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Hi there! I’m your host Amanda McKnight and today
we are going to be counting down our top 10 Dark Avengers. But who are the Dark Avengers Introducing… Captain Marvel. But that’s not actually Captain Marvel. The Sentry. Okay, yeah, that’s the Sentry. Ms Marvel. Nope, not Ms Marvel. Ares. Wolverine. Nope. Hawkeye. Noooo. And the Amazing Spiderman. Wait, is that VenomDark Avengers is a series
of Marvel comics that explores a world where the Avengers and SHIELD have disassembled
and new team headed off by now-hero Norman Osborn is created where our heroes’ roles
are filled by mostly villains. You know what they say, desperate times call
for badass measures. The comic series was originally created for
DC use by writer Brian Michael Bendis but ended up as part of the Marvel universe. Here are your top 10 Dark Avengers. 10
Gorgon. Gorgon is on the new Dark Avengers as their
Wolverine. Gorgon is a mutant with the ability to turn
those he makes direct eye contact with into stone. He is also a master samurai and a member of
the Hand. As is typical in most villainous super hero
teams, Gorgon actually has his own agenda as we see in New Avengers issue #19. He is working in tandem with Madame Hydra
assisting the Dark Avengers while biding time. Their plan is to claim the Dark Avengers as
their own when Norman Osborn succumbs to his own madness. How do they know this is going to happen? One, Gorgon is telepathic and two, they just
assume it’s bound to happen eventually–honestly they have a lot of comic book history to back
them up. Gorgon ends up cast as the Dark Avengers’
Wolverine which makes sense considering his own vendetta against Wolverine. The two have history where Gorgon kidnapped
Wolverine, brain washed him, made him HYDRA’s puppet while turning him against his fellow
X-Men. 9
Toxic Doxie. Toxic Doxie is Doctor June Covington. She is a genetic scientist and also is criminally
insane. The type of criminally insane where you murder
your own father when you’re 12 by running him over with a tractor. When we first meet her in the comic series
Osborn, issue #1 she is in prison. How did she get there? By killing 18 people with a genetic mod that
made their head’s explode during a prayer meeting for special needs children… at Christmas
time. … She happens to be in the same prison as
Norman Osborn where he is placed after the siege of Asgaard results in his capture and
the temporary end of the Dark Avengers. Osborn helps her and bunch of inmates escape
only to turn himself back in so that she can become his Doctor in prison (and using her
mad science, possibly to help him transform into a Super-Adaptoid). Later her knowledge of genetics helps Toxic
Doxie become the new Dark Avengers’ Scarlet Witch. 8
Mac Gargan. Who is Scorpion. As Venom. As Spider-Man? Norman Osborn recruits his old friend Mac
Gargan aka Scorpion, who is currently the host of Venom to join the Dark Avengers as
his Spiderman. Of course, Venom is thrilled at the opportunity. The only issue when being recruited is that
Venom is kinda huge and out of control and not super marketable for Osborn’s new team. So Osborn gifts him a cannister which Venom
eats that transforms him into a more under control Venom. Granted he still turns pretty monstrous when
fighting enemies. As is to be expected. This is Mac Gargan as Venom after all. 7
Moonstone. Standing in as Ms Marvel, Moonstone is one
of the first Dark Avengers to be recruited by Norman Osborn. Moonstone is an old villain when it comes
to the comics. Also known as Karla Sofen, she is a psychologist
& hypnotist whom we were introduced to in the comic world while she was working alongside
the villainous Dr Faustus. She later manages to get her hands on a Kree
moonstone which she then absorbs. The stone gives her superhuman powers and
she adopts the name Moonstone. In the comics, Moonstone is basically a villain
to anyone who gets in her way. She mostly looks out for her own selfish interests. Moonstone as Ms Marvel ends up having to face
Carol Danvers, the non-dark Avenger after Danvers is resurrected in the 2009 Ms Marvel
series issue #42. These two have a bit of a history in the comics
of duking it out and it is no less interesting to see this time around. Though Moonstone is about to lose to Danvers
before Sentry steps in to save her, both Ms Marvels are very well matched. Moonstone’s abilities are comparable to
Danvers. The both share superhuman strength, durability,
agility; flight; and the ability to produce photonic blasts. Although usually perceived as a villain, Moonstone
does seem to become invested occasionally when taking on a more heroic role which also
makes her an interesting addition to the Dark Avengers. 6
Ragnarok as Thor. Really Ragnarok is Thor. Sort of. He is Thor’s clone. Norman Osborn is able to recruit Ragnarok
with some help from his friends at HYDRA after his escape from prison, when he is rebuilding
the Dark Avengers in the New Avengers comic series. Ragnarok was created by Reed Richards and
Tony Stark and was supposed to have been destroyed. However HYDRA some how managed to get hold
of Ragnarok and give him as a gift to the new Avengers and Osborn. When Osborn asks why HYDRA has not made use
of Ragnarok, Madame Hydra answers that the clone is not in great shape and they did not
have the funding to fix and awaken him. However with HAMMER’s finances Ragnarok
can finally be put to “good” use. As we all know from the MCU Thor movie of
the same name, Ragnarok is also the name of the norse god of destruction. Ragnarok meaning destruction, should give
you a pretty good idea of what you can expect when it comes to fighting Thor’s clone. 5
Skaar. Son of Hulk. Dark Avengers’ you know, Hulk. Skaar is son of Caeira and the Hulk, growing
up on Sakaar pretty much orphaned. His dad had left the planet at that point
and his mom was dead. He is born on a wartorn Sakaar with a power
passed on to him from his mom, referred to as the Old Power. A lot goes on in Skaar’s story but to summarize,
he grows up having to deal with war & violence. By the time he comes to earth he is strong,
intelligent, grown up and seeking vengeance. He ends up running into his dad and at first
thinks he is pretty stupid as Savage Hulk but then he meets Bruce Banner and they get
along more. Eventually Skaar ends up joining Osborn’s
New Avengers but for his own reasons. It appears he is working as a double agent. When he finds out that the Dark Avengers are
holding Captain America hostage, he shouts “Avengers Assemble!” and the old Avengers
come in to take out the Dark Avengers. He later stays with the team when the Dark
Avengers are passed back to under the control of Luke Cage and go back to being villians
under the control of the government like they were when they were the Thunderbolts. Basically Marvel’s version of Suicide Squad. 4
Daken. Daken is recruited by Osborn soon after he
takes control of the Dark Avengers for the first time. Daken is lured by the promise of a job. Norman compliments Daken on beating up Wolverine
to which Daken responds “That’s between me and my father.” Cut to a frame of Norman and the team looking
shocked. Norman smiles and instead of offering a job,
offers him something even better, the opportunity to piss off his father. That’s right Daken, also known as Dark Wolverine,
is the son of Wolverine and his now-dead wife, Itsu. So you guessed it, he stands in as our original
Dark Avengers’ Wolverine. Before the resurrection of the team with Gorgon. Dakan has similar abilities to his dad, claws
and enhanced healing, a similar level of broodiness but is overall depicted as more charismatic. He makes a great Dark Wolverine and a great
Dark Avenger. Feel free to check out the Dark Wolverine
comics for even more Dakan. 3
Bullseye. Best marksman in the Marvel universe. He is also insane. His father beat him when he was a kid and
he grew up working only on his shot. He’s colour blind and appears back in the
60s comics as a villain to Daredevil, Spiderman, Elektra & Punisher. Osborn recruits him straight from the Thunderbolts
and makes him his Hawkeye. Some would even say he is a better Hawkeye. He’s a better marksmen and Osborn keeps
him on meds to keep him a little less maniacal. Though he still manages to bring a good amount
of laughs to the comics in my opinion. 2
Normon Osborn as the Iron Patriot. Following his televised defeat of the Skrull
Queen who was disguised as Spider Woman, Norman becomes the Nick Fury of the new organization
HAMMER and the Iron Man of the new Dark Avengers. When the team is originally formed Osborn
is basically handed the keys to the SHIELD HQ and manages to get past Tony Stark’s
security measures with the assistance of Ghost to get to all of Stark’s Iron Man suits. Donning a suit himself, Osborn calls himself
the Iron Patriot and is in charge of recruiting & assembling the Dark Avengers and managing
HAMMER—the new version of SHEILD, an acronym originally created by Osborn without any meaning
whatsoever. He leaves it up to his employees to decide
what the letters stand for. Norman leads HAMMER and the Dark Avengers
on many an adventure from defeating Morgan Le Fay, to destroying Asgaard, to creating
his own team of X-Men with Emma Frost as their leader. Good choice, Norman. 1
The Sentry. Robert Renolds. The strongest hero the world forgot. The Sentry’s backstory is maybe the saddest
and the best of all of our Dark Avengers. A hero that earth has long forgot, he long
ago had to be erased from everyone’s minds in an effort to protect the world. In the 2000 Sentry comic’s we discover that
The Sentry is a hero who actually influenced the heroes of today into becoming who they
are, from Spiderman to Hulk. Heck, Reed Richards was the best man at his
wedding! He is refered to as the strongest hero in
planet earth multiple times but if you don’t believe me, just check out the epic battle
between the Hulk and Sentry in World War Hulk. So how does he end up on the Dark Avengers? The Sentry is a complex character who struggles
with his all too epic power and a split personality disorder. Norman Osborn offers to help him with that
as someone who has wrestled his own demons. I think you can imagine how well that goes. And that’s your top 10 Dark Avengers. Let us know if you approve of this team in
the comments below and if you’d like to maybe seem them in the MCU or if you have
another favourite Dark Avenger who you would have liked to make the cut. I’m Amanda McKnight, this is Top 10 Nerd
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