Kaz: Welcome to a new video
Mehmet: hi Kaz: today my guest is …
Mehmet: Mehmet Kaz: My special guest Mehmet will watch with me TWICE Kaz: They released a new music video today – called FEEL SPECIAL Kaz: 3 years ago we did a reaction video to TWICE – can you remember? Mehmet: not really , the name sounds familar
Kaz: ok its a long time ago Mehmet: too long ago Kaz: we watched together the music video KNOCK KNOCK Kaz: today I invited you to watch with me FEEL SPECIAL Kaz: I am so excited, I have seen so many picture and the girls are so pretty Kaz: i am so excited to see my taiwanese Ulti Bias TZUYU Kaz: enough spoken Mehmet:what is bias? Kaz: if you like one member of a group very much Kaz: lets start with FEEL SPECIAL Kaz: this song cames today out Mehmet: how many millions views? Kaz: 6M views in 6 hours already Mehmet: I think till I learn all their names – it will take a long time Mehmet: this outfit is really nice Kaz: especially the setting Kaz: Omg what do you have on your eye- that looks so great Kaz: that looked so retro like Kaz: OMG Tzuyu what do you wear Kaz: what do you have on your head Mehmet: crown? Kaz: she cames from Taiwan She is so beautiful Kaz: and she is from Japan Mehmet: i should do vacation in Thailand Kaz: no, TAIWAN and she is from japan Kaz: she is from japan, too Mehmet: did you recognize the “NOBODY” plate Kaz: the outfits are amazing Kaz: its catchy Mehmet: and the Accessoires fits very well to the outfits Kaz: so glittery Kaz: she is from japan too Mehmet: are they not the same girls? Kaz: isnt she Nayeon? Kaz: I am not sure. Sometimes I cant recognize if Nayeon or Mina Mehmet: some of them looking so similar
Kaz: Noooo Mehmet: ok, not all Kaz: Jihyo is going wild here Mehmet: It’s great to hear that there are also English words in the songs. So you can understand something of the story. Kaz: yes, when they use english words Jeongyeon so pretty Mehmet: Damn, she is nice Kaz: nice bass Mehmet: I think it’s great that she’s the only one with a colorful umbrella. It shows how different they are from everyone else. Kaz: the leader is on fire Kaz: they are so cute Kaz: the choreography is so GOOOOOOOD Kaz: so energetic Mehmet: They have put a lot of effort. Kaz: Twice always shows a perfect music video Kaz: sana hypnotized me Mehmet: I have to drink after that shock Kaz: NICE … I can say. This MV is one of the best Twice videos Mehmet: I loved how they changed everytime the setting/location Mehmet: First there was one in the dollhouse, then one in Alice in Wonderland Kaz: and they are wearing so many different outfits and the outfits were so catchy and nice looking Kaz: you know, we watched last time BLACKPINK Kaz: you must know, that Blackpink and Twice are the famest GirlGroups from Korea Kaz: how do you liked it? Mehmet: it was good Mehmet: lets watch it again Kaz: lets talk about TZUYU … She was so BEAUTIFUL —- I have no words Kaz: especially with the crown Kaz: i felt in love again Kaz: Write in the comments, how you liked the MV and who is your BIAS? Mehmet: and if you enjoyed this video, please like this video … you should know … I am new in that music genre… Kaz: continue to speak 😀 Mehmet: I have to get used into that Kaz: Dont forget to subscribe and comment your request… what Mehmet should watch Mehmet: and maybe you can write some improvement proposal BYE

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