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Top 10 Dumbest Super Powers You Didn’t Know Beast Has

Hank McCoy is a hero who is sometimes overlooked
when it comes to the X-Men team despite him being a member of them superheroic mutant
crew since their very first issue in 1963. Why is this? Likely because although Beast is strong and
dextrous with a genius intellect, the brain and the brawn so to speak, his power set is
also super confusing, conflicting and has changed so frequently throughout his character
development that it can be hard to fully follow, depending on when you started reading about
him. Today we’re going to take a closer look
at some of these odd changes to his character as we count down the top 10 dumbest super
powers you didn’t know Beast has. Or in some cases has had. If you love the blue bouncing Beast who tries
to remain sweet despite his pull to the feral, be sure to give you this list a thumbs up. And be sure to stick around till the end of
this list where I will have some bonus content coming your way. 10
Temperature Resistance The crazy thing about this power isn’t so
much that it exists but that it appears to have always existed. Even before Beast had his iconic fur he was
resistant to cold. A fur coat makes sense for this but his randomly
being cold resistant doesn’t really make a ton of sense without it. Although this is also back when Beast also
had an insane healing factor and could heal from almost injury, similar to Wolverine or
Deadpool. A temperature resistance makes sense for a
furry character who would be insulated or even a character who is known for their endurance. However the weird carry over of this power
as Beast has changed over time, just feels strange and a bit too convenient. 9
Magic In the 2016 series of All New X-Men we see
Hank turn from scientific pursuits to those of a more magical variety. What makes this fairly silly is his sort of
resentment and disbelief surrounding magic as he specifically attempts to use magicks
himself. It was a weird exploration of his character
when writers decided to incorporate a bit of magic into his world as Hank has always
been known as a man of books and maybe of fantasy in a more romantic or literary sense
but certainly not in a magical superpower sense. 8
Handy Feet One of the powers that I have always found
to be both silly and useful is Beast’s enhanced dexterity. He can use this skill in combat to turn himself
into a skilled acrobat, dodging blows, stealthily leaping across rooms, gracefully landing where
he is needed and helping in the fray to defeat the enemy. But he can also use this skill to perform
menial tasks with his feet. Why? Well usually because he’s busy reading. He’s used his feet to type, pour liquids
out of beakers, and even once used them alone to fight as he was trying to read during the
instigation. How one could truly focus on both, I can’t
even comprehend. I guess cause of his enhanced intellect? Or maybe he was just like me when I try to
multi-task while reading, and he was stuck reading the same sentence over and over without
it sinking in. But he just didn’t want to admit it. 7
Telepathic Resistance The weird this about this power is that it
never seems to be fully explained. Some mutants train to get this and others
just seem to possess a “natural” resistance to telepathy. Beast appears to fall more into the second
category. Cause, you know, you can’t be an X-Men unless
you have some level of telepathic resistance. So it seems. However Beast’s resistance is kind of dumb
because he’s not that great. It basically just means he is not openly vulnerable
to telepathic influence but when up against a powerful or potent or if someone can use
his fears, like Cassandra Nova did against Beast, his resistance quickly breaks down. So this power is kind of a dumb one cause
it’s just not that useful. After all the X-Men are more often dealing
with powerful telepaths, not low-level ones. 6
Giant Hands and Feet! Originally Beast started out as a normal-ish
looking man, with large hands and feet. Visibly this appeared to be the only super
thing about him. Granted he was also super strong and agile
and speedy at the time as well. While looking mostly normal this weird feature
that seemed to come along with his mutation and powers was an odd one. Namely because other mutants with similar
enhancements to speed, strength and agility don’t seem to share it. I know not all mutants are the same. Trust me, do I know. But still it was a weird trait to give Beast. Especially when you would expect someone with
large hands and feet would be more clumsy than dextrous. Yet Marvel decided to go the opposite way
with it. 5
Doesn’t Need to Sleep Apparently having his form change from ape-like
to more feline-like not only stole a digit from Beast but also changed his sleeping patterns. He mentions this during Astonishing X-Men
volume one, issue 25. The issue starts off with Beast singing and
we follow him until he runs into Xavier Institute student, Armor aka Hisako Ichiki. She reminds him of her threat to shave Japanese
obscenities into his fur while he sleeps if she caught him singing again, which she has. Hank answers the threat by sharing with Hisako
that he no longer really needs more than two hours of sleep a night. This might be a useful one for being pulled
into a fight in the middle of the night or needing to keep watch but also just seems
like such a random superpower to have as a byproduct of an outward change to physical
appearance. Especially considering many cats I’ve interacted
with seem to be pretty sleepy creatures. 4
Minor Pheromone Manipulation Sometimes heroes have powers that we rarely
get to see in action and these are the powers that always blow me away. For Hank one such power is his ability to
secrete pheromones which make members of the opposite sex become attracted to him. While it has been mentioned in a copy of the
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, X-Men edition from 2004, we have yet to see
Hank really utilize it. He has had a fairly active love life and Abigail
Brand who has been a longtime love, has even expressed an interest in starting a family,
but it’s more likely that it is simply Beast’s personality and soft blue fur that have caused
women to fall for him. Not his use of his pheromone power. Unless there is something we don’t know
and Beast is maybe just a master manipulator. 3
Secondary Mutation This is apparently the power and ability we
have to blame that Hank has undergone so many changes over the years. He developed a secondary mutation as a result
of consuming his serum which he sought to protect from being stolen, and caused him
to enhance his mutation permanently. Long term it is suspected that this has continued
to affect the evolution of his mutation, causing him actually to also continue to change, and
awakening within Hank recessive genes in his dna, which have caused him to revert to a
more animal-like appearance. He’s like a two evolution, embodying the
strengths of those we evolved from and the advancements of modern man, shown by his advanced
intellect. This becomes a bit silly though when you realize
it means he went from ape to cat because of this and who knows where to next. 2
Claws and Fangs This addition to Beast’s physique definitely
makes sense as it came with the change of his appearance into a more Beast-like and
ape-like state. But it’s still kinda silly. Mostly because Beast doesn’t really use
either. The juxtaposition of his calm and curious
nature with his Beast-like physique and features makes a lot of beast related powers and assets
feels kind of misplaced cause he doesn’t really like to connect with them or utilize
them. The same can be said about his long claws
and features which typically end up as just ornamental and used by writers to make Beast
feel like even more of an outcast than he already does. 1
Animal Instinct Hank might view this trait as a weakness oddly
enough but I would argue that it’s not a weakness because it makes him stronger. It makes him do things he would not normally
think to do, it makes him hesitate less. He would likely be able to apprehend more
villains than not, catching them off-guard with his sheer speed, strength and focus. I mean he also might kill them but they’d
be stopped at least. But Hank fears his animal side which alienates
him from it and causes any instincts he taps into to be rebuked as opposed to embraced. Really I think he just needs to take a page
out of Wolverine’s book. Tap into his instincts and let go a little
bit more. Facing his fears would only make him stronger
I think and eventually give him more control over a power that could be utilized. Thanks for watching, nerd squad. I hope you enjoyed this list. What are some of your favourite powers of
Beasts? What do you think is his most ridiculous ability? Do you prefer his blue fur, grey fur or non-fur
self? Let us know in the comments below. And speaking of comments, it’s time to turn
to some comments from one of our latest videos, top 10 super powers that you didn’t know
Mystique had. Itachi Hyuga comments, “Apparently, she
has the ability to shape-shift her clothes as well.” Indeed she does. Isn’t that a freaky fact? And how does she take them off in movies,
right? It’s just really weird when you start to
focus on it. Star! Says, “A minor power she also has is being
able to make pockets in her body to hold objects.” That’s a great point. Also the idea of skin pockets even if they
look and feel like clothes kind of creeps me out. What if you forgot you had something in there
and while shapeshifting accidentally took that object into your body? I don’t want pens stuck in my thighs! That sounds gross and uncomfortable. I guess you could just shapeshift them out
but ick. Also I love how you were all so obsessed with
her clothes-creating power. Lol. Awesome. Glad I could make you ponder. And that’s all the time we have for comments
today. Be sure to comment below for a chance to have
your words heard at the end of a future list. This has been top 10 nerd and I’m your host,
Amanda McKnight, reminding you to say nerdy, YouTube.

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Dumbest Super Powers You Didn’t Know Beast Has

  1. I think with some of these entries it was somewhat of a reach to call them dumb. Some of these are useful.

  2. Him needing less sleep has less to do with superpowers and more to do with a high intellect often smarter people sleep less

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  4. Genetically speaking of modern humans there are five types of hominid that we evolved from and the sapiens and Neanderthal are the only ape types there other three were cat like (Egypt) rodent like and bird like

  5. Right away I don't understand how yall/You consider some of these powers as "dumb" for Beast to have while being cool for others to have.
    You simply sound like a hater of the character Beast.
    The idea that someone has a power and is "low-level" when using it, means it's a "dumb" power for them to have, is ludicrous!
    Sounds a lot like someone saying, "because this person/meta/mutant has powers other than what they're known for, those other powers are dumb".
    Love this channel but really dislike how this video was presented. 😒

  6. Please if it's possible, can you do a list of top ten superpowers you didn't know Iceman has? Iceman is one of my all-time favorite X men characters along with Kitty Pryde, Wolverine, Rogue Storm, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler

  7. Amazing would be beast have a tail like cat or a monkey maybe a tail like nightcrawler too. Awesome t-shirt Amanda McKnight

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  9. Beast needs a short series where another mutant tries to evolve him as far as they can, just to see what he'll become; or perhaps one where he spends time with Feral-Class mutants and finds a way to fully unlock his animal instinct and become more comfortable with it, thus evolving him more. Beast is a very cool and versatile character.

  10. I think you completely missed the point of his character.

    He's a genius, philosopher and academic trapped in a beasts body.

  11. If he starts as ape then monkey then lemer then fish that's all I can think of but man ape fish that ain't good

  12. Those weren't dumb powers, especially considering the concept of the character. This list should've been called: Top 10 Noteworthy Powers Beast has… or something along those lines

  13. I feel like this channel is a bunch of poser nerds that no one really cared for disguising themselves as actual comic nerds just because it’s on the surface a no brainer. This channel is lame.

  14. Henry Phillip McCoy is the fictional example too never judge a book by it's cover. He is awesome and COOL. Next too Ororo Munroe AKA Storm who is number 1. First being the best and most POWERFUL Black Goddess. She is my first favorite X-Men superhero. Jubilation Lee AKA Jubilee is my second. Beast is my third.Anna Marie AKA ROGUE is my fourth. And Remy Le Beau AKA GAMBIT is my fifth.

  15. I was almost scared of beast when i was a kid. I first grew too like him because he is different. That ocean blue fur is cool.

  16. whoever is directing this girl. Can you tell her to be more patient? She comes off like an animatronic character in a cheap theme park. Make her smoke a joint or something

  17. I feel as though mentioning Handy feet and Giant Hands and Feet redundant. I think they where going more for a Big Foot/Sasquatch kinda vibe with his design first with the Big Feet but that was a little too average so they changed it to Prehensile/Ape Feet.

    An ability I believe you forgot is his ambidexterity, his ability to use his hands and feet simultaneously for different tasks. So he can Read two books in two different languages with either hand, Do chemistry with his feet and cook a gourmet meal with the other simultaneously.

  18. Let's see let's see beasts superpowers….. Handfeet! What else, what else….. Hands, AND feet? Yeah that works.

  19. I usually really enjoy these, but holy hell did you miss the mark on this one. Its like y'all don't really get Hank's character.

  20. The Beast's powers have changed over the many years his been the Beast the blue fure is the first but I think his had the ability to alter his appearance then he has cured his mutation then regain the beastly nature on and off the powers his acquired has changed but it basically the same well sometimes there's been two beasts the second is the Dark Beast and he evolved into a Savage beast so more animated and bruteish and more powerful the our favourite mutant but so did he for a while he turn a darker blue then dog like? I always wondered could Beast shape shift it was strange but he has werewolf like abilities and though not a werebeast is his mutation not affected by his emotional side or you have mentioned supernatural so can that affect him a tiny bit?

  21. So Amanda I would like to meet you someday and just talk about all the different changes and powers that multiple heroes and villains go through in comics.

  22. Telepathic Resistance – due to him being more in touch with his primal self, even tho he is very civilized, his inner feral instincts protect his mind from telepathic probing. It's not perfect, a strong telepath can break through by scaring the primal part into submission.

  23. You forgot the most interesting "power" he has, no one comments on his wardrobe choices. He could be walking around in a speedo and no one will bat an eye or even pay much attention to it.

  24. Beast is number four on my list of ten favorite Marvel heroes. Misunderstood, yet very effective in a battle.

  25. I miss ape Breast.
    Who like ape Beast or cat Beast more?
    Who would you rather have on your team Beast ot Sabertooth?

  26. The whole point of Beast is that the Beast-side is a complete contradiction to his super-intelligence. This woman basically wants Beast to be a furry Wolverine, which is redundant and boring. Beast is a highly intelligent scientist, loves science and is the embodiment of self-acceptance. Making Beast grunt, growl and tear things up more would diminish this.

  27. I luv Beast 💙
    He doesn’t need to fear his animal instincts as you said, but use them to his advantage. And he doesn’t need to manipulate his pheromones, he’s a big sexy beast! Especially just coming off the bench!

  28. I feel like you completly missed the concept of this character…like, REALLY missed it..the genius genteel X-Man with a BEASTly appearance/powerset

  29. In the early 1990s I pitched a new Beast power with some concept art that was a bio-electric power that worked at close range or skin contact. I thought it would be cool to add a new visual effect for Beast in comics and I do have some of the prototype art somewhere that I sent them. No bites from Marvel, but somebody might have spun the ideas into Bedlam and this was before Street Fighters' Blanka. Yet my suggestion is the shocks could manipulate synapses and nerves. I thought it could make him super powerful and entertaining.

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