TWICE(트와이스) “What is Love?” INDONESIANS HONEST REACTION [fanboy edition]

Hi, guys! So we are back again and we’re going to react a girl group Finallyyy! // We’re going to react Twice – What is Love? (You can hear them fanboying…. Lol) So let’s watch it together! The clothes are expensive huh? Um.. those are pajamas tho? Omg Nayeon is so cute Is this a scene from a movie? What is it? Betty La Fea? It’s from Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway Omg she looked like a guy! Actually she’s pretty tho! // Yes, she’s pretty but She’s so boyish – omg Sanaaa Is that Mina? // Yes, she is Oh this one is the headphone scene What is it? // I think it’s from a drama? I think I’ve seen it somewhere but- Is this from ‘Pole Fiction’? Nope I don’t think so, Pole Fiction has no dancing scene Oh is this Tzuyu? She’s pretty but she looks like a robot // Hahaha ‘robot’ tho Oh this is from ‘Romeo and Juliet’! Ah this is so cute, I like it Omg she’s so boyish?! Jungyeeeon Woow cool She’s even more handsome than me… (YES OBVIOUSLY) // She’s like a girl-crush Oh Lalaland was viral right Omg this is so cute tho to see them making some parody of the movies The song is really Twice’s style They have their own vibe Dahyun is also cute (mumbles softly) Sana too (also mumbles softly) Everyone (in Twice) is cute for you guys // But still for me it’s Nayeon It’s really Twice’s style Their camera movement is always the same btw Because there are lots of people Do this MV have a continuation just like what they did before? I don’t think they have it, they’re different MVs tho? I thought last time they had it Was it ‘Likey’? Ohh, they have it last time but it wasn’t Likey. I forgot the title Is this Marilyn Monroe? She’s still pretty with the specs tho Is this ‘Goblin’? No? // Umm idk What movie is this? The themes are different but they have a similar color scheme Wooow she became prettier here Omg she’s veryyyy pretty dude Wow they did the editing very nicely Oh Leooon What scene is this? Okay that was cute Ok so how’s your opinion about it? They looked so happy guys, after reacting on boygroups MV for so long Finallyyy! It’s nice, it’s so Twice ‘Nice’? Only ‘niceee’? Yea but Twice has their own style since they debuted Eventhough you don’t see the MV, you can tell that it’s Twice by listening to the song only Omg but Nayeon (he still can’t overcome Nayeon) He’s a real fanboy… // I really wanted to pull her tooth Omg pulling her tooth?! // It looks like a rabbit-tooth But I really have to applaud their concept It’s so fresh Parody-ing the movies, I’ve never seen them before And they did a lot of movies, not only one But I only know Lalaland I think you need to watch more movies.. They got lots of movies, Princess Diaries, Leon Lalaland… what else? Romeo and Juliet you said..? Got lots of references, it’s nice So overall, from 1 to 10. Score them! 10 for Nayeon 8 for the MV and the song Mine is 8.5 10 for Tzuyu? // 9 for Tzuyu 10 is too much tbh

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