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Top 5 Whacky Facts About Freishia B | Whack

So here on the Whack I keep getting lots of
messages, whether its my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and the Whack page. People are asking
a lot of funny questions about me. They’re like who are you? What do you do? Where do
you come from? Who cares?! But since people have been asking about me,
what I thought was “Let’s have a little bit of fun.” Here are my top
5 Crazy Whacky things about me! So I have pins, in my shoulders. Both of them. I basically suffer from Hyper
muscular disorder where my muscles and my ligaments are so lose that my joints dislocate
all the time. And my shoulder dislocation got so bad that they had to pin me up. I got
3 pins over here and I got 2 pins over here. No, airport alarms don’t go off every time
I walk through them. So I pretty much travelled to like every continent in the world. Yay!
Check that out. And the last two places that are on my wish list are Russia and Antarctica.
Just can’t wait to explore that. Now the only reason is coz A- I’m a pilot’s daughter.
B- I host a travel show and I just love, love, love travelling. And because of that I have
cracked the travel code. I know how to check-in really fast, which is kinda really simple.
I know how to make sure that my bags come out first, I’m not telling you just yet.
And I also know how to make sure that I get served my meal first. So I’m gonna tell
you how you can do that. When you web Check-in, all you need to do is go into your meal
preferences. Don’t choose the basic veg, non-veg. Try and choose anything under that.
That’s like a little offbeat and just watch, the air hostess is gonna come and give you
your food first. You don’t have to wait and watch her from far serving everybody making
her way to you. I love it when that happens. So I come from a pretty relatively cool family.
Atleast they’re like really cool in my head. My aunt, Frene Ginwala worked very closely
with Nelson Mandela and she fought side by side with him for the freedom movement. She
went on to hide him in her house, whole bunch of things, get arrested a number of times
and finally she did become the first speaker of the South African parliament. And I think
that’s pretty cool right and doesn’t she look awesome with her white fluffy hair? Also,
my grandfather went to start the first port trust here in Mumbai and he also was a freemason.
Even today I have all his certificates and the guide books on how to become a Freemason.
If you don’t know what a freemason is, shame on you. Check it out. It is kinda really cool. So I’ve been shouted at by Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan when I was very very young
and the only reason that happened is because Aamir khan used to live right outside my school
and he had just come up with his film and all of us were really young, so we used to
stand under Aamir khan’s window and keep yelling his name and one day in the afternoon
he just came and blasted me and the same thing happened with Shahrukh Khan as well. He used
to before he became famous and he moved into that massive bungalow that he lives in, he
used to live in a normal building and his building happened to be opposite my best friend’s
building, so we used to keep standing on her terrace yelling “Shahrukh Shahrukh Shahrukh” and
one day he just came and he yelled at us and he was like “Guys come on,
I’m trying to sleep.” So when I was really young I was trying to look for ways to try to make
money. I used to read about these Archie comics and I came across this concept of baby sitting
and being a Nanny and all of that. So Varun Dhawan’s parents lived in my building. They
stayed on like the 5th floor and I went up to Lali aunty and I was like can I babysit
the kids and she was like no Freishia we have servants to do that but what you can do is
teach Varun math. So yeah, when I was really young, in school I taught Varun Dhawan three
plus two equals five. So that’s it from me, about me now I’m just gonna shut up
about me, coz I hate talking about me. This has been really interesting while we made
it through 75 mosquito bites and things like that. If you like the video, you know what
you’re supposed to do, I would love to always hear from you in the comments section. There’s
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the Whack page, let’s not forget that. Till then, welcome
to the tribe, I’ll catch you again very soon. Ciao!

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87 thoughts on “Top 5 Whacky Facts About Freishia B | Whack

  1. i like ur name….,, really hat ke…
    and things u told us abt u… is really amazing
    specially as a varun dhawan math tutor role 😛

  2. how do you manage to convinced airport security about pin in your arms when alarm goes on. it must be very irritating every time.

  3. … and here i am spending around 5k bucks on every domestic flight that I board. By any chance your dad is planning on adopting a new kid into your villa just let me know 😛

  4. Really impressed with this video….the most interesting one amongst the ones I have seen so far. Your Aunt Frene Ginwala is a real hero…hats off to your aunt!
    One final thing…you are so adorable…would be really cool to date you.

  5. Aunt ,the 1st speaker of south African parliament and Grandpa a freemason,,that is really cool.
    Dont mind the less views,we love u so much

  6. woooww !! I never usually watch these kinda videos , but I'm glad I did , canyou tell more about port trust , I live there , would be awesome to know, ,also I'm soooo proud o you

  7. in the past week, I developed a huge crush on you, watching this video made me realize how unrealistic it was 😂😂

  8. this is so cool! ur the reason Varun knows has a modicum of mathematics in his grey matter …you would actually be a great teacher !

  9. ഒരു ലുക്ക് ഇല്ലെന്നേ ഉള്ളു ഭയങ്കര ബുദ്ധിയാ…

  10. Hey Freishiab, I've viewed almost all of your videos but this is the first comment that i am posting . I do enjoy watching your videos bcoz you totally rock ! Love the way you connect with your audience, i'd love to follow you on all the social media but i am not on any any social media. CHEERS team WACK !! You doin a fabulous job 🙂

  11. So what have u educated or graduated in… and is there any main stream career u follow apart from whack which is the best thing…… yar i share many thoughts with you. I love the idea of awarness u creat from main stream media. I have a dream i dnt know i can do it or not but yeah funds is the main issue.. if u can manage to pass thru funds issue why dnt u open a main stream tv channel in india.. educational, reaches to masses and like foreign channels acknowldege the countries rich flora fauna, wildlife, history, art, archeological wonders and about other countires history. It could be the best thing happened to our indian youth who rely on school books and that too are tampered with wrong info every now and then. Internet is still a luxary in india but a tv channel on general topics will be affordable to all and with no politics involve gov will not have a problem. Teaching about rich past and ecological projects, our rivers mountains organic farming, better diet and healthy cooking programs, solar energy crash courses. Vertical gardens, indian tech inventions or contestes like we have in UK robowars. I mean i am just amazed with what could be achieved but yet struggle to give it a physical form. After surabhi on DD netwrk i dnt think we had any knowledagble program. Plz read and think about this idea if u can …

  12. I like that you have the South African connection and that you are proud of it.  It IS something to be proud of!  Keep up the good work.

  13. WOW! That was so cool knowing u! And with the pins that u have in u shoulders u really r very strong ☺Looking forward to 2nd part 😇

  14. You're from such a legendary family! A pilot.. a political army man.. last but not the least, a great speaker and a socialist none other than YOU!!!😊😊😊 feeling blessed to have a fantabulous channel like Whack on youtube!☺

  15. damn… smart… sensible…. awesome….wants to learn everyday… kindly lemme know where i can find a person even relatively close….🙇🙇

  16. Ma'am you have a great talent,, actually I can't comment on your post but I do watch every your video and they're pretty good…
    I have learned a lot of things from you..
    And remember, you are awesome..

  17. well please contact me for your illness issue I have a better remedy please buy these from me u would get to recover…….

  18. You forgot the fact about u of being part of "Cambala Investigation Agency" or "CIA" which was aired on pogo channel few years back😊

  19. Freishia, you might have got only allopathic treatment which is just 200 years old. Why don't you try SIDDHA medical treatment by a Varma Aasan like say, S. Gobalakrishnan of Coimbatore phone 8883883303/ 9894285755 or someone like siddha doctor Seethambaram of Velloor Phone 9942286775. Siddha is about 15,000 years old practised by Ancient Tamils of Lemuria. Their charges will be only a fraction of Allopathic treatment, in my opinion 1/10th and no side effects. Free masons are devil worshippers (illuminatis) like Bush, responsible for the death of Kennedy.

  20. If you are in the public domain then you become public property.
    Yes people ask all these questions because THEY ARE STICKY BEAKS !!!

  21. I don't care, who you are
    Where u from, what u did
    As long as u love me baby.

    This is a track from back street boys.

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