“Ting Ting” | Jo Koy : Don’t Make Him Angry

My son, uh… You know, he’s five now He turned five So, uh… And it’s just good to come home And be with him Because he’s… uh… Out of his mind Dude, if you got a kid I don’t know if you guys… If anyone’s got kids If you got a little boy and they’re five It’s crazy My son is out of his mind I don’t know what he says half the time… And he speaks very well,
but… I just don’t know… What he’s saying And I try and ignore him I try you guys I try, and every parent in
here knows what I’m talking about I try and ignore him I can’t though… And then I gotta listen… To these stories About alphabets and numbers… And popsicles I don’t even know what the
fuck he’s talking about And he’s so animated when he talks Daddy!! I do this thing with the other thing… My son is out of his mind My son loves To play with his dick It’s a problem He plays with his dick Non-stop Like can’t stop playing with
his dick He… Play… And it’s not like… It’s not like, ooh, cute dick Its like I’m… Ahhh! Like… Like… And he calls it his ting ting Ting Ting! Daddy…! Ting Ting..! One time he had all four fingers… On the shaft And he’s squeezing it… And the head’s like aaahhh! Looked like, aaahhh!! Ting Ting!!! Daddy! What? Ting Ting!!! Scares the shit outta me Check this out, this is how crazy he is One time, we were watching TV… Both of us… And I hear him… Like I hear
wrestling and stuff And I just thought he was playing around And I look… He’s playing with his dick Like a mad scientist Trying rying to put a rocket
together Like it was just so… Like…Like Daddy!!!! My son is out of his mind Here’s a true story And this is… You got…
This is… This is true shit I was on… I was on the, uh…
I was on the road I was in Australia And this is true… This is word for word This isn’t even a joke you guys Word for word conversation I had with my
wife When I was on the road… About… About my son This is how crazy my son is, okay? I’m on the road… I call her up, ok? Check this shit out I call her up… I’m like hey hon how’s Little Joe doing? She goes like this… She goes, you’re not going to believe… What your son… Did to his Ting Ting… So I’m like oh shit… He ripped it off So I’m like what? What did… What did he do? What did he do to his Ting Ting? She goes, he colored it green With a magic marker So I start laughing That’s hilarious I go, are you serious? She goes, that’s not the
funny part… I go, what’s funnier than that? She goes, he drew eyes on his nuts… So then I go, did you take a picture? Just take a picture It won’t wash off He used a sharpie My son’s dick was green for two weeks… Two weeks, my son had a green dick I came home… His dick was still green And here’s the funny thing… You come to my house… Anyone can come to my house You can come over, you
can come over, anyone come to my house You come to my house, my son will go to
his room Take off his pants And show his dick He thinks it’s funny Look at my Ting Ting And here’s the fucked up thing I couldn’t wait for my friends to come over Cause you know my friends would have been like Oh my God, is your son’s dick green? And I wanted to lean in and go, don’t make him angry… Hey you guys! Jo Koy couldn’t make it but
thank you for watching the videos but… Oh, who am I… It’s me… It’s Jo Koy It’s a mask of me! Who doesn’t have a mask of themselves, right? Everyone does! Anyways… Subscribe Subscribe now And you know what? You get to see more videos like these… Right here And more pictures of me, with the mask on… Without clothes Wouldn’t you want to see that? I would… We see ya! He thinks he’s a ninja Ting Ting! Are you retarded?

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