The Power of Music | Marvel Make Me a Hero

Hi, I’m Cathy. Watch Marvel: Make Me A Hero. I’m a graphic designer
and a huge fan of Marvel. I was a good kid so I never drew
on my parent’s walls or anything. But I was always
always drawing something. My dad had his huge comic collection
from when he was a child. My first memories of comic
books were like, with like… Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos. My favorite of his that he had
were actually The Defenders. Valkyrie was like, from the time I was a
little girl, the first time I saw her in a comic book I was like, yes! She’s amazing. I love her. It was nice seeing that like, you
know you don’t have to be like a certain skin color to be a superhero. You don’t have to be a certain
skin color to do good in the world. And, I think it also probably helped also
that, you know the whole sort of like theme around the X-Men is that their
persecuted for like what they are. That they can’t control and so… You know I was kind of able
to relate to that on some level. For my superhero, I thought it
would be cool if she was able to affect people’s emotions through music. Not so much like straight up like mind
control like mastermind or anything, but just kind of like, you know if some
body is angry she can soothe them down or if some body is sad
like make them happy. Like I feel normal music does but
maybe to a more powerful extent. Physically, for my superhero
I was thinking, you know like super big and strong. Like a shot putter. Not like super body building
muscular, more like thick. When I thought about the powers I was
like, people who look at her and be like, “oh, she’s obviously super strong”,
but she’s really not. Like, she’s strong for a human
but just regular human strength. So I thought that would
be an interesting contrast. I want her to be Korean-American
because I thought, we could always use
a little more representation. For her costume I thought
it would be nice, like a nice accent color,
like a light blue. I would definitely want the character
to have a secret identity. I kind of picture her, maybe falling
into this whole superhero thing. It wasn’t something she planned on So she doesn’t really know how
to reconcile her superhero life with her personal life so she wants to
keep them separate for now and just like a simple domino mask to keep her
identity a little more hidden. Then, just basic accessories like
wristbands, because they’ll look kind of cool with a sleeveless top.
I think. Hair style that would fit
like her entire look. I definitely see my superhero
as doing her own thing. She rides the subway to
and from work every day. Goes out with her coworkers for
drinks and karaoke at night. On her way home is when she kind of keeps
her eye out for any situation where she might be able to step in and help. Maybe does a team up very now and then
with Squirrel Girl. Just for fun. Oh my gosh! I love her mask and
her hair is perfect too. Like the blue actually like,
really matches her hair. Oh, I just noticed the
musical note on her outfit too. Oh, and her nail polish. Like every time I look at it I see
something new and exciting, This is perfect. Her costume completely incorporates the
whole musical theme with like the bars. The musical note on the front. I love details like that. It’s so clever and awesome. Thanks Marvel for making me a hero.

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