Top 10 Superheroes Who Were Given Their Powers

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back to top 10 nerd today we’re looking at superhero origins but with a twist. There are lots of iconic ways to get powers,
born with them, accident, radiation bitten by something most likely full of radiation. Mystic energy you name it but some of these
heroes were given there powers like here you go. Some however are given their powers be it
as a gift or intentionally or out of necessity but these powers come with a bit of a different
weight because of that and the way their wielders process them varies as well. Number 10 – Silver Surfer – The silver surfer
was the herald of galactus sent ahead to announce the devourer of worlds arrival the way he
became a herald was part of his tragic backstory. The silver surfer had been Norrin Radd he
first appeared in Fantastic Four #48 in 1966. He was from the planet Zenn La when Galactus
came to Norrin’s planet he pled with him to save his lover and world and in the process
pledged allegiance to Galactus and would help him find more worlds to eat which is pretty
awful he has a change of heart when he comes to earth and is convinced of the error of
his ways and actually turns on galactus becoming a hero. This was a tale that actually evolved as a
surprise because Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had been writing using the marvel method which
means that Lee would add dialogue after and the plot details and things were kept vague
it evolved as written basically so the silver surfer was a bit of a surprise in how much
he evolved from first appearance as guy literally surfing the galaxy. Number 9 – She Hulk- The she hulk was created
in 1980 as a way for marvel to secure the copyright and trademark she was introduced
as Bruce Banner’s cousin a criminal lawyer. She was Jennifer Walters and when bruce met
up with her she ended up being shot by criminals trying to shut her up so he had only one option
to save her life an emergency blood transfusion. So he tourniqueted himself and got to work
the thing is his blood was infused with gamma radiation so in the process he transferred
some of his hulkness to her. When angry or stressed she would become the
she hulk and she loved it viewing it as a gift it was a way for to have a physical strength
to match her mental ones. She got her powers and ran with it lawyer
by day and superhero by day and night woo! Taking names. Number 8 – Donna Troy – Donna Troy has had
many origins and retcons and that has altered her origins. So she was created by accident when a writer
got confused after looking at wonder woman covers and seeing a teen wonder girl and assuming
it was another character when really it was deaged version of wonder girl who wonder woman
fought crime alongside to prove to the comics code authority that she wasn’t a lesbian. So when donna troy got an origin as a solo
character which would happen years after her debut in the teen titans she would be an orphan
that wonder woman saved from a fire and her powers were given to her by the amazons who
shot her with a purple ray that they had on paradise island which was usually used for
healing. Wonder woman’s home was called paradise
island before the name was changed to themyscira. Donna troy would then go through a series
of reboots and retcons which would leave fans confused she currently has a bit of a fusion
origin good times. Number 7 – Wolverine – Wolverine is one
of those people where the powers given were not voluntary and also cruel as you could
argue she hulks wasn’t voluntary either. Wolverine was part of the weapon x program
where adamantium was forcibly bonded to his skeleton which took hold firmly as Logan formerly
James Howlett had a latent mutant healing ability. He would also have his mind messed with and
his memories largely erased, Wolverine had a long journey towards curbing his anger and
becoming a hero but his adamantium claws would prove to be an asset you know except for that
time Magneto ripped them from his body which fair play he’s just not doing it again out
of courtesy and because Charles wiped his mind after and then that created Onslaught
yikes. Number 6 – Drax – Drax the destroyer was
Arthur douglas the crash kills his wife but his daughter survives and is adopted by thanos
and later becomes moondragon. His spirit is captured by Mentor and the Titan
god Kronos to combat thanos and he is given a new name and purpose drax the destroyer. After Drax recovers his memories he spends
years searching for purpose a quest that for a time palced him on a more villainous bend
but he would eventually embrace his mission to destroy thanos and work amongst heroes
to do so, it helped when he was reunited with his daughter moon dragon as well. The family that fights thanos together stays
together. Drax has been added to the guardians of the
galaxy modern runs in order to align with the mcu and create horizontal brand synergy
in the hops that fans will move from film to comics a move that happens more in reverse
and with kevin feige head of all marvel including comics at the time of this recording get ready
for a lot more decisions just like that. Number 5 – Kon el – aka Superboy aka connor
kent so he is a clone created from superman’s dna and le luthor’s for awhile it was some
humans and then lois’s but lex makes the most sense and is the only canon I want to
live in. He was given his kryptonian powers because
of the process and for a while wouild struggle with whether he was good or not. In the teen titans arc where he went evil
he went bald like lex it was a time. Connor has had a few iterations and the 90s
version with his side belt and 90s glasses has returned with a vengeance he occupies
an interesting space since clark had a son who was hyper aged in space and returned as
a 17 year old who is now superboy. This was so dan didio could ensure that superman
didn’t have a together domestic family unit cause that’s boring why would you want your
heroes to be happy there can be no conflict there. That was a thing that us adults call sarcasm. Number 4 – Captain America – Steve Rogers
was part of the super soldier program he volunteered aqnd was given his powers to serve America
empowered by the super soldier serum he has super strength increased reflexes and muscles
that never need maintaining cause even when he loses the serum which happens periodically
he still has them. What steve serum will allow him to do varies
such as can he get drunk or not you decide if he snorts drugs will he stay high for a
week yes, but he can still turn into a werewolf. It’s an interesting life being Captain America. Steve would be the only person initially to
get the perfected super soldier serum as the scientist responsible would be assassinated
moments later. Cap actually had a pretty good transition
from Capsicle to silver age not all propaganda pieces can be molded as he has been though
mileage varies how do you feel about Cap let me know down below. Number 3 – Deku – That’s right my hero
academia the entire premise between Deku’s character arc is him being chosen by his hero
all might to have his trait one for all even though he himself was one of the rare children
born quirkless meaning without powers. He is gifted the powers because all might
sees that he has a heroic heart and will value the power in a way that those born with quirks
couldn’t. It’s really heart warming this shonen has
depth people. It also set up intense rivalries between him
and other students as they wonder just what did he do to be worthy of all might’s praise
cause they don’t know about the power transfer so they have all these theories like is he
his son? My hero is such a good manga and show yes
I watch anime and read manga too. Number 2 – Green Lantern – Hal Jordan – Hal
Jordan was a test pilot when his life changed he was selected by the green lantern ring
of dying alien abin sur who sends his ring out to seek his successor it seeks a man with
the ability to overcome great fear or in early days has no fear which is actually a condition
but it’s fine and so hal Jordan is selected and thrust into a world he had no idea existed. The thing with green lantern is that the lore
has grown a lot as it has gone on things that will be commonplace now but were added over
time like the corps itself all the different races, other earth lanterns. Hal having traits, that wasn’t salty he
just developed a bit more overtime. Still the ring was just given to him and that’s
a lot to be given such responsibility and to embrace it pretty heroic. HalJordan is the silver age green lantern
the golden age green lantern alan scott found a mystic green lantern hence the name the
silver age lantern would have a lantern to charge his ring. But way more focus on the alien space angle
and no purple in the costume. Number 1 – Shazam/Captain Marvel no I won’t
let it die. Billy Batson has a pretty iconic origin, he
was selling newspapers when he saw a person who looked shady going into the subway. So he followed him and that subway takes him
to a magic cave where he meets a wizard who embues him with the power Shazam that was
also the wizard’s name back in the day it fills him with Grecian powers the wisdom of
Solomon the strength of Hercules etc and the cool ability to turn into an adult superhero
by yelling his name Shazam. Which is now his superhero name because of
a convoluted history involving being sued by DC folding as a company being bought by
them and then having to deal with a battle with Marvel who at that point had their own
captain marvel character also that story is one that people like to use for cred so if
they feel that you missed something they will all like omg what a fake nerd I can’t believe
you wouldn’t explain this for a whole half hour allow me to add another stone to the
bottom of me pedestal. All ima say is hot air rises. Wow I’m a human salt lick today and while
talking about billy of all people sweet billy. He deserves more than my salt he has the best
given powers tho just like here you go you’re magic and not murdered hooray.

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