Top 10 Alternate Versions of Mega Man

Mega Man, also known as Rockman in Japan,
first came to be in 1987, and since has become one of Capcom’s biggest franchises, containing
over 50 games across all consoles internationally. That’s not even counting the comic books
or animes either! The protagonists of the franchise are a series
of robot characters who take on the Mega Man alias, which has expanded over centuries in
the games. So today, we’re taking a look at some of
the variations of the initial hero with our list of the top 10 alternate versions of Mega
Man. But before we begin today’s video, I want
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Star Force Mega Man comes from the Mega Man Star Force anime and Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting
Star, a game released in 2009 for the DS in Japan that’s an advanced port of the first
Mega Man Battle Network title that includes extras like a crossover with the Mega Man
Star Force. Star Force Mega Man is also known as Shooting
Star Rocketman, and is the EM Wave Change of the human Geo Stelar and Wizard Omega Xis,
registered under Project TC as number 3. He’s got an array of equipment, like his
visualize visor, which was the visualizer with an EM Wave Change, and can analyze and
display info about viruses and EM Bodies. He’s got a wave toss device, which is designed
to send and receive EM waves across short distances, and can collect information about
Noise. He’s got a star force emblem, a card display
and a mega arm. 9 Bad Box Art Mega Man
Moving on to something more comedic at this number, we have the Bad Box Art Mega Man,
this unfortunate attempt at Mega Man box art created in the US for the first Mega Man video
game. In Japan, it’s lovingly referred to as US
Mega Man for that exact reason. As you can see, he looks NOTHING like Mega
Man, appearing like a middle aged dude with a hand gun rather than a mega buster, in an
ill fitting jump suit. This spawned a few parody versions of Mega
Man, including in Street Fighter X Tekken, in which the character appears in the Secret
Disk legendary hero from the Mega Man ZX Advent, which continues the joke by calling him a
hero who looks more like a coal miner in a colourful outfit. 8 MegaMan Juno
Mega Man Juno, called Rockman Juno in Japan, is the final boss from Mega Man Legends. He’s the bureaucratic unit in charge of
installations in Kattlelox Island, and attempts to purge all of the humans (called Carbons)
on the island alongside Eden. He has a very robotic personality, calm and
polite on the outside, but strictly following orders and vacant of emotion. Eventually, this does change when he transfers
over into a larger body, in which his rage and desire for violence becomes more evident. The character was locked inside of a sealed
chamber for a least a century. 7 Mega Man? Here we have a character from Mega Man Powered
Up, a 2006 game for the Playstation Portable that’s a remake of the original Mega Man
title. Mega Man ‘?’ Is a boss from the game that
you cross paths with when playing with a Robot Master on it’s own level. Despite looking like the real Mega Man, this
character isn’t; it was created by Dr Wily as a means of impersonating the hero. Mega Man ‘?’ Tries to impersonate the
real mega man whenever you speak to him, trying to convince you to join up with Dr Wily and
him. There’s also some speculation that the character
could be related to Copy Robot; they are both loaded with Mega Man’s data and have the
same voice clips, and they both explode into energy spheres when defeated, despite being
different colours. 6 MegaMan.EXE
MegaMan.exe is a version of Mega Man that appears in all of the Mega Man Battle Network
games, and has even appeared in the Mega Man trading card game. He’s the NetNavi operated by Lan Hikari,
netnavi being short for Internet Navigator. Created by Lan’s father, scientist Yuichiro
Hikari, MegaMan.EXE is quite powerful, and is a skilled virus buster. And to make things even more intense; he’s
actually Lan’s twin brother who had died at birth via a rare heart condition; Lan’s
father used his data to revive him as a NetNavi. He’s incredibly loyal, even to the point
of being willing to sacrifice himself to save them, incredibly brave and hard working. 5 Mega Man ZX Series
This Mega Man comes from the Mega Man ZX series (hence the name), and is a specific type of
Mega Man; a type that can activate a Biometal and perform the Megamerge. They’re also known as Chosen Ones. So for context; the Mega Man ZX series debuted
in 2006 on the Nintendo DS, and takes place 200 years after the events of the Mega Man
Zero series, in which there is no longer a difference between humans and Reploids, with
the ‘humanoids’ becoming the norm. Man and machine.So in other words, they’re
the Mega Man versions of the future. 4 Mega Man X
Mega Man X, commonly known as X, is the Mega Man protagonist of the Mega Man X series. He’s the first robot to possess sophisticated
technology and behavioural adaptation, all based off of designs created by Dr Light. He’s able to make his own decisions without
an limitations, and possessing sophisticated reasoning capabilities. The scientist who found X, Doctor Cain, was
never able to fully analyze X’s system code or other internal systems to better understand
his functions, but he was still able to use X as a precursor to every Reploid created
afterwards, making X a proverbial father of sorts. But despite that, when Dr Light was alive,
he feared that X may not have any moral programming to dictate his actions, potentially making
him a threat to the world. So he sealed X away into a special capsule
in order to test his systems and ensure that he could determine right from wrong; a process
that would take over 30 years, and Light would not live long enough to see the results of
his testing, leaving a warning on his computer in his lab to anyone who may come across X. 3 Mega Man Volnutt
Volnutt first appeared in Mega Man Legends, and has been featured in a slew of other Mega
Man games since. Once upon a time, he was known as Mega Man
Trigger, a purifier unit on the synthetic planet of Elysium. He’s a character who is seen to have lived
two very different lives, something that makes him unique compared to others who have been
Mega Man. As Volnutt, he doesn’t like fighting, and
sees conflict as a last resort. He’s a Digger in search of adventure, too,
and develops a deep bond with Roll, who clearly has romantic feelings for him. 2 Shadow Mega Man
Shadow Mega Man has only appeared in one game; Mega Man 9. He is an enemy that appears in Plug Man’s
stage, and looks identical to Mega Man except for his slightly more sinister colour palette. He runs faster than Mega Man, but can’t
jump as high and can’t shoot, yet is still incredibly difficult to kill, which causes
Mega Man to resort to tactics of trickery in order to prevail. This includes tricking Shadow Mega Man to
run into spikes or off of ledges, something that can be considered a delicate maneuver
since those two things can also be the end of Mega Man himself. 1 Rockman Shadow
Rockman Shadow is a character who has only appeared once outside of Japan, in one of
the Mega Man comics from Archie Comics. Aside from that, he’s a character who strictly
exists in the canon outside of North America, and is the leader of a group called the Dimensions. He’s also a baddie, and is the boss in the
game Rockman and Forte Mirai kara no Chosensha (which is a pronunciation I definitely just
butchered). He’s first seen attacking Symphony City,
aiming for both humans and robots. Mega Man, or rather rockman, is eventually
able to defeat him with rockman shadow admitting that he was a failed prototype that was abandoned. He’s killed, and Mega Man buries him; something
he’s only done with one other character in the entire franchise. There we have it friends! What other variations of Mega Man should have
been on our list? Once again, major shout out to our friends
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