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Top 10 Super Powers You Didn’t Know Cable Had

Welcome back, nerd squad! The Summers and Grey family has always been
a bit of a mess. There are tons of alternate future children
between Scott and Jean. And on top of that there is cloning to worry
about. When Mister Sinister is obsessed with you,
apparently you can just expect your family tree it become a little chaotic. However this all started with one very important
time traveling infant, young Nathan Summers. Nathan was born to Jean’s clone and Scott. He was then almost sacrificed to demons by
his mother and later would be kidnapped and infected with the techno-organic virus. In order to save his son, Scott agreed to
send young Nathan to the future. And that child would stay and grow up in the
future to become Cable, a super soldier time cop whose own timeline is probably one of
the most confusing as it involves an unprecedented amount of time travel. Being a time traveller from the future but
born in the past and stemming from a couple of the most powerful mutants in comics, Cable
is an omega-level telepath and telekinetic mutant. But what else should we think of when it comes
to Cable’s power set? Today we’re going to answer that question
as we count down the top 10 super powers you didn’t know Cable had. If you love timey wimey nonsense as much as
I do, show that love by giving this video a thumbs up. And be sure to stick around till the end of
this list where I will have some bonus content coming your way. Alright, let’s get counting. 10
Techno-virus Both a blessing and a curse. At one point Cable was almost completely turned
to metal and cybernetics because of the techno-virus ravaging his body. While making him look like a kind of cool
terminator which does seem awesome, we actually discovered in Earth X, if the virus ever completely
took hold of Cable of it would reduce him to a giant metal face. However there are also some plus sides still
to the techno-virus that has warred within him, such as increased durability and strength. He’s also even used the metallic parts of
his body as a sheild. So while his metal form may seem all downside
as going full cybernetic would mean death, the fact that the techno-virus is part of
the left side of his body, making him a cyborg, means that he also sees some benefits as well. Basically Cable is best when he is part cyborg
but not full cyborg. 9
Healing Factor While he might not be immortal, Cable is definitely
durable. Whenever he is depowered his healing factor
seems to fade somewhat and we usually end up with an older Cable. But as long as his powers remain intact, not
only can Cable stave off aging with his healing factor but he can also be shot to smithereens
and still manage to walk away. 8
Teleportation You might think, wait a minute, but I know
this about Cable already. He’s a time traveller and his body slide
ability and device obviously permit him to teleport throughout space and time. But did you know that Cable is also capable
of doing this without his device? When you think about it teleportation could
be seen as telekinetic power or ability. After all telekinesis is basically altering
an object or molecules without physically touching it, you’re moving it with your
mind. And Cable is an omega level telepath so moving
his molecules to a different space or time with just his mind should be possible. He actually likely doesn’t need his device. In fact Nate Grey who is basically an alternate
version of Cable without the techno-organic virus is capable of this and I would argue
that a Nathan Summers, who didn’t have to waste energy battling the techno-organic virus
with this telekinetic powers, would be able to as well. After all Nate Grey is like a version of Nate
Summers with all the wrinkles ironed out. 7
Get Out of Jail Free Card For awhile in the Marvel universe, it was
believed that Cable was behind the death of Charles Xavier. It turned out this wasn’t true however when
the culprit turned out to be Cable’s evil clone, Stryfe. Which did help to explain why Cable looked
so guilty. Having a near identical evil clone usually
doesn’t make you look good. Unless everyone knows you have one. When you think about it, once the cat was
out of the bag and people knew about Stryfe, it almost seems like Cable could get away
with whatever he wants now. Stryfe is so similar that it was be easy for
Cable to commit dastardly deads and just blame it on him. Who farted? Uhg it wasn’t me, it was Stryfe. It just looked like me cause you know he’s
my evil clone. 6
Adamantium Claws In Ultimate X-Men, we get to see a Cable who
becomes future Wolverine. No wonder those two are always at odds! Maybe it’s because in the end they are just
too similar. This version of Cable came with a healing
factor and he has one arm complete with a set of adamantium claws. I’m not sure we can actually quite count
him as Cable as he does go by James Howlett and his backstory resembles that of Logan’s
as well. But he looks more like Cable. And I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to
share with you a version of Cable who has adamantium claws. Cause he just looks so cool! You might be wondering how he has a healing
factor but only one arm. This cable is not plagued by the techno virus
but lost his arm after having his healing factor stolen by Apocalypse. So he couldn’t regenerate it when Apocalypse
ripped it off. 5
Illusion Creation While Nathan Summers has become a force to
be reckoned with in his own right, I feel like people often forget where he came from. While he has the techno-virus and time travel
and a lot of his own stuff going on, he is still the biological son of Scott Summers,
aka Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, Jean Grey’s clone. Beyond that Jean also has her memories altered
so that she actually thought of baby Nate as her own child. And when she and Scott reunited they even
raised him together for a time. And then they also kind of continued to do
so in the future, at least their own consciousnesses did. In essence Jean Grey is also basically his
foster mother. So it shouldn’t be surprising that he is
capable of some of the powerful feats that his mom is. One thing that both seem to be capable of
is creating illusions. Cable’s almost appear holographic in nature
and he can use this to alter his appearance or make it appear like objects or people are
there when they are not. 4
Force Fields Being as powerful of a telekinetic as Nathan
Summers is, he can also create powerful force fields. He can use these fields to shield himself
or others. And can even control the shape and size of
them very precisely, even keeping one tight against himself, tracing his own shape with
the force field so that you would likely not even notice it. When you add this to the general durability
granted to him by his cybernetic, techno-organic virus affected half, he becomes almost unstoppable. Almost. 3
Kill His Own Consciousness When Red Skull threatened to take over his
mind, using Quicksilver. Both hereos had worked together on the Unity
Division. When Quicksilver attempted under Red Skull’s
influence to violate and control Cable’s mind, rather than surrender, Cable simply
wiped his mind free of his own consciousness. A strange but useful power in this coincidence. And an impressive and brave feat. Of course without a consciousness, Nathan
was left in a permanent coma. Until Synapses was able to use her brain wave
manipulation abilities to restore Cable’s consciousness to him, in essence healing him
and waking him up from his coma. 2
Precognition Cable has been depowered, repowered, healed
and infected a number of times throughout his very confusing timeline. But did you also know that he has had his
powers not just vanish but also change? In the Cable and X-Force series, Hope Summer
realizes that future her messes with her father, Cable’s powers and ends up giving his post
apocalyptic predictions that also happen to be killing him as his powers are destabilizing
and his brain is basically overloading. Fortunately this ability only continues to
last for awhile as past Hope aims to make things right and fix her father. 1
Change Size When it comes to Cable he really can take
his powers to the next level. Proving once again just how powerful of a
telekinetic he really is, we see in the Soldier X series that is appears he can even use this
ability to alter his size, becoming giant. And if you thought a regular sized Cable was
insanely powerful and strong, just imagine what he could do in giant form. It’s unsurprising that people flee in terror
when they see him as a giant. Thanks for watching, nerd squad. I hope you found this list informative and
learned some new abilities that Cable has possessed. Who is your favourite time traveling superhero? If you could travel to any time, which one
would it be? Who do you like better, Nate Grey or Nathan
Summers? Let us know in the comments below. And speaking of comments, it’s time to turn
to some comments from one of our latest videos, Morbius Trailer Explained. Jack comments, “Remember when he had suction
cups on his hands to drink ‘plasma’?” Omgoodness. Do I? Good ol Spidey cartoons for the win. Can’t scare the children now can we? Hahaha. Fortunately, it looks like the film won’t
be pulling any punches when it comes to all the blood drinking that Morbius normally does
in the comics. Psycho ConcreteSledge says, “Hope Leto’s
Morbius is better than his Joker.” I mean I think Jared Leto suits the character
of Morbius better so my fingers are crossed that it’ll all work out and he’ll rock
it. Also this is Marvel. And I just have more faith in them when it
comes to live-action films and shows. I think they’ve earned some trust. And that’s all the time we have for comments
today. Be sure to comment below to have your questions
answered and your thoughts shouted out at the end of a future list. This has been top 10 nerd and I’m your host,
Amanda McKnight. You stay nerdy, YouTube.

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96 thoughts on “Top 10 Super Powers You Didn’t Know Cable Had

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