Toy Haul – Birds Of Prey, DC Multiverse, Funko Chase, NECA Predator, Marvel Comics, Horror & More!!

hey guys mio supersolid thank you very
much your name so in this video guys we’re gonna be looking at all the
awesome stuff we’ve been sent and we’ve received um there’s a lot here to look
at so we’ll go through them one by one and we’ll talk through it and we’ll se
what we’ve got coming up cuz obviously these will all get reviewed on the
channel guys this is gonna be my this is my first this is my first haul since
Christmas right I think my last of the whole video was the Christmas haul yeah
it must have been yeah the Christmas Day haul and then we
did Boxing Day I did I had a Boxing Day hole so yeah this is the first this is
the first official haul of light of 2020 wow we’re officially starting 2020 with
a bone so some awesome stuff guys on some great deals to let you know about
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let’s get into the hall so the first thing I want to share with you is an
awesome deal right now over a pound lungs pow wonderful things look at all
these foods a big heavy bag so remember these bad boys the DC bombshells this is
series 3 is one of the latest ones with the Joe Curran these aren’t my old guys
and these are our markdowns just 1 pound each so I’ve got 15 of these to opens I
hopefully get a whole set I already have the Joker cuz I got by in a geek box a
while ago like I was looking together Joker but I would love if I
could get Harley Quinn Starfire like from this set the Batman
my life from this Super Girl Power Girl in fact this all of these I would like
in this two mysteries which I believe is Black Canary and bat woman so I’d love
to try and pick those up so I’ve got 15 chances of doing this guys so stick
around I think the silks world jr. is gonna help me do these but she loves
doing blind boxes blind bags so stick around for that guys got 15 of them to
open Wow all the big things guys game store they seem to be the place to pick
up your current pop vinyls for the birds of prey Harlequins next movie the birds
of prey and that fantabulous a massive masturbation of one Harlequin this is
set after Suicide Squad when she’s broken up with the Joker and it’s how
she moves on basically with the birds of prey well I picked up some of the
Harley’s from this collection so we do have the roller derby harlot Harley
Quinn with caution tape the Harlequin and black masks club and
Harlequin and the beaver EMP Daugherty UK guys EMP Dok ruk have got the
exclusive in the UK the one that everyone’s going America with Harley
Quinn and the mullet suicide I believe in America it’s a Targa exclusive over
here in the UK EMP da cunha UK have the exclusivity of that one Smiths haven’t
even got any of these in yes I’m not sure what their exclusives gonna be what
game do have an exclusive a harlot as well and it’s Harlequin would would be
hound with the dog and of course I couldn’t leave this guy behind we’ve got
the chase as well for romance eons so make sure you stick around on the
channel cuz I will be doing full reviews of all of them I’ll be doing an overview
video I’m over I’ll be an overview video here in YouTube where I’ll where I’ll
kind of look at them all but if you want in-depth reviews and look Stewie to do
to a pop vinyl then again instagrams gonna be the place to follow us at
supersorrell and October on Instagram where I’ll be doing individual reviews
for each of the characters and look into the differences between them cuz we’ve
got four Hollies they’re all in different costumes were very similar so
I’d like to see them all side-by-side out of the boxes and see exactly what
they look like so stay tuned for that that should be a good review to do and
of course we’ve got the chase as well which I’m really happy about these two
once I pop them pop the pops the one site No all right guys moving on another Pop
Idol I picked the recently from Smith’s toys
one of the first exclusives of twig 20 again is a Harlequin pop but just in
front from your regular DC good DC Comics line it’s not a part of the new
movie or anything but this is just a regular special edition Harlequin in
this particular costume with the mullet it looks really cool and she’s 301 in
her series collection so again I’ll be doing a full review of her but over on
Instagram that’s where all my pop reviews go nowadays over insta so make
sure if you are a pop Funko fun you do follow us on Instagram because I’m cool
as ice I have no idea so the next thing I got guys I managed to find this but
buy on Amazon but could UK of all places for hair
$23.99 isn’t bad for the predator neck a berserker now this is an echo figure but
it is a part of the new classic series which they’re introducing this year
which is basically a revival of the old Kenner line and these figures are
smaller in scale these are just over five and half inches so kind of in
keeping with their original 4 inch soft scale when I have these is kid throwback
though between four and a half to four and four and a half inches um so yeah
it’s inky with the old school ones and like I said this is the berserker
predator so very very excited to review that I’ll be reviewing that right here
on the supersorrell toy channel so make sure you stick around for that review moving on some of the boxes guys okay let’s break this one out of the box
I think I know what this one is without some deliveries today it’s got a feeling
I already know what this bad boy it’s come from Capel toys so kapow Tony Zucco
tuk and one of the great places that I love you know it’s going to be lots of
my merchandise depower toys aren’t in demand toys are the two websites that I
used predominantly when clicking on merchandise
oh yes it is what I thought I’m happy now it’s trick-or-treat Sam so
this is Sam how much of your treatment trick-or-treat within the big eronel if
you haven’t seen this movie please go watch it oh my god the box is so shiny
here you and of course guys is based on some I am a big fan of Sam or the
originals tail would be some some heiny prance it is based on solving old urban
legend from what European pagan times about the celebration of Halloween and
the fact if you don’t celebrate some comes and make sure you celebrate hear
the doorbell rings the cries go out strike our tree but wait what’s what’s
actually going on during this goose ghostly All Hallows Eve something
something eerie and unexpected something splattered and spooky something that
brings goals vampires and whales into the night and to the door and a shocking
surprise and waits awesome that again awesome figure right whoo happy days
about that guys oh my god I’ve just into another Royal Mail guy just go up the
street I hope he’s not gonna leave me because I’m not ready I’m still good all
this I’m saying that right actually secretly hope he does have something as
well guys another Kapow delivery today damn there’s been delivered well this is
well packaged got to show you this the port level stoppers on the side of the
boxes to stop the things getting damaged inside really appreciate that Kapow
that’s going the extra mile as that there’s a bit more of a pain to open the
way so we’re guys go to that right bit let’s get it out oh yeah okay
we have six fingers guys it’s the wave of the multiverse that creates Ninja
Batman so I bought this wave for Ninja Batman to be honest it got markdown on
Capella’s websites are about 80 quid for the whole wave so eight quid for the
whole wave is a damn good deal so I picked them up and I will be selling on
the ones I don’t want and so I’m gonna be keeping Starfire Ninja Batman the
rest I’m going to be reviewing and selling on so we have Jon Stewart
it was the DC rebirths the London we have DC’s Black Lightning which again
is based on the TV series never worth that you know whitening oh the lovely
they’re gorgeous stuff I am love the new redesign of Starfire she looks amazing
oh how each review this so yeah DC Bieber stuff I’m Wally West the flash yeah now Wally West isn’t actually the
flash though is it is it a caramel written a long time since ever read DC
rebirth to be honest I’ve not kept up we DC for a long time Nightwing and then finally Beast Boy and of course
he final things that you build the Ninja Batman so I will be reviewing all of
this wave on the channel real soon to stick around for those reviews it’s been
a long time since a brood reach of DC products so I’m happy to finally have
some DC and now we don’t make the box you can get rid so before we move on to
be a comic portion of the video we do have one more thing to show you The Sentinel mutants listen to me page
okay sorry is there page in the background there and this is the you
might you cardig enough we managed to do it darling so this is from hooded toy hunter and
I’ll leave these Instagram handle below who talked on to does M 3d models and
scans of their figures and basically reproduces them and these are this is a
replica of the original Kenna the original toy DS version of The Sentinel
does have a limited articulation but if you’re a collector like me you know that
you need more than one sensible in a collection and this is a great way of
doing it on the cheap so get some other sentinels for the background if you
display you’re gonna want a couple of the proper ones up front they’re fully
articulated to do he poses with but these guys can be just scattered around
the battlefield walking or doing some forms of interaction they like I say the
articulation is very limited on it but it is a very nice indeed it’s great to
have another Sentinel in the collection so full review and compare
coming real soon Cali through that one and then finally guys some reading
material to keep me going over the weekend just so what when’s it to be
eight Smith’s probably I get 30% off a grocery shop through Accardo 25% off all
single greetings cards no thank you so I got a central x-men because it’s
been a long time since I’ve read the x-men universe and I want to catch up a
little bit I don’t know the how a comics in the UK are a little bit behind the
American releases but they do he does gather ups releases so this is an x-men
gold number 33 excellent gold number 34 x-men blue 34 x-men blue 35 and also
essential x-men vol 5 number 22 got mail because it is kind of the continuation
is Scott M it has the younger versions of the x-men still in this one from
x-men blue he does die as blood storm Polaris Magneto and it does have a bunch
of the other ones like magics in here as well so yeah definitely a catchable
wreaths were these x-men comics and then guys one thing that my division is has
had in I thought you guys might find interesting
is the model 80 amazing year’s novel it was $12.99 who’s not cheap but it is
very well made and this is actually neither nice is what I could find on the
shelf that’s one we’re a bit battered which is
dead annoying but it’s fully it goes through the entire history of Marvel so
he’s got the 80th logo there and it starts right back at the beginning the
old days and it goes right through to the modern going over things like the
secret was the spider verses right through to modern-day comics
so for me this was a great little book to pick up to celebrate those 80 years
of Marvel so guys what are your thoughts on all the stuff we picked up today we
still have some stuff outstanding that hasn’t arrived yet
he um is admits to sending us some products as well it’s a big thing new
stuff keeps arriving each and every single day it’s coming up the Toy Fair
so I can’t wait to me over some of these companies at Toy Fair and discuss them
you know what’s coming out in the future so stick around guys and like I said if
you haven’t already smashed subscribe subscribe great way of keeping up with
is making sure you don’t miss out on our content cross fingers everything seems
to be going okay with the whole new copper thing that seems to have died off
everything seems to be going well this year so far we’re only on day 8 but
things can still get better or get worse but guys thank you very much for
watching I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys in the next video
may the force be with you you

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