The force is so intense it knocks Link to
the ground, dropping the Magic Flute! Ganon comes closer but something stops him! His face burns and melts mysteriously, just
as it had before! Ganon says that he MUST have Link’s blood
to continue to live and he will have it!! Ganon prepares for a final attack and says
he will send Link to the underworld! If he were to take one more step, Ganon would
step on the Magic Flute, but being of such special importance to the lizard beast, he
refuses to allow it to be harmed! The lizard beast head butts Ganon to stop
the Magic Flute from being destroyed! The push sends BOTH of them over the edge
of the cliff!!! Both sides watch on as the only thing the
eventually rises to the surface was the ribbon that Zelda gave the lizard beast after she
tamed him. Watto, though saddened, tells Link they must
get to the Triforce and quickly!!!! Link agrees and runs off, though Link says
that he regrets never even knowing the lizard beast’s name. Link and Watto hurry inside the Grand Palace,
but unbeknownst to them, Ganon survived the collision and has resurfaced! Ganon orders the army to charge! But neither Ganon nor his minions can enter! A forcefield prevents them from going any
further! Inside the Great Palace, Link confronts a
Fokkeru! Link is victorious, but is being worn down
from all the fighting he’s endured! Outside the Great Temple gates, Ganon still
tries to fight his way inside. Using his magic powers is able to find a hidden
wall, and passes through. Leaving the army outside waiting for Link. Back inside Link and Watto are fighting on
and in some cases retreating just to survive! Watto tells link that even after all of this,
they will still have to face Ganon’s army again on the outside. Link says he knows that, but if they could
just get the Triforce of Courage…!! Ganon walks through the halls of the Great
Palace looking for Link, and is also ambushed by the monsters inside! Link continues to fight a Fokka and gets backed
into a corner on a very shaky, unsteady ledge. The Fokka begs Link to end his misery and
jump off now! The Fokka strikes again, Link dodges just
in time, but the Fokka has torn a hole in the wall behind Link! Watto says he can see light coming from the
hole, Link climbs in but slips and falls in the darkness! Watto tries to pick him up but Link does not
respond! Ganon is still somewhere in the Great Palace
and admits to himself that he can feel is body melting away. He needs the blood of Link to fully reform
or soon, he will return back to dust. Also suffering from the attacks inside the
Dark Lord decides to retreat and goes to search for the lifeless body of Zelda, figuring that
Link will surrender the Triforce in exchange for her. Watto continues to try waking up Link and
suddenly hears a voice calling his name. Watto asks are you the fairies? They are! Watto asks them to please come help. The faries say that they cannot as its too
dangerous, but that they are within the Great Palace, and to bring Link to them! Watto pushes and pulls, but Link’s lifeless
body won’t budge. Watto gives up, realizing it’s hopeless,
he’s just too small. But Watto has one final hope. He has been in possession of a secret for
a very long time, one that Link doesn’t even know. Watto has known all this time that Zelda placed
the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom and The Triforce of Power, within the cross on Link’s
shield! It has kept Link safe and kept Ganon from
being able to capture him. Now Watto can use it to save Link! Watto places his hands on the pieces and in
a flash of light has received a surge of strength! Watto can now carry Link to the fairies !! Watto
follows their directions but reaches a dead end! Watto asks, is the right place? The fairies say yes, it is, behind the wall! Watto takes Link’s Handy Gloves and Magical
Sword and tears down the wall! Revealing the fairies!! この番組はご覧のスポンサーの提供で送りします After being revived by the fairies Link and
Watto are on their way to the Triforce of Courage. Link now stands face to face with Bolba, guardian
of the Triforce of Courage. Link can feel the spirit of the wise old man
who helped him on his First Quest, guiding him. Telling him that the Thunderbird is the strongest
enemy he will ever face. But do not be afraid because Link has the
power to defeat him! Bolba asks Link, who is he? Does he think he is strong enough to defeat
the Guardian of the Triforce!!?? Bolba says that if Link has made it to his
chamber, he surely must not be an enemy as only the Chosen Hero could have entered the
Great Palace and reached here. Nevertheless, Bolba says its his sworn duty
to destroy anyone who comes to take the Triforce and he will do that right now! The two engage in battle! Bolba sends waves of magic energy which Link
can defend. Link swings his sword but can not connect,
the sword seems to pass right through Bolba with no damage being taken! Link tries one more opening in the shoulder
of Bolba’s armor, being able to pierce through! Bolba yells out in pain as light emits from
his body, Link casts the Reflect magic to return the coming shockwave… but it never
happens, Bolba stands, unbeaten, laughing at Link. Bolba again returns to offense sending fire
Link’s way. Link retaliates with the Thunder magic! The intensity of the spell sends the lava
the mountain flowing upward! Link and Watto find themselves protected in
a sealed bubble as boiling lava surround them! This is still not enough to defeat the guardian
though!! As Bolba grabs the bubble and begins to squeeze
it! Link jumps out just in time and slices through
the guardians head! Link lands on his feet to see Bolba still
has not fallen! The guardian just laughs and reaches out for
Link, to end the battle. Link takes the Magical Sword and drives it
straight through Bolba’s neck! His body begins to shake, he’s armor cracks
and he says to Link that he will never surrender! But the battle has finally been won. Bolba disappears into in a blinding explosion! The battle was so intense that it causes the
mountain to become actively volcanic, blowing away many of Ganon’s minions who waits outside
and is visible across Hyrule! The chamber has been destroyed and is collapsing! Watto spots a door, they run inside! Link and Watto have found the Triforce of
Courage!!!!!! Then Link hears a voice, Welcome Chosen Hero!,
A figure appears above the Triforce, the old man! He says to Link, he will rightfully earn the
Triforce of Courage, on the condition that Link faces one final challenge! Link turns to the mirror behind him, and his
reflection comes to life! The reflection stabs Link and steps through
the glass. The old man says that Link must defeat the
evil inside his heart as only a truly virtuous person can accept the Triforce! The battle begins as Dark Link attacks and
tells Link they may look the same, but we are not the same, and I will consume you! The sword fight is heated as Link and Dark
Link mirror each other with every step!! Link stumbles and Dark Link takes the upper
hand as he draws his sword and says. Dark Link says he can read every move Link
has because he knows Link better than himself, be cause he is Link! Link gets up and continue to fight, each one
getting in attacks sparingly. Dark Link tries to psych out Link, saying
that Zelda is dead because of him. Gump, KusKus, they all died because of him!! Link tries to block it out but eventually
stumbles, Dark Link raises his sword and says the Triforce of Courage and Hyrule will belong
to him! Watto tries to stop, flying right towards
Dark Link. With one swipe Dark Link bats Watto away hurling
him to the floor. Link runs to catch him. Watto says he knows Link will prevail but
had to help. He says to Link to tell his wife and children
he is sorry that Daddy will never come home… Watto dies in Link’s arms as Dark Link stands
behind ready to deliver the death blow!!! Link turns and Dark Link says, all that you
have loved and sworn to protect is now gone! Link swells with rage and begins a barrage
of attacks that is quick and unrelenting, Link is able to gain an inch on Dark Link
and slices him in half from head to toe!!! Dark Link rises and tells Link he can never
be defeated!! Link says be gone!! You are no longer inside me, I have freed
my heart of evil! When I look in the mirror, you are not here! As long as there is a Hyrule I will never
be consumed by you!!! Leave at once and be gone!!!! With those words, the Dark Link disappears! Link has defeated his greatest enemy, his
own hatred and doubts which would otherwise prevent him from truly being able to accept
the title of the Chosen Hero! The old man emerges and presents Link with
the The Triforce of Courage! Link asks the old man if he is really alive. The old man says that he is indeed alive and
has been here the entire time, as per the orders of the King of Hyrule. Using the powers of the Triforce however,
the old man says he is able to appear anywhere. The powers of the Triforce return Watto life
and Link can now awaken the First Princess Zelda! Link can use the unified Triforce to bring
Zelda back to life as well! The old man says that it’s not that easy,
as he informs Link that Ganon is still alive and must be fully killed for Hyrule to at
last be in peace. この番組はご覧のスポンサーの提供で送りします Link has recovered the Triforce of Courage,
but Ganon still remains. While Link was in the Great Palace, he was
unaware that Ganon survived his fall into the lake at Death Valley, searched the Triforce
and then retreated. Ganon had gone to Hyrule Castle and seized
the lifeless body of Princess Zelda, as well as Billy, her royal guardian who, was to continue
protecting her until Link could with the Triforce of Courage to resurrect her! Link approaches Ganon and demands he give
back Billy and Zelda. Ganon says only in exchange for the Triforce. Billy shouts to Link, NO! Don’t let him have it! Ganon wrings Billy’s body, nearly killing
him! Ganon says it’s very simple. The Triforce and his blood in exchange for
Zelda. Adding that he will even bring Zelda back
to life! Just hand it over… Link clutches the Triforce of Courage, contemplating
the choice… Ganon grows inpatient and insists he hand
it over! And strikes Link with blast of fire, throwing
him into the mountain side. Link regains his composure and Ganon raises
the stakes. Hand the Triforce over or Billy dies!! Link jumps up and screams NO! As Ganon raises billy to throw him into the
lake below, Ganon’s body takes another hit and decomposes further, wearing himdown knocking
him to the ground, dropping both Billy and Zelda!!! Billy stares downward as the lake gets closer
but is grabbed at the last minute by Link! Watto cries out to Link, ZELDA!!!! Zelda’s lifeless body is in free fall. Link races through the air to try and rescue
her. He reaches out grabbing the bottom of her
shroud!!! Zelda slips out and falls from links grasp!! Link, Billy, Watto, Ganon, and the minions
all watch as Zelda’s lifeless body hits the surface of the lake and sinks to the bottom,
never to be seen again! Link is left speechless, but has no time to
even react as Ganon and his army moves in! Link, Billy and Watto jump out of the way
and Link sends Watto and Billy away, flying on the Magical Shield! Link equips the Triforce of Courage to the
Magical Sword and engages Ganon one on one in mid air over Death Valley as Billy and
Watto make a safe exit to Hyrule Castle, and Ganon’s army watches on. Link casts the Thunder magic and in a flash
of light the remaining minions still gathered at Death Valley are disintegrated! Link and Ganon now stand alone and continue
to battle!!!! Watto and billy are fast on their way back
to the castle, but Ganon makes a move, escapes Link and follows them, nearly capturing them
! Link is able to catch up and using the force of the Magical Shield, blows Ganon off course
and sends him slamming into the ground! Link steers the Magical Shield over the castle
and sees Watto’s family as they approach the castle grounds. The Hyrulian are fighting off Ganon’s minions
who have occupied the castle, with many of them fleeing when they see Link arrive! Link and billy head to the royal chamber,
reassemble the Triforces of Wisdom and Power and open the sealed door to the First Princess
Zelda. Link places all three triforces at the alter. They radiate with light begin to flash… The first Princess Zelda awakens! The curse has been lifted!! Zelda stands up, looks at link and says to
him, You are not my brother, where is he?? Link and Zelda exit the chamber. Link tries to explain to Zelda exactly what
has happened to her and Hyrule since falling asleep. Zelda is still confused as she doesn’t realize
yet she has been asleep for centuries. Billy carries the Triforces out of the chamber. One of the royal handmaidens offers to help
carry them for Billy, but he refuses. The handmaiden turns and attacks Billy attempting
to steal the Triforces. Link attacks the imposter and demands they
show who they really are! The imposter handmaiden is the mysterious
Leader of Ganon’s Army!! The mask is sliced in half and falls to the
floor revealing his true face!!!! Zelda screams in fear and says its GANON!!! She says that HE is her brother’s aide! The one who attacked her and put her under
the sleeping Spell!!!! Link confronts this Ganon and says he can’t
be the Dark Lord, this Ganon has a human form! This Ganon says that he is indeed as the princess
says. Ganon says he has waited centuries to get
his hands on the Triforces and now the day has finally come! He stops and begins to shake, and convulse! Blood pours out of Ganon’s stomach and then
suddenly a hand reaches out and grabs the Triforce of Courage!!! A figure emerges, The Dark Lord Ganon!!!!!! He makes a quick escape flying through the
ceiling of the castle! Link tells Billy to take Zelda to a safe room,. Link equips the Magical Sword with the Triforces
of Wisdom and Power, then takes off after Ganon. Billy turns to this Ganon and demands an explanation! This Ganon explains that The allure of the
Triforce was too strong, before he know it, evil consumed his heart and the evil that
was born from that manifested into the Dark Lord Ganon, who then betrayed him, all in
a quest for power! Then This Ganon reaches out his hand, attempts
to speak to Zelda but can’t say more than her name, before dying. Billy then realizes he’s surrounded as he
must fight off even more minions to get Zelda to safety. Meanwhile above the castle, Link searches
for Ganon, demanding he show himself. Ganon, while invisible, attacks with powerful
magic. Link uses the power of The cross forcing
Ganon to appear. Ganon sends wave after wave of magic to strike
Link, who can defend himself but must also make sure that the people below are protected
too! In the castle Billy fights his way through
despite his injuries, keeping Zelda safe, getting her to the highest tower in the castle. Ganon takes an axe and begins swinging it
wildly. Link can defend but each miss of the axe by
Ganon strikes the mountainside causing rocks to fall around the Hyrulians who are watching
on! The able-bodied men of Hyrule take to the
castle to rid it of Ganon’s army. Link is able to shatter Ganon’s axe, causing
him to retreat slightly. Ganon’s switches tactics and begins smashing
the mountainside and throwing giant boulders at Link to stop him. Link casts the Thunder magic which shatters
the rocks. As the pieces fall to the grown Link jumps
on top of the biggest one drives the Magical Sword straight though landing right on top
of Ganon! Ganon’s body melts away, revealing all the
Triforces. The Triforce of Wisdom and Triforce ofPower
used on Link’s sword along with the stolen Triforce of Courage. Link then unifies the Triforce!! A massive beam of light appears in the center
raising up to the heavens, clearing away the darkness to reveal light! The light destroys the reaming minions of
army and cleanses the lands of Hyrule, restoring peace to the Kingdom! Watto flies over to Link, they look over Hyrule
amazed at the miracle of the Triforce! Link without saying a word takes the Triforce
of Courage and throws it into the lake! Watto asks Link why would you throw the Triforce
away? Link says that this is for the best, that
it’s the way it must be. A unified Triforce is too dangerous in the
wrong hands, so it must be kept separate and hidden, so that Hyrule can never be conquered
by evil and stand forever! Watto asks Link what will they do now? Link’s only answer is to find a new adventure!! At Hyrule Castle Billy tells Zelda of her
Legend as she greets the people of Hyrule and ascends the Throne! Zelda, the First Zelda, has become princess
once again. Because Zelda will ALWAYS be princess of Hyrule

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