Top 10 Galactus Shocking Facts

Galactus is a Marvel villain of cosmic proportions. Quite literally; the Devourer of Worlds goes
around and consumes planets in order to satisfy his hunger, all with morality thrown to the
wind. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Galactus
first debuted in The Fantastic Four issue 48 in 1966, starring in a three issue story
arc that would later be known as The Galactus Trilogy. Since then, Galactus has made some momentous
appearances in the Marvel Universe, becoming one of the top rated villains in the comics. So today, we’re counting down our picks
for the Top 10 Galactus Shocking Facts; tidbits of interesting information concerning this
gigantic big bad, and how he’s affected the comics over the years. 10 Biblical origins
Let’s start off this list by taking a look at the inspiration behind Galactus. After the Fantastic Four had been circulating
for almost five years, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby decided to work on a new antagonist for the
quartet, someone who had a god like presence. According to Lee, “We felt the only way
to top ourselves was to come up with an evil doer who had almost godlike powers. Therefore, the natural choice was sort of
a demi-god, but now what would we do with him? We didn’t want to use the tired old cliché
about him wanting to conquer the world. There were enough would-be world conquerors
in the Marvel Universe and in all the other comic book galaxies. That was when inspiration struck. Why not have him not be a really evil person? After all, a demi-god should be beyond mere
good and evil. He’d just be hungry. And the nourishment he’d require is the
life force and energy from living planets!” Kirby would also note, “My inspirations
were the fact that I had to make sales and come up with characters that were no longer
stereotypes. In other words, I couldn’t depend on gangsters. For some reason, I went to the bible, and
I came up with Galactus. Galactus in actuality is a sort of god. He is beyond reproach, beyond anyone’s opinion.” 9 Galen of Taa
Galactus didn’t just become a god out of nowhere. Initially, he was a mortal man named Galen
of Taa, an explorer and scientist from the pre-Big Bang universe. An unknown cosmic cataclysm starts killing
off all of the other life in the universe, and Galan, along with other survivors on Taa,
flee their home planet. Unfortunately, they’re caught in the Big
Crunch. But Galan doesn’t die. Instead, he’s bonded with the Sentience
of the Universe, causing him to change and gestate for billions of years, emerging as
Galactus. A Watcher witnesses his birth, but chooses
to not destroy him despite his need to devour planets whole in order to fill his insatiable
hunger. This makes Galen of Taa the sole survivor
of his dimension prior to the Big Bang, or at least, that we know of. 8 A Villain with a Point
In Alex Ross’ Earth X, we get a slightly different perspective on Galactus; he’s
a villain with a point. While you could argue that in the regular
Earth 616 continuity he’s necessary for balance, in the Earth X story arc, it’s
revealed that without him devouring planets, the universe would hold too many celestials. Turns out that the worlds he was mowing down
on were actually the embryos of new Celestials yet to be born, and if too many of them were,
the universe would come to an end. And Earth was one of those Celestial embryos. By the end of Earth X, Galactus is turned
into a star by the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards, which prompts his wonder child Franklin
Richards to step up and become Galactus so that the universe will never be unbalanced. 7 His Armour
One of Galactus’ aesthetic trademarks is his purplish pink and blue suit of armour. Especially that helmet. But turns out it’s not just a style choice. Galactus’ armour actually contains his power. Galactus is made up of the Power Cosmic, which
is immensely strong; he’s essentially raw energy, and if he wasn’t contained, that
energy could be disastrous. So early on, he learnt to control his power
and, as it describes in the comic, he created an unique body suit which could help him regulate
his awesome energies. So rather than it being a means of protection,
which is the function of most armour in general, it protects the universe from HIM. How did he craft it? Using the same energy he’s made up of, the
power cosmic. 6 The Ultimate Nullifier
Being made up of the power cosmic, there’s not much that can affect Galactus in terms
of weaknesses. He’s often portrayed as an unstoppable force. But over time, one of his biggest fears was
revealed in the comics; the ultimate nullifer. What’s that? Well, back in the Fantastic Four volume 1
issue 50, Reed Richards whips out this piece of tech that’s meant to deter Galactus from
killing the Silver Surfer. Galactus, in shock, tells Reed to put it down,
and that his ‘feeble mind; can not begin to understand its power. According to the villain, the ultimate nullifer
has the means to destroy a galaxy and even lay waste to a whole universe. He then departs, giving up and using dimensional
displacement to teleport away, but making sure to warn the Fantastic Four that humans
should be mindful of their ‘promise of greratness’ to themselves, and that it may be the means
to their demise. The Nullifer wouldn’t return in the 616
continuity until years later in Fantastic Four issue 341, with Galactus using the Nullifer
to end his own life. 5 The Infinity Gems
The Infinity Gems, or stones as we call em these days, are without a doubt some of the
most powerful objects within the Marvel Universe. Nothing solidified that more than the painstaking
conclusion of Avengers Infinity War. And Galactus once ate them. Dude was hungry! In 2004’s Thanos issue 4, Galactus has set
out on a mission to end his insatiable hunger by collecting all of the gems, but instead
of it solving the problem, it put him up against something much worse. Hunger, an entity, which wanted to consume
all of reality. Luckily Galactus manages to defeat Hunger,
with Thanos’ help. 4 Aunt May
Silver Surfer has long been Galactus’ herald, and the two have had their ups and downs and
depatures from one another over the years. But Silver Surfer isn’t the only character
to have been Galactus’ herald. Yup, Aunt May, Peter Parker’s aunt May,
was also a herald, too, once upon a time. Galactus can bestow the power cosmic to whomever
he chooses, and in 1984’s Marvel Team Up issue 37, he chose May, making her into one
of the strongest beings in the universe. Wild, eh? This transformed her into something called
the Golden Oldie. Initially, Galactus wanted to make the super
powerful Franklin Richards his herald, but Aunt May stepped in instead. And what does she do? She brings Galactus to an intergalactic chef
named Dough Boy who makes him planet sized meals to feed his hunger. And these meals are called Twinkles. May returns to Earth, and Dough Boy becomes
Galactus’ new herald. By the end of the issue, its revealed that
the whole thing was a dream, by none other than Stan Lee, with Lee, Jim Shooter and Danny
Fingeroth, the creatives behind the issue, all waking up. Although according to the Official Handbook
of the Marvel Universe A-Z number 3, this dream reality is actually an alternate reality
in the Marvel universe, named Earth 8417. 3 Cosmic Egg
We talked a little bit about Galactus’ birth after the Big Crunch in one of our earlier
numbers. So now let’s talk about the details pertaining
to that. Turns out Galactus, when he was born, came
out of something called a Cosmic Egg. And who created the cosmic egg? The Marvel Universe’s most powerful chicken,
the Phoenix Force. Jokes aside, after the Big Crunch, the Phoenix
Force was the one who placed Galen of Taa inside of the egg. When Galactus was all ready, the cosmic egg
exploded, which caused the Big Bang. Galactus then went into incubation for hundreds
of years before re-emerging again. The remains of his Egg would later become
what he crafted into his home base. 2 Elvis
Here we have one of the weirder Galactus facts. Marvel has a series of hypothetical story
lines that are called What Ifs. Each of these What Ifs takes a question pertaining
to what if events in the 616 continuity had played out differently, and then tries to
answer them. This one is from What If issue 34, volume
2, a story called What if Thanos changed Galactus into a Human Being? And who is that human? Elvis Presley! Well, sort of. He was transformed into an Elvis lookalike. Luckily for Galactus, Adam Warlock shows up
and saves the day. The issue also contains a bunch of other comical
what if stories, with its cover reading ‘what if no one was watching the watcher?” Which looks a whole lot like a nice little
jab at DC’s Watchmen, released a handful of years prior to this 1992 issue, based on
the font chosen. 1 His Form
Perhaps the most intriguing fact about Galactus is that no one has ever seen his true form. According to the comics, Galactus is not a
being in the absolute physical sense, but rather, a force of nature, and each mind that
views him struggles as best as it can to perceive that ‘unguessable force and an image it
can comprehend.’ This was brought to readers attentions when
Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four was put on trial for resurrecting Galactus, and it
was revealed that each race out there in the galaxy perceives Galactus differently. Humans see him as a gigantic humanoid man. And in his one time cinematic adaptation back
in the Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer we see him as a different form; a large sentient
cloud, rather than his big ol purple armour, which was arguably an attempt to convey this
or make him more ‘realistic’. As you may recall, it was a bit of a bummer,
but from a production standpoint you can guess why the filmmakers opted out of using his
typical form, although it did feel like a cop out, and the film probably would’ve
been better without it. Plus, fun fact, jumping back to one of our
previous numbers, his armour; it changes too to the viewer, although he’s always wearing
some form of armour and some form of a helmet. So despite Galen of Taa having a form that
resembled a human, Galactus, as a cosmic being, is ambiguous, and entirely subjective to ‘lower
sentient lifeforms’. There we have it friends! Which of these facts about Galactus surprised
you? Which ones did you already know? Give us a shout about your thoughts in those
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