Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Moro In The Dragon Ball Super Manga?

as the new Dragon Ball super manga kicks
off its story by introducing a very powerful and menacing are our heroes in
over their heads and battling against an ancient enemy that can grow using
other’s energy is it possible to see the reintroduction of ultra instinct in the
Dragon Ball super manga against molo if all else fails would it be the perfect
time for ultra instinct to square off against an energy stealing enemy on
today’s video we discussed the possibility of Ultra instant Goku in the
new Dragon Ball super galactic patrol prisoner arc next the idea and concept of morale in the
new Dragon Ball super galactic Patrol prisoner manga art depicts moral in
being at one of the most formidable opponents that not only the mortals have
faced in that residing universe but also the kyochon who had battled against them
ten million years ago many fans within the Dragonball community are seemingly
begging the question as to what is the overall direction for moral going to be
at once he does inevitably cross paths with Goku and Vegeta in battle and
especially after realizing what his wish could potentially be a and with moral
having to be very depleted on energy and very old what does this mean going
forward for the moral character as we enter the brand-new manga chapter and
especially for the arc itself what is going to be the overall direction for
our heroes in order to combat someone like Morel who is unlike anyone they’ve
ever faced before and to this I proposed the idea of ultra instant Goku having to
be reintroduced in the new Dragon Ball super manga arc having to follow the
events of Goku and Vegeta facing off against such a powerful opponent like
Morel if Morel is supposed to be labeled and depicted as the Baughman or Satan of
this story then by default just as we’ve seen prior Super Saiyan blue Super
Saiyan God or anything in between is basically going to be handled lightly by
Morel once he does inevitably have his magic restored and his full powers
intact on the previous video I spoke about how beerus would be a great
deciding factor in seeing beerus versus Morel in the new Dragon Ball super manga
arc however if they don’t go into the direction of having beerus be the
deciding factor in what destroys morale in this story and the only other
alternative to go with if not having to have Super Saiyan blue be the deciding
factor of the story is to have Goku reintroduce ultra instinct once
or and one of the many reasons behind why ultra instinct would be the only
great and only alternative deciding factor in having morale be put down by
Goku and Goku only is if morale goes as far as to deplete Goku and Vegeta of
enough energy to where he not only turns the tides on them but also uses his
influence and magic to further cause them harm we know at this point Super
Saiyan blue is basically useless we saw what Super Saiyan blue is capable
of against merged imasu against hits jiren in the tournament of power and
even in the Dragon Ball super growing movie so by default yes Super Saiyan
blue is a very powerful transformation when compared to Super Saiyan 1 Super
Saiyan 2 Super Saiyan 3 Super Saiyan God however if Goku and Vegeta don’t include
the mastery of the Super Saiyan blue form or the introduction of Super Saiyan
blue evolution or Super Saiyan blue kaio-ken and the manga then at that
point Goku and Vegeta will stand no chance of having to apprehend let alone
defeat morale in a position to where morale is now at full power and if Super
Saiyan blue ends up being tossed aside once more oh does inevitably restore his
magic then what does that mean for Goku and Vegeta going forward it would be far
too soon to see the reintroduction of any of the fusions which include Gogeta
and/or vegeto being that at this current time the only logical fusion method to
go about the situation right now would be the meta Murray’s fusion but after
having to come off Dragon Ball super Rolly and seeing Gogeta versus Broly the
likelihood of seeing Gogeta versus Morro is beyond slim to none a point one
percent chance and seeing that scenario unfold once again especially coming off
of a fusion fight an entire arc previous to this so the only other alternative
method to go about this situation if they don’t end up pulling out the die
kayo from majin buu z’ body and having died kayo majin buu or even beerus being
involved or even giving Goku and Vegeta brand new form is to reintroduce the
power that the gods were feared during the tournament of power now one of the
many reasons as to why this would be essential number one is to see morale as
initial reaction in having to witness a mortal achieve a power in which the gods
themselves have not and only then could we see what the powers of warez magic
would be like going up against a seemingly unstoppable opponent in the
sense to where Goku cannot be touched and we saw how impressive Goku was in
using ultra instinct in both the manga and the anime against jiren and ever
since we’ve never seen it again – Dragon Ball Heroes but even then ultra
instant could be a subconscious state to a Goku taps into it and not realizing
the power had been restored to him but also using that ability encountering the
abilities and magic that moral dishes out against him again it we don’t know
too much about morale but one thing that is established is that morale has no
empathy towards any life form which includes deities and mortals but even
when setting aside the concept of ultra instinct having to battle against a
fully powered moral this gives us the opportunity to see what ultra instinct
can really do especially following the events of the tournament of power ultra
instinct and the power of ultra instinct was only showcased and debuted during
the tournament of power and never showcased following the events into
Dragon Ball super Rolly so what better way to have such a divine power return
than against an adversary that seemingly enough has no weak point especially if
moral magic is supposed to be a something of significant importance that
no other character can get by aside from requesting and assisting the aid of the
die kayo to aid them during the course of this battle if morals magic is that
influential and that powerful then what other way to counteract that than to
have a power that not even the gods of destructions have mastered themselves I
think the concept of ultra instincts should be utilized because what’s the
point of a brand-new quote form if the form was
never showcased following its inception the same thing applies to Super Saiyan
God it took us a long time to see Super Saiyan God be reintroduced in the anime
and in the manga following the events of battle of gods and now the same applies
here with ultra instant having to be showcased during the tournament of power
and not having to follow after this would be a perfect opportunity to have
Goku get beat into a subconscious state to where he reactivates ultra instinct
and carries on from there or they can go down the manga route and have Goku
remember the teachings of Master Roshi and set individuals and reactivating
ultra instinct in the form of a martial art in having to use that as a means to
counter whatever moral does either way the concept of ultra instinct at some
given point needs to be reused in the show in order to solidify its position
and where it stands in comparison to other forms and currently where go goo
gauges in terms of power now realistically as much as people
would not prefer to see ultra instinct anytime soon I think it’s the perfect
time to have Goku tap back into this power unwillingly that way it sets the
stage and later on down the road with Goku having to acquire and mastering
this technique and power as he prepares himself for an eventual rematch against
beerus if they want to go in that direction the concept of ultra instant
cannot be removed simply by writing it off because it was heavily executed in
both the anime and the manga as a technique and power that not even the
gods of destruction themselves have acquired and/or mastered and the only
beings current to our knowledge right now that have any knowledge on ultra
instinct in its mastery and utilization are the angels a good example of this is
lease but the likely would have seen Wiese involved against tomorrow is slim
to none especially seeing the difference in power between wheeze and our current
characters it’s safe to say that if we were to engage against morrow
lys would utterly stop morale and that in and of itself would be a boring fight
however looking at Goku and Vegeta’s Super
Saiyan blue forms it’s safe to say that even their default blue forms aren’t
going to be enough so what better way to introduce a very powerful villain by
having his magic restored and having his full powers resurrected to him than to
have this character beat our heroes down so much so very similar to Jaron in the
tournament of power to where go who subconsciously awakens in this power
within him and using that to his advantage eventually they’re going to
have to come up with a brand new power and or form that supersedes Super Saiyan
blue which currently at least in the anime there is an example of powers
and/or power-ups that are stronger than Super Saiyan blue our super saiyan blue
evolution and super saiyan blue kaio-ken but being that in the manga we haven’t
seen those be introduced the closest thing we have to an upgrade to Super
Saiyan blue is the mastery of Super Saiyan blue in the manga because again
we’ve never seen kaio-ken or Super Saiyan blue evolution be fully adapted
in the manga adaptation even though I do believe in my heart of hearts that
Vegeta is potentially able to use Super Saiyan blue evolution the likelihood of
that form reappearing again is again unknown so I think the only way if you
don’t want to introduce beerus if you don’t want to introduce the Dyk IO or
majin buu z’ abilities and magic against morale the only alternative in defeating
someone like morale is to have a Power greater than Super Saiyan blue in this
case ultra instincts be the deciding factor which puts Morro down not only in
the sense to where Goku would be greater in power but the fact that morale would
try to do everything in his ability to either defeat or obtain the powers of
Goku’s ultra instinct form by draining the life out of him I do believe that it
would be an interesting scenario to see morals magic beep ed up against the
transformation and/or technique that can simply dodge everything that its
opponent’s throw at him as an example of this was seen jiren versus goku of
course Goku is able to dodge everything Jarrell was throwing at him so here
things wouldn’t be any difference however we are fighting
someone that uses purely magic to his advantage so even though theoretically
Mauro may not be on the level of ultra instinct what defines Mauro so far in
the Dragon Ball super manga is not only his power but more importantly his magic
and yes we’ve seen characters that were able to display different kinds of
magical abilities in the past before but there’s something about moral in the
Dragon Ball super manga that’s going to make him stand out just a bit more than
anybody we’ve seen previous in the Dragon Ball Z universe so with that
being said how do we stop someone whose magical abilities supersede any ones
that we’ve seen prior to his introduction which again I proposed the
idea if they don’t want to use a concept such as beerus and having to be
introduced as a main point in the story and going along the routes of
introducing a different character to be the hero of the story then I do believe
the only other option to go with here that would make sense especially if
Morel is supposed to be that powerful when it comes to strength and magic is
to reintroduce ultra instinct by the end of this I want to get your thoughts in
the comment section below what do you guys think about the concept of ultra
instinct is it too early to introduce in the manga and in the show when it sort
of be an illogical concept for them to add in especially having to have ultra
instinct we appear now or do you guys agree that ultra instant would be a
deciding factor in this battle considering the fact that morale would
be a very formidable opponent so why not have the transformation formidable
enough to combat such a being let me know your thoughts in the comments
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