Top 10 Comic Book Characters With No Origin Story

Welcome back, nerd squad. In today’s list we are going to take a closer
look at characters who don’t play by the rules of comics. Most comic book characters have a story, a
place they came from, where they grew up. They have an explanation revolving around
why they do what they do, that established their philosophy on life. All that good stuff. Sometimes these origins also revolve around
how they got their powers, often times that event is what inspires our characters to perform
heroic deeds or turn to a life of crime. But not all characters come with this insight,
this explanation. Some characters are surrounded by more mystery,
we don’t know who they are or why they do what they do. We just know they do it. Today we will be looking more closely as these
mysterious characters in comic books as we count down the top 10 comic book characters
with no origins stories. Alright, get ready to delve through some best
kept secrets as we get counting. 10
Power Girl So the interesting thing about Power Girl
is we both know a lot about her character and backstory but also nothing as it keeps
evolving and changing and getting retconned. She has been presented with a bunch of different
backstories, none of which have seemed to be able to stick, from an ancestor of Superman’s
and Supergirl’s, to the Earth-Two version of Supergirl, to being related to Atlantean
sorcerer, Arion. The comics even make fun of this scenario
when Psycho-Pirate shows all of Power Girls different origins to her, in an effort to
make her insane. 9
Phantom Stranger We know almost nothing about this heroes origins. And I mean with a name like Phantom Stranger. What would expect? All of his suspected origins are pretty much
tied to religion with one even presenting him as a fallen angel refusing to take a side
between heaven and hell and as such being forced to chill on Earth for eternity. Yet there is also one that poses that he is
the last entity left at the end of the universe. Scientists study this death of the universe
and the Phantom Stranger comes to them, warning them not to interfere. He gives a part of himself to a scientist,
causing a new universe to be born and he himself to live on in the scientist who becomes the
new Phantom Stranger. The classic debate of science vs religion
lives on in his mysterious origins. 8
Runner You might start to notice a theme here, the
older a character is, the more likely the history of their origins are lost to time. The same can be said for Runner. He comes to us from Marvel and is said to
belong to the Elders of the Universe. If you are unfamiliar with the Elders of the
Universe they are basically all heroes who rumoured to have been around since the Big
Bang and are virtually immortal. They are survivors from other races who has
lived an insanely long time. Which is what makes controversy out of what
we do know of Runner. We know he is a member of the Elders, meaning
he must be very old. But he has also claimed that he is 5 billion
years old. That is pretty old but the Big Bang is said
to have happened 13.7 billion years ago… Which either means that Runner is a surprisingly
young Elder or that he perhaps isn’t one at all. 7
Faora Faora Hu-UI is a character we were first introduced
to in Action Comics issue 471. Created in the 70s, she is a villain who would
later disappear from DC in the 80s after dying but then almost immediately be reintroduced
to us. Every iteration of her since her first has
had a more flushed out backstory but when she was originally introduced she was a villain
with no motive. All we knew was the she was a criminal from
the Phantom Zone was a “man-hater” that had killed over 23 people and ran a concentration
camp filled with Kryptonian slaves. Why she felt this way about male Kyprtonians
and created the concentration camp were reasons that were never explored in her initial introduction. Nor was much of her motive delved into for
why she attacked metropolis. 6
Morg One of the heralds of Galactus, Morg was a
court executioner from an unknown planet. Nothing is known of his life before he met
Galactus but we know whatever it entailed it made him very indifferent to the death
of his planet. He shows an air of defiance to Galactus in
regards to his own personal demise that impresses Galactus who makes him a his herald after
suspecting Morg might be just what needs being so amoral, after so many of his former heralds
had suffered from a crisis of conscious in serving him. The Power Cosmic that Morg received from serving
Galactus was the cause of his death three times over. 5
Sky-Walker This is a character who we get a brief glimpse
of in Daredevil vol 1, issue 128. Known only as Sky-Walker or Starron, a mysterious
fellow who absorbs some cosmic energy so that he can create star-steps and walk to his homeworld. Which seems like a pretty intense idea, especially
since he declares that from Earth his homeworld is but a tiny pinpoint of light in our nighttime
sky. Which means it’s pretty far away. I’m all for getting in my daily steps but
that seems like it would take awhile to walk. Even stranger, he says that he must get home
to his love who is presumably on his homeworld yet he also says he was born on Earth and
has lived here for 600 years but that it is not really his home. And the planet he has never visited is more
home to him than earth. Unless his love is also his home planet and
they are one in the same? I don’t know. We never see this character again in the comics,
leaving so many questions unanswered. 4
Stranger I don’t know exactly why but aliens plus Marvel
usually equals mystery. Such is again the case for this mysterious
character, Stranger who is known as a Beyonder in the comics. Nothing is known of his backstory truly as
nothing has been solidified in the comics. Stranger mostly wanders around being an awesomely
powerful cosmic being who consistently bumps into other beings in the Marvelverse both
on earth and in the cosmos, leading him to pop in a quite few stories. He has interacted with Thor, the X-Men, Adam
Warlock and the Eternals. More notably he created the living planet,
Ego and was the person behind Battleworld when he adopted the mantle Beyonder, pitting
Marvel characters against one another and making them fight. 3
The Skeleton This DC villain was rumoured to be connected
to Batman. The Skeleton first appeared in Batman: Gotham
City Secret Files and Origins issue #1. Unfortunately the writer who created them
left and this character was never able to be fully developed. All we knew about their backstory was that
he was someone who claimed he had known Bruce Wayne from a young age and under the guise
of Skeleton was plotting to take him down. The gender of the Skeleton was also never
even confirmed as this villain could adopt the identity any other villain they so choose,
thereby keeping their true identity very secret. We’ll probably never get to know who this
character is or why they were so determined to defeat the Bat. 2
Deadpool While we may have a pretty clear story when
it comes to how Wade Wilson got his powers, his origins beyond that is a little muddled. Wade seems to struggle to actually know who
his parents were or where he came from often going back and forth between two stories. One of his potential childhood origins involves
a mother who was addicted to shopping channels after his father left abandoned them. Wade apparently ran away from home so his
mother wouldn’t have two spend her money on him. We are also shown a family home that he supposedly
left in Canada with his parents still living there and his room empty but it is unknown
if this is even his real origins or not as Wade seems unable to recognize it. 1
The Joker Probably a character who has had the most
origins stories ever. The Joker has before expressed that if he
has to have an origins story, he would prefer it to be multiple choice. He has been presented as a character who turned
to villainy after one real bad day. In the Killing Joke, he’s presented as a failing
comedian with a pregnant wife to support, who helps a team of criminals in order to
support his wife and their unborn child. While the crime is taking place; however,
he is told that his wife and child have died. Distraught, he tries to get out of playing
his part, which involves him standing in as a mock version of supervillain Red Hood but
it doesn’t work. When the Bat appears he panics and falls into
a vat that leaves him disfigured with his skin bleached white and his hair turned green
and this bad drives him to madness and chaos. Most of his origins involve him appearing
as the Red Hood and falling into the vat but beyond that his origins varies dramatically. In House of Hush, he is a young foster boy
who was kidnapped by a criminal gang after his part in their criminal plot was put to
an end by the Wayne Medical Research team. He was kept abused and molested once he disappeared
and later got revenge on the man behind his abuse years later as the Joker. And beyond that there are many many more origins
story for the famed villain. Thank you so much for watching, nerd squad. I hope you learned as much as you could about
the origins of these characters, mostly that they don’t formerly exist. Or that they exist in too many forms for us
to know which one is true. Who is your favourite character of mystery
in comics? What origins stories would you give to some
of the unknown characters on this list? How do you feel about comicbook origins stories
in general? Do you think they are necessary? Let us know in the comments below. And while you are on your way down to the
comments remember to subscribe, like, share and ring our bell so don’t miss out on any
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