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Thor 4 Love and Thunder – Christian Bale Marvel Phase 4 Character Breakdown

This is my ship still I’m in charge. I know I know of course you are. of course. See you say of course but then
you touch the map it makes you think that maybe you didn’t realize I was in
charge ah, Quill. That’s your own insecurities in there okay I’m merely trying to be of service with the system quill that’s what I said. you should
fight one another for the honor of leadership it sounds fair. it’s not necessary. it’s not. okay. I got some blasters unless you guys want to use
knives. oh yes please use knives no no there will be no knifing one another,
everybody knows who’s in charge me yes…of course. welcome back everyone it’s Charlie Happy New Year this is going to be my video all about Thor for love and
thunder and Christian Bale apparently he’s up for a role in the film if you could ever believe it he’s coming to the Marvel Universe so we’ll break it down
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Thor for if you remember a couple years ago Christian Bale has been asked a lot
after he did the Dark Knight trilogy and played Batman whether or not he would do more Batman or more superhero movies if he’d ever be in a Marvel movie because
by the time he finished Dark Knight Rises the Marvel Cinematic Universe had
really started to take off it was still phase one early phase two days so they
didn’t have quite the clout and they weren’t quite as big as they are today
and even as recently as 2017 Christian Bale had said he had no interest in
working with Marvel on a superhero movie in the only real superhero movies that
he’d ever watched his entire life were the Christopher Reeve Superman films and his Batman Dark Knight films so everyone’s wondering what just happened
to change that in which character he would be playing so what probably
happened is as Taika offered him a one-off role like Cate Blanchet coming in to do hella during thor ragnarok you could say
that she could come back because technically she’s the goddess of death
and can you really kill the goddess of death technically no but they wrote that
role for Cate Blanchet so that she wouldn’t have to come back she only
signed a contract for that one movie so that’s why they killed her off at the
end of the movie in the way that they did so that was kind of ambiguous you
could say that she’s dead and if she never came back she would just stay dead but if she suddenly wanted to be in another Marvel movie again they would
totally find a place to put her and just say no she didn’t die so that’s the
trick that they used to get big Hollywood actors on board who wouldn’t
necessarily want to sign on for a four or five picture deal like a standard
actor would when they’re becoming an MCU character the other way they convinced
them to do movies like this is if they have friends that are also making the
movie either the directors their personal friend or their friends with the start like that’s how Chris Hemsworth got Matt Damon during Thor
Ragnarok in that funny play you may have seen that funny home video that Chris
Hemsworth posted of him and Matt Damon just shooting arrows at each other
playing around their friends in real life their families go on vacations together so when they were making Thor Ragnarok he was like hey do you want to
come play this fake version of Loki and just have fun for a little while no big
commitment it just for this one movie remember how Ryan Reynolds got Brad Pitt to be in Deadpool to as the Vanisher character it was a hilarious cameo and
he was only on screen for a brief period the reason why Brad Pitt did that is
because his kids are big fans of the Deadpool franchise not because he cares
or he was potentially going to earn a bunch of money he just did it as a favor
to Ryan Reynolds because his kids were big fans so odds are no matter who
Christian Bale would be playing it’s probably just going to be for this one film
because I do think that he still kind of has a lot of disdain for big superhero
franchises and he doesn’t want to sign on for some huge commitment that’s why I don’t think the character he’s up for is beta ray bill because I think they intend to use beta ray bill in all kinds of different space-based movies like
guardians of the galaxy would be a great franchise to put him in even if they
don’t do more Guardians films after Guardians 3 you still have a Guardians
team flying around out there they just pop up in cameo every once in a while
and you cycle the roster beta ray bill was even a member of the guardians of
the galaxy recently in the comics the character I think it makes more sense
for Christian Bale to be playing if he’s going to be playing say like a villain
character would be Dario Agger the CEO of Roxxon, the Minotaur of for those of you that haven’t read the Thor comics he was one of the first big
villains that Jane Foster Thor faced when they did the female Thor in the
comics a few years ago they have a lot of characters in the movie who are
either from earth or on planet earth after the events of Avengers endgame in
new Asgard is still on earth up in coastal Norway so it makes sense that
the main villain of the movie or one of the villains at least would also come
from Earth and because it’s a Thor movie you typically do new characters that
flow from that type of mythology so the Minotaur of Roxon would be a great
character to introduce he would look like Christian Bale for most of the
movie because Dario agar walks around looking like a normal human but then
during the big final battle with Thor and Jane Foster female Thor he goes into
his full Minotaur form and it becomes more of a motion-capture fight like when
Mark Ruffalo is doing the Hulk or when Taika is playing Korg and if you weren’t
sure obviously Korg and meek are going to come back for Thor for they still need
to get their revenge on noobmaster speaking of new master everybody’s been
making Deadpool jokes wouldn’t it be funny if Deadpool in the MCU eventually
when they introduced Ted pull into the MCU Wayne’s up secretly being noob
masters so they weave him into the history of the MCU in a really clever
way how angry do you think that everyone would be if Christian Bale is just up
for the new master role and he’s only in it for a one-off joke for like two
seconds but Roxon is a company that’s shown up
all over the Marvel Universe in the MCU and the TV shows in present-day and
going back to the 1940s during the events of the agent Carter TV series
they’re big oil and gas company they’re known for exploiting the earth’s
resources in there a lot of films right now the big franchise films that are
trading on themes of climate change like James Cameron’s Avatar sequels and it
just makes sense that they would do something like that with these Thor
characters if all the pieces line up there were a lot of you that were asking
me if he’s playing Gor the god butcher the reason why I don’t think that he’s
playing Gore is because they kind of already gave most of the aspects of that
character to the Helicarrier during Thor Ragnarok and Gore as a character isn’t really integral to the female Jane Foster Thor origin story and that’s
supposed to be a big part of the film so just explain the basic plot outline that
Taika gave us back at comic-con this is basically what’s going on with Thor for
love and thunder they’re doing the Jane Foster female Thor origin story from the
comics it’ll be a little bit different from the
comic book version but they did say that they might do the cancer plot they’re
still kind of deciding on that because they’re not going to be shooting the movie
for a little while the biggest changes they’re making to that or that that
story happened the reason why Jane Foster became Thor is because Thor
became unworthy during a big comic book event the hammer passed to Jane Foster
in Thor didn’t wield any hammer for a long time in the comic eventually he did
get it back he got a shiny gold arm with a gold hammer and Jane Foster became the new version of Valkyrie but MC youth or after Avengers endgame is still worthy
he’s still wildung Stormbreaker and they destroyed Mjolnir during Thor Ragnarok
so there are a lot of things that they had to set up at the beginning of the
film like what hammer is Jane Foster Thor going to wield the only options for
that are bringing one from the multiverse if you’re talking about Loki
from Avengers and game the one that escaped with the tesseract creating that
alternate timeline we’ll see him again during the Loki series and maybe during
Doctor Strange 2 they also had to follow up with Valkyrie being the new queen of
Asgard in what they’re going to do with Asgard going forward because Thor 4 is
being released a couple years after the end of Avengers endgame I’m assuming
that a couple years will have gone by so Valkyrie will have been queen of Asgard
for a little while and Thor will have lost most of his weight on the Bowflex
that he borrowed from star-lord initially their plans for guardians 3
were a little bit different in terms of the timing so I think there was going to be
a Thor follow-up scene that would set him up for Thor for love and thunder
before they changed the release date for guardians 3 now that’s all kind of up in
the air so they’ll had to have some sort of scene to follow up and explain what
happened with Thor in the as guardians of the galaxy while he was out with them
but then the big question is is what happens to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor going
forward is he returning during Avengers 5 maybe he also gets a cameo when they
eventually introduced Galactus and Silver Surfer because he spent a lot of
time in the comics crossing over with those two characters in speaking of
Galactus if you’re really hyped up about him entering the MCU they just did a
Thor story they rebooted the character a new rider came on the title Galactus
crossed over I won’t spoil the story but it’s crazy but because there’s a lot of
confusion about what’s going on with female Thor Jane Foster the idea is is
that Thor in the MCU is not unworthy will not become unworthy so the why she winds up picking up the hammer is going to be a little bit different from
the comics I think there are a lot of people that are just confused about how
this is going to work because of the way it went down in the comics so if you
never read the female Thor comic book don’t worry you won’t have to read that
to understand what’s going on at the beginning of Thor for if they give us any more details about what’s going on with the movie or they confirm any more
castings and characters and people coming back I’ll totally include it one
of my Marvel videos but everyone let me know in the comments if you have any
special requests for future Marvel videos and every one click here for my
Marvel New Mutants trailer video which is actually a real movie that’s coming
out in theaters believe it or not and click here for my brand-new Doctor Strange 2 video thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome Happy
New Year!

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100 thoughts on “Thor 4 Love and Thunder – Christian Bale Marvel Phase 4 Character Breakdown

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