Vegeta Learns Instant Transmission, NEW Transformation Or Technique In Dragon Ball Super Manga

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said let’s begin with Dragon Ball super manga chapter number 50 now officially
in the history books many fans within the Dragon Ball community are left
wondering why does Vegeta want to go to Planet yard Dredd after initially
retreating in his battle against Morel and not taking the approach of siding
with Goku in leaving via Instant Transmission but instead having a
different goal in mind now oddly enough there was something very interestingly
said from Vegeta that came within the actual chapter itself and that was when
Vegeta referenced and I quotes forget Instant teleportation we Saiyans pride
ourselves on physical might and nothing more a warrior race has no need for
fancy parlor tricks and yet I’ve been reduced to this as just prior Vegeta
also went on to say to himself stupid magic spells stupid God power implying
that in this fight against Morel there is nothing that Goku and or Vegeta can
do initially to penetrate morals defenses especially if Morel
continuously sucks the power out of their bodies which is exactly what Morel
ended up doing during the course of their battle against his prisoner army
which is eerily similar to what Morel had done during the events of Dragon
Ball super manga chapter number 43 Dragon Ball super manga chapter number
44 and Dragon Ball super manga chapter number 45 as he went along to
subconsciously take Goku and Vegeta’s power without them even knowing as we
saw in Dragon Ball super manga chapter 50 Goku and Vegeta kept regressing in
transformations and going from super saiyan blue to super saiyan god back
down to super saiyan 2/3 to super saiyan 1 and then base and being that Vegeta is
now very cognitive and very aware of what’s going on he has a different plan
in MA but the question is why yard rat now a
lot of popular fan theories are going around that Vegeta wants to go to Planet
yard rat to learn instant transmission to which of course if you guys have not
checked out my Dragon Ball super manga chapter number 50 review in that video
itself we take a look at Vegeta’s demeanor and how he expressed himself
when Goku offered to use instant transmission so in taking that and
correlating that back to what Vegeta could want on a planet yard rad instant
transmission is far from it as a matter of fact one must beg the question why
would the cheetah want to gain instant transmission now and not prior think
about that all the times all of the years he could have had instant
transmission under his disposal in using instant transmission against cell using
instant transmission against majin buu using instant transmission against
spirits the universe six fighters during universe six versus universe seven
tournament Goku black Samus emerged a muscled hell even during the tournament
of power and against Broly all of those opportunities and all of those chances
that Vegeta had in learning instant transmission he never once thought that
he would need annoyed that he wanted but why now which is what leads me to
believe that I don’t think that Vegeta is going to plan at yard grad simply to
learn the instant transmission but instead I do think that the reason why
he’s going to plan a yard rat is to learn a specific technique now remember
the yard rats are known to be a race of beings that are very highly intelligent
when it comes to utilizing specific techniques so I do believe that the jito
could be going there for one of two things either a a technique in learning
how to counter against morals magic or be a technique and/or ability that
preserves the power and/or godly abilities that Vegeta has without it
being taken by Mauro which go to work in Vegeta’s case being that in the upcoming
manga chapters we can only assume that Mauro is going to battle against Goku
and the dye kayo next and we know that based on the narrative going forward it
looks like Vegeta is crafting his own while Goku and the dikaya are going to
be doing their own thing and it’s safe to say at this point that the die kayo
and Goku may not be successful in their attempts of taking world down which is
why I do believe at this point that Vegeta is going to be the ace in the
hole that inevitably leads to Morel either being recaptured or defeated
during the course of this battle however going with one of the two scenarios if
it does end up being a technique then if you think about it this technique is
solely going to be exclusive to the jito and Vegeta
only that means that during the course of this battle when compared to Goku
Vegeta at some capacity would hold the upper hand when it comes to having a
specific technique that Goku does not of course Goku having to be a mimicker
himself in copying many techniques and moves throughout the course of Dragon
Ball it wouldn’t surprise me if Goku at a one-day also adapt the same thing if
of course this ends up being a technique but at least in one retrospect we would
have Vegeta learning one technique that Kakarot does not and vice versa with the
Instant Transmission but no Vegeta would have no reason to solely go to yard rat
only to learn the instant transmission to fight against Morel with because if
Goku has the instant transmission and that in and of itself proves to be a
complete flop then what use would it be if both Goku and Vegeta had it but
instead I do think that Vegeta is going to possess some sort of a technique that
prevents his god powers from being taken from him and I think that that would
definitely come in handy especially if Goku has the Instant Transmission and if
the cheetah can be utilized as the muscle being that his god powers cannot
be taken then you could further execute and utilizing Vegeta as the offense err
while go who remains in being the strategist and using
the transmission and other abilities to catch morel off on the side but that’s
only implying the case if this is a technique however if this somehow ends
up being a specific transformation that only Vegeta could unlock then this could
actually go back to Dragon Ball super bro Lee to embroil he was able to use
the Akari form even when dating back to the Dragon Ball super tournament of
power when first encountering kal vegeta had told Goku to be very wary because
this form that Kael had could be the actual true Super Saiyan form of Saiyan
legend so when seeing what Kael did in comparison cerulean having a very
similar transformation the true Super Saiyan form and or executing the iqari
transformation those could be one of the two things that Vegeta could solely have
going into the next fight against Morel presumably either on earth or in a
different location and if Vegeta does end up getting a brand new
transformation which I do think may suit him I think that if they do go with that
narrative they should give Vegeta either the Akari form that we saw brutally
using Dragon Ball super burly or give Vegeta the green haired Super Saiyan
form that Kael had initially during the tournament of power as Vegeta had made
reference to be very wary because that form could have been what the true Super
Saiyan form actually is so maybe these forms could have an overall advantage
that the standard Super Saiyan form Super Saiyan God form and Super Saiyan
blue form do not have but then again I do believe that with this narrative
going forward it’s more than likely that based on what’s being portrayed right
now Vegeta is more than likely to be the victor of this story and finally getting
what the fans have been asking for in Vegeta being the main character to
finally defeat the villain of course with the die kayo and go whose help but
if Vegeta goes to yard rat he’s going there for a very specific reason and if
it’s not to learn the ways of gaining a new transformation then it’s most
definitely Vegeta having to gain ability or technique that can suit him
against morals magic because keep in mind as according to Dragon Ball super
manga chapter number 49 Vegeta had told Maris that just one of either himself or
Goku at full power using Super Saiyan blue should be enough to beat down
morale entirely but the one thing that keeps getting in the way was morals
magic and now that morale has a small army with him it kind of goes as far as
to put our heroes at a disadvantage being that it’s going to be essentially
three versus more than ten but in this case I do think that by the end morale
is simply going to take his magic back after giving it to them because with
morals character and the way he’s designed I don’t see morale having to
sit this one through and letting his prisoner buddies have all the fun
especially if morale gets beat down far enough to where he needs more energy I
can definitely see morale taking that from them but if this raises a few
questions as to what the narrative is for Vegeta going forward and this
ultimately sets up for something greater to come down the line because it’s most
interesting how Vegeta wants to disregard the concept of Super Saiyan
God he disregards the concept of morals magic so obviously there’s an agenda
there’s an agenda for Vegeta to achieve and or use something that goes far
beyond morals magic and goes far beyond his own Super Saiyan God the abilities
which is why I don’t think that Morel initially needs this army as a matter of
fact I don’t think that Morel is truly going to have any use of the other
prisoners once Goku Vegeta and the Dyke I’ll get the upper hand on him because I
think that morale is simply going to use them as pawns just like he did with the
pilot that we saw in the previous manga chapters that being raspberry so I think
that with Morel having to know the fact that he’s going to use these individuals
I think that eventually he’s gonna end up killing them but I think that one of
the main deciding factors of this arc is going to be Vegeta but at this point we
don’t know if he’s going to achieve a new transformation or if he’s going to
find and discover a new ability but I want to get your thoughts in the comment
section below about what you guys personally
this is is he going to discover a new power is he going to discover a new
technique and is this going to place him relevant enough to Goku in future
stories and having the upper hand being that he’s gonna discover a technique or
possibly a new power that’s going to potentially place him above where he was
before let me know your thoughts in the comment section below guys thank you all
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