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TIME’S RUNNING OUT In These New Comics! | Marvel’s Pull List

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, Marvelites. You are watching
Marvel’s The Pull List, and I’m Ryan, AKA Agent M. And I’m Tucker Markus. And every week we’re going
to read every single Marvel comic that comes out, and
pick a couple of them, and we pick a topic to tell
you why we’re so hyped. Tucker, what are we
talking about this week? This week, time runs out. We’re kind of going through some
threshold moments in a bunch of issues this week,
and we’ve selected four for a few different reasons. We’ll dive into it right,
now with FANTASTIC FOUR # 12. This one, we are literally
up against the clock. We are following Mr. Benjamin
J Grimm on his honeymoon. Aw. Oh, that’s fun. He’s out there with
Alicia, and that just so happens to line up
with the one day a year where he morphs from the
Thing back into Ben Grimm, with no powers. He’s just a normal dude. And right when that
happens, guess who shows up? The Immortal Hulk. It’s Thing versus Hulk. That’s classic Marvel
goodness right there. Ryan, you were
saying that Dan Slott has been talking about
this issue for years, and rightfully so. It does not disappoint. Great stuff all around. Then we also have a backup
story by Jeremy Whitley and Will Robson, where we get
to know the Future Foundation a little bit better,
ahead of their ongoing series. Julie Power shows up,
which is really exciting. So much to love in
the FF universe. Just great stuff. Heck yeah. What’s also great? Death’s Head number one. Boy, oh, boy, I’ve been
super ready for this series to come out. I’m a huge Death’s Head
fan, as much as one can be for such a relatively
obscure character– at least for, you know, Marvel
comics readers in the US. But Death’s Head is such
a fascinating character, transversing realities. One of the greatest designs,
I think, in, you know, Marvel Comics. He’s, like, a robot
bounty hunter, and so now he’s
got his own series. But if you don’t know who
Death’s Head is and you’re still, like, on the fence after
I told you all this cool stuff about him, how about
if I tell you Wiccan and Hulkling are in this book? Tini Howard coming in. It’s so funny. Her dialogue is always great. The scenario is big
action, all that stuff. Kei Zama coming in,
doing a kind of manga meets cyberpunk meets
superheroes vibe to the art. I absolutely loved it. There’s a big mystery right
at the end of the book. I can’t wait for more. I love Death’s Head,
so this is perfect. Moving on to CONAN
THE BARBARIAN # 8. This is a wild one
because we have Conan– he’s got all the
best intentions. He’s heading home, back to
hometown, to see his grandma and a bunch of people
he grew up with, people that he loves, just to
kind of talk about his travels, and things like that. But things don’t
work out that way because what he comes across
are, like, a bunch of cultish, undead, scary, mystical
versions of everything he thought he once knew, and
he has to go up against it all. Great stuff, as
always, in CONAN, led by Mr. Gerardo Zaffino on art. And it is gorgeous. Yeah. All right, so you’re like,
OK, Mr. Mustache, you’re wearing an X-Men t-shirt. POWERS OF X came out this week. Where’s my X-Men? POWERS OF X! We’re going to talk about it. Of course we’re going
to talk about it. Now, if you read HOUSE OF X
# 1 last week, you’re like, wow, this is incredible. What’s next? POWERS OF X is next. The fun thing is each week
you’ll get a new issue of HOUSE OF X, and then the next week,
the new issue of POWERS OF X, back and forth, as
they go through all six issues of each series. And there’s parts of
HOUSE OF X that dive right into POWERS OF X # 1. You can read them separately. I would say give us all
your money, read both books, and enjoy the great storytelling
that Jonathan Hickman, RB Silva, Marte Garcia, and the
team are doing on POWERS OF X. I will say that, you know,
we’ve seen some characters with really cool designs. There’s a guy who’s red, looks
kind of like Nightcrawler. There’s a woman who
has a big sword that looks like Magik’s,
and she has metal that looks like Colossus’ steel. You’ll find out a lot
about them in this issue, and see what they’re all about. And plenty more. You’re going to want to
read this, and keep going. Make sure you check these out. They’re so good. We’re going to tell you
so much more about all the Marvel comics out this week. I will still tell you
nothing about POWERS OF X when you listen to
the podcast version of Marvel’s “The Pull List.” Get it wherever
you get your audio, and we’ll be back with another
episode of this video show, and the audio show, next week. I’m Ryan.
– And I’m Tucker. And this is is Marvel. Your universe.

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58 thoughts on “TIME’S RUNNING OUT In These New Comics! | Marvel’s Pull List

  1. What about Dr.Strange vs Galactus and Silver Surfer Black #3 besides house of X and powers of X thats what true beleivers are reading keep it 100%

  2. Everytime this video comes out i have to go to the gym and lift weights. These two have inspired me to never grow facial hair that way. Anything Dan Slott writes is garbage. He treats his fans like dung. His stories are complete dung including this run on Fantastic Four.

  3. I wish people would only talk about comics in the comment section of a video about comics but alas…

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