TITANS Official Comic Con Trailer (SDCC 2018) DC Series

Hello? [Screams] Who are you? Everything let me here to you You’re the boy from the circus. [Ruelle – Monsters starts playing]
🎵You got no place to hide.🎵 🎵And I’m feeling like a villain, got a hunger inside🎵 🎵Nowhere to hide from all of this.🎵 Please, can you help me? 🎵Madness, madness.🎵 Where’s Batman? [gunshots [gunshots repeatedly] Fuck Batman! There’s something evil inside of me. [screeches] You’re scary, i get it. But you /can/ control it. You don’t know what I’ve become Sometimes when i feel the darkness it
feels good. My mom says there is no such thing as monsters. I used to think that. I was wrong. [screams] [screaming echos] [screaming fades away] [outro music playing] [outro music fades away]

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