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Top 10 Marvel Superheroes Batman Should Team Up With

Batman doesn’t always like to operate alone. In fact for someone you would peg as more
of a loner, Batman seems to prefer teams quite a bit. Although when you’re as prepared as Batman
is, it kind of inherently makes you a great leader and often a good role model for other
heroes just starting out. Cut to his long-standing role as leader in
the Justice League and his father-like persona when it comes to his Bat family. Today we’ll be looking outside the world of
DC though when it comes to other characters who might do well with some of Bruce’s guidance
or at least might be entertaining to watch when it comes to Bats trying to teach them
something as we count down the top 10 Marvel Superheroes Batman Should Team Up With. And you might be surprised as DC and Marvel
agreed with us fans on some of these “should”s so some may have even already happened. Joining me in finding out which as we get
counting. And be sure to stick around for some bonus
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top 10 central and show some love by giving them a sub if you haven’t already. Without further ado, it’s time count. 10
Doctor Strange Why is this mash-up so appealing? The same reason I enjoy watching Batman and
Zatanna together. This idea of Batman needing assistance with
something of a more supernatural nature. And the idea of mortal human detective based
in cold hard reality mashing up in a scenario that requires his skill but has just enough
mysticism sprinkled in to warrant Doctor Strange’s involvement. I would love it if these two went on some
kind of spiritual ghost hunt together a la the early Doctor Strange days. Or maybe the two could meet at some kind of
meditation retreat and both get called into action and have to team up? Another idea for the two would be to have
Doctor Strange of earth 616 teamup with the vampiric Batman of earth 43. It wouldn’t be the first time Doctor Strange
has worked with or against the undead who call themselves, vampyre. During the Montesi Formula story arc, he teamed
up with vampire detective Hannibal King and Blade, working to defeat Dracula himself. Another idea is the arcane arts come to Gotham
in the form of a villain who is experimenting with magicks. Maybe Black Mask or maybe Calendar Man is
no longer posing a stage magician as he did during his debut in Detective Comics issue
259 but has become a real one? That could be a fun kind of adventure. And Doctor Strange answers the call to help
as Zatanna is unavailable. 9
Iron Man Both are billionaire playboys. Or at least appear to be. Batman might not be too impressed to find
out that Tony isn’t simply playing a part when it comes to that side of him. Still while Batman might not agree with Tony’s
lifestyle choices, both characters are known for their brilliance and for their obsession
with control and ability to plan ahead. And this might be enough to make them a strong
team up. Tony after all was the instigator behind Civil
War one with his superhero registration act. He has since learned the error of his ways
but still tends to be quite lawful when it comes to his views. Meanwhile Batman is suffers from borderline
OCD and paranoia when it comes to being prepared and as such created contingency plans for
all of his fellow JLA members only to have them fall into the hands of Ra’s Al Ghul and
be used against his teammates, forcing him to apologize to the team. Neither is a known killer and both heroes
prefer to trust in the system when it comes to vengeance and justice. Plus, we all know we would want to see Batman
get his own Iron Man suit, complete with little metal bat-ears. 8
Spider-Man I mean you knew he was going to be on here,
because who wouldn’t want to see just about anyone team-up with Spider-Man? The crazy thing is this dream team has already
happened. The had a one-shot teamup in 1995 with the
comic, Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds. But it’s been 20 years since the two have
shared the pages of a comic book and I think it’s about time we make this happen again. Besides, we have to have Black Cat and Catwoman
join in for this team up. As cool as Carnage and Joker were together,
I’m personally more interested in seeing a caper story where Catwoman and Black Cat team
up for some good ol’ fashioned thieving and Spider-Man and Batman have to put a stop to
their dangerous femme fatales. 7
Black Panther These two together would truly be some of
those most teched out. I know what you are thinking, but what about
the Bats and Iron Man team up, I suggested earlier? Yes. Those two would also have a ton of tech, but
Black Panther comes from Wakanda and as great as Tony’s tech might be, not even Stark can
beat the tech coming out of Panther’s homeland. Black Panther and Bats also have a similar
look and sometimes a similar fighting style. Though I would say the Batman is the sneakier
of the two. 6
Iron Fist These two are both skilled martial artists
who I would love to both see duke it out and then combine their skills to take down a big
bad. I think Iron Fist could even give Batman more
of a run for his money than any other hero from Marvel who he’s taken in hand to hand
combat. I’m imagining Bruce joining with Danny in
an attempt to take down the League of Assassins or the Hand. Seeing them have to take on someone like Lady
Shiva or someone like Taskmaster could also be super interesting. 5
Jessica Jones I think Batman would feel a lot of respect
for Jessica Jones. The two could team up on a case together,
maybe they were both tracking the same perp for different reasons. Or maybe Bruce decides he wants a fresh start
and decides to live under an alias as a private PI of his own and the two end up as rival
detectives, competing for cases. But these two are bound to do well together. And it never hurts to have Batman team up
with someone who has real superpowers, in case they run into a threat to large for Batman’s
planning. Or vice versa. A problem that can’t be crushed by Jessica’s
super strength and needs Batman’s help in terms of locating that perfect weak spot. 4
Daredevil Two costumes that are designed to scare with
one that might possibly more terrifying than the other. I’ll let you battle out in the comments as
to who you think I’m talking about there. Both are masterful investigators who civilian
personas act as wealthy citizens during the day and are sometimes known for their playboy
tendencies. These two are both brutal assailants, with
a belief in justice and a policy for not killing their enemies, just beating them senseless. Two that we would love to see on a murder
case. In fact we already have. These two have teamed up twice once in 1997
in Daredevil slash Batman, Eye for an Eye and again in 2000 in the sequel, King of New
York. You know a teamup is good when it happens
again, that soon after. And seeing as how it’s been almost 20 years,
I figure were due for another team up of these two different, yet similar heroes. 3
Captain America Considering that Batman is best friends with
Superman, is anyone surprised that many would love to see Batman and Captain America team
up? In fact, it shouldn’t be because these two
did team up in 1996 accompanied by their own sidekicks. This comic was more a sidekick swap than anything
though where Batman ended up with Bucky and Cap ended up working with Robin to take down
Red Skull and Joker. Or in the end really just Red Skull as Joker
himself defected from the plot after finding out he was working for
a nazi. The two also crossed paths in an Avengers
and Justice League crossover where Batman actually decided to call a truce while fighting
Cap, realizing that in Steve Rogers he had found a fairly even match to his abilities
and that the fight was really pointless. I’d love to see the two of these strong superheroes
come together to protect not just the earth but the universe against some kind of cosmic
threat. Maybe Galactus or Darkseid and Thanos who
end up some how working together. Cap and Bats make too good of a team and it’s
been too long since we’ve seen this pair together! 2
Nick Fury Both are known for always being prepared. And both are super sleuths who pride themselves
on knowing what’s going on at all times, even when we think there is no way they could have. Remember that whole ordeal with Jezebel Jet
and Batman? She revealed it was all a ruse and then he
revealed he knew it was a ruse and he was also performing a ruse on her. And we were all like what? If you knew, then why…? Anyways. Nick Fury and Batman would also likely complement
one another in terms of the way they approach going about their business and getting the
job done. Both are focused and serious. It could be cool to see Batman be recruited
by SHIELD in order to help with a special ops mission and then go in with Nick Fury. Or maybe the two would both be leaders of
a team out on the same mission and just run into one another, see the value of each other
and then team up. That could be cool. Secret agent Batman! 1
Deadpool In the Spider-Man/Deadpool team-up comic,
issue 6, we see Deadpool and Spidey talking about superhero movies. The two end up attending a spoof version of
Batman v. Superman when they watch Nighthawk v. Hypserion: Yawn of Boredom. They take turns after the viewing pointing
out everything wrong with the film, the lack of motivation and the obsession with thinking
five films ahead instead of simpling working at all towards make the film a standalone
success. I would love a teamup that casts Batman and
Deadpool in a similar vibe and turns this joke back on Deadpool himself. DC might not be down as it also kind of makes
fun of the Batman v. Supes film itself but the punchline would be the Deadpool is actually
the king of nonsensical fights in the comic book world. He frequently ends up tussling with Wolverine
for no other reason than he can. But whatever story DC and Marvel chose to
explore with these heros, just the two characters sharing a page would likely be a treat. Batman could play the perfect straight man
to Wade’s crazy. And I’m sure both would drive one another
up the wall. And keep in mind Deadpool isn’t easy to frustrate
in a team-up. He’s usually got too much pepp in his step. But if anyone can annoy Wade, I’ll be it’s
Batman. Thank you for watching, nerd squad. Who do you think has a more frightening get
up Daredevil or Batman? Who from the Marvel world would you like to
see Batman team up with? Do you think there are any Marvel villains
that he could be persuaded into working with? Let us know in the comments below and speaking
of comments, it’s time to turn to some comments from one of our latest videos, Top 10 Superheroes
Who Became Gods Part 2. Jose Ortega commented, “Amanda looks like
she can gain God Level Super Powers. Beware her might.” It’s true. If I get my hands on that Phoenix Force, y’all
better watch out. It would probably corrupt me. So much power! In what way would you like to get god powers
if you could? Robert Spears says, “I would like to see Miles
Morales or Gwen Stacy as Captain Universe or maybe bring back Ben Reilly and make him
Captain Universe.” That sounds like it’s doable. I mean if Aunt May can get cosmic powers and
become Golden Oldie, I’m sure these other alternates could find a way to get that sweet
sweet enigma force. I’d really love to see Miles become Captain
Universe. And that’s all the time we have for comments
today. If you want a shout out, be sure to leave
a comment below. And while you are on your way down there,
remember to do the thing, Zhu Li . And by that I mean, like, sub and ring that bell! Please and thank you. Till next time this has been top 10 nerd and
I’m your host Amanda McKnight, reminding you to stay nerdy, YouTube.

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26 thoughts on “Top 10 Marvel Superheroes Batman Should Team Up With

  1. Batman would probably find a way to get Deadpool from going even more crazy or cure him from his cancer and looks.

  2. Spider-Man and Batman had a sequel in 1997 where Batman came to New York because Talia wanted to start a partnership with the kingpin

  3. Batman and Daredevil team up again in trying to end a ninja war between League of Assasins and The Hand.
    Blade and Batman could work together against Man-Bat and Morbius The Living Vampire or Dracula and Cain…or they team up against Vampire Batman of Earth 43

  4. Caps stamina would probably outlast the Bat, but Batman could probably end the fight quickly with gadgets or planning.

  5. 10 Marvel heroes Batman to team up

    1. Captain America
    2. Wolverine
    3. Daredevil
    4. Spider-man
    5. Black Widow
    6. Scarlet Witch
    7. Black Panther
    8. Hawkeye
    9. Thor
    10. Ghost Rider

  6. Just throwing this out there for a what if special… Batman and Amanda team up the dark knight and the ravishing red… fighting crime and doing it in style…. ohhhh yeaaaaah

  7. I would love to see a spidey batman and Black panther team up. Also Amanda’s just love your quirky personality and a wonderful energy you have. You are amazing

  8. BatMan/Spider-Man happened TWICE. The first was to fight Joker and Carnage. The second was to fight Al Gul and Kingpin.

  9. Batman costume would be scarier thanks to the Cape. Daredevil is the better character though.
    How about a Shang-Chi team-up against his Dad and Ras?

  10. Gotta agree with others and go Moon Knight. But only for the reason for Bruce to see someone who isn't all there and question if maybe he might be the same way. ( like dressing as a bat wouldn't be a big enough clue)

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