[Tutorial] Manga-Gesicht zeichnen für Anfänger │ weiblich / frontal (EN subs!)

Hi everyone! Today I’m finally posting the first ‘real’ video on this channel. I thought I would start with something very basic and decided to show you how to draw a face in a manga-style. This video is made for beginners who don’t have much drawing practice or for those who have no experience with this style, so let’s get started! We’re going to need a piece of paper
– I’m using standard copy paper – a pencil, an eraser and a ruler, or even better, a triangle. We start by drawing a cross at the upper part of our paper. Take a triangle or a ruler for help and leave enough space to the sides. Now measure the same length in each direction from the center and mark them with a dot. Connect your dots into a circle. It doesn’t have to be perfect, we’ll just use it as a guideline. If you’re new to drawing, try to make more lines and find the ‘right’ one. Also don’t use too much pressure since we have to erase these lines later on. On the middle line, mark a distance a little bigger than half your circle radius, this is where the chin will be. Now extend the middle line to the end of your paper so your drawing will stay symmetrical. Now draw a line that runs in a soft angle from the side of your cirle to the middle. Stop at the bottom of the circle and draw another guideline. From there on you can draw the chin. Repeat this on the other half to complete the outlines of your face. For the neck measure about half the width of the chin on both sides. Draw a straight verticle line that becomes softer towards the end and continue with the shoulders. They start angled and then turn horizontal. Espacially in the beginning most mistakes arise from a lack of symmetry – so again, use a ruler to make sure you’re staying at the same height. Now you can erase some of your guidelines and start drawing the eyes. To do so, find the center of the head and mark it with a line. Then you can put a dot in the center of both halves and draw a circle around it. If you want to be completly safe, you can again draw a cross first and measure the distances in each direction. That looks a little scary, so we’re erasing the guidelines and start to work on more details. When drawing in manga-style, often the eye shape is not completly drawn. Therefore we start by sketching out the upper part of the eye which is just a curve on top of your circle. The further down the outer end goes, the more innocent the eyes are going to look. A small hook indicates the way to the bottom part of the eye which consists of another slightly bent curve. If the eyes aren’t wide open, the iris should be slightly covered by the eye shape. If you want you can add single lashes or just leave the shape like this. But don’t forget to draw a small fold over the eye by simply repeating it’s shape. Just like that you can draw the eyebrows. Take the center of the circle you drew in the beginning as reference point and start them a little more centered than the eyes themselves. Now make them a bit thicker towards the middle and thinner towards the outer ends. Now it’s time to correct a few things. Take a ruler and make sure everything is symmetrical and has the same distance towards the center and the sides of your face. Correct every mistake you can find and erase all guidelines exept for the one in the center. If everything looks good we can start to add the inner part of the eyes. Add a light reflection to one corner of the eye – just take the same side on both eyes. For the pupil you can repeat the shape of the iris, but don’t fully complete the line. Then we shade the upper part of the iris with a dark to light gradient. Finally we can add more details like small lines pointing towards the pupil and repeat the procces on the other eye. Next up is the nose, which is very easy and just a simple triangle that is placed on the middle line. If you want you can indicate the nostril with a small dot. The mouth will be between the nose and the chin, maybe a little bit higher. Draw a slight curve that is a little bit thicker at the corners of the mouth. I also decided to indicate the bottom lip. In this drawing the ears will be covered by hair, but I’ll show you how to draw them anyways. They start at the same height as the bottom of the eye and end where the nose is. Mark these points at both sides and sketch the ears, which look a little bit like the letter ‘C’ with a questionmark inside – mirrored on the right sight, of course. My character is going to have short hair with bangs parted on one side. For this hairstyle I first mark the point where the hair going to part. Next, I’m drawing the basic shape of the hair. Add volume to the head and make sure to follow it’s shape at the top part. Now erase everything that will be hidden underneath the hair anyways. Just don’t completly erase the eyebrows so you can re-draw the visible parts later on. In this style the hair will be drawn in strands so you don’t have to draw every single hair one by one. Start at the parting of your hair and draw curved and dynamic lines that are pointed at the end. Make sure all your lines point towards the parting of the hair and try to alternate between thick and thin strands so your hair looks more dynamic. Just follow the shape that you’ve drawn before and try make to long, continous lines by moving your wrist. Also remember that strands don’t just lay next to each other but overlap sometimes. Almost done! Now I’m just adding the collarbones which run from the center upwards in a slight angle and I’m also sketching out the cloths of my character. Finally you can remove all guidlines if you haven’t done that before. If you want you can now redraw everything with more pressure or a darker pencil to get a clearer expression. Finally I added some shades by hatching some areas like the forehead or the neck. I hope this video was somehow helpful to you and if you’ve got any questions or feedback just let me know in the comments – maybe you can even share your drawings there! That’d be so cool 😀 I will link my channel introduction video as well as my last speedpaint right next to me, so go check them out if you haven’t 🙂 See you next time! Bye!

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