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Vegeta Vs Moro As The Final Battle In The Dragon Ball Super Manga?

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number 56 now officially in the history books and with more now looking to step
onto the battlefield himself tension now begins to rise as our heroes have the
momentary upper hand against morose army but with morale having to make his way
onto the battlefield now the question is what exactly can our heroes do in this
situation to prevent them from further having their energy taken by Moro on top
of the fact that morale still has Segawa by his side in the fact that what 7/3
Shima rekha and Yuma’s seemingly being at a
disadvantage as soon as the opportunity presents itself for them to gain the
upper hand on our heroes is it possible for vegeta to arrive on earth before
goku and having to prevent morale from further destroying the planets or is the
outcome going to be the same just as seen on new Planet Namek with morale
having to encounter Vegeta and defeating him yet again as once more before we
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ready and excited to see the final battle go down on earth involving moral
Saddam Bo and the Z fighters now with Goku and Vegeta being absent from the
battlefield right now in assuming the fact that morale is going to fight off
the Z fighters by himself or with Segen Bo one can only imagine that once Goku
and or Vegeta which ever arrived first end up coming to earth it is only then
going to be an absolute bloodbath until the actual finale of the arc which at
this current point in time we don’t know when that’s going to be but if we can
only make the assumption right now as an example if someone like Vegeta were to
get to earth before Goku I think that Vegeta would have something in his
arsenal to momentarily prevent him or at least give him the upper hand from
having morale further take Vegeta’s Genki as seen on nuke
namek because in Dragon Ball super manga chapter number 55 and 56 it is implied
that Vegeta wants to learn of a technique or ability if that could
really give him the upper hand against Morel in the situation considering the
fact that Morel could easily do what he had done before and that’s defeat our
heroes without even essentially having to lay a finger on them and that’s by
simply taking their energy taking their ganky manipulating that consuming in
getting stronger getting younger in the supposing a greater problem so I think
that with Vegeta as a hypothetical if he were to get to earth before Goku I think
that Vegeta would more than definitely give moral a credible run for his money
if anything Vegeta just might be by the end of this whole thing he might be the
one that actually ends up putting Mauro down or the total opposite we could end
up getting a situation to where Vegeta could end up trying in doing his
absolute best bud by the end he simply comes up short so I think that with
Vegeta knowing the fact that earth is technically in trouble but he knows all
the way from yard rat that Morel had yet to step forward on the battlefield it
really goes as far as to show that Vegeta even though he’s so far away
could easily feel the Spirit of the earth and could automatically tell all
the way from yard rat if whether or not Morel had engaged in action against our
heroes and that just goes as far as to show the development from Vegeta and
arguably being a lot better when it comes down to being as aware or
knowledgeable with his spirit then how Goku is simply bouncing from planet to
planet with his ship and simply trying to find his way back home now in the
comments section below I want to get your thoughts as to how Vegeta vs. Morel
is going to happen on earth versus their first battle on Namek as joining me here
today to further discuss the concept of mortal versus Vegeta in the Dragon Ball
super manga is my good friend and Dragon Ball youtuber Emma she’s live which by
the way Emma SH has a brand new Dragon Ball channel that I do encourage you
guys to subscribe to the link to his channel will be located down below now
Emma SH the Dragon Ball super manga is really intensifying with Vegeta having
to really be focused on learning this new technique or ability that he
believes could really do damage to morale and arguably with Goku having to
really have trouble finding his way back home let’s just assume the
that if Vegeta gets to earth first before Goku what I wanted to ask you is
how do you think this battle is going to go involving Morel and Vegeta because I
don’t see it playing off like you did on Namek and the fact that Morel was so
easily able to just body Vegeta and stealing his gang ki and then reversing
his own gang ki on him I think that Vegeta is going to enter this fight with
blood on his mind I think that Vegeta really wants payback with Morel and I
think that moral is really under estimating the fact that Vegeta right
now had not only been honing his craft on the yard read but also been
sharpening his skills and abilities in this battle so what I wanted to know
from you let’s just say if Vegeta ends up coming to earth first or if he ends
up coming to earth second what do you think is going to be the narrative of
this battle and how do you see it playing out like if there’s a couple of
ways that they can do this right so first and foremost if Vegeta lands first
and he’s fighting Mauro and go who hasn’t gotten there yet then it’s pretty
much like battle of gods in the sense where everybody’s waiting on Goku to
show up and then he fights beerus so on and so forth right that’s kind of a lack
of a better term I guess traditional or expected or on original whatever you
guys want to call it but you know if that is the case then it kind of gives
us the reason to believe that Goku probably finished off the show or finish
off the arc or maybe he’ll require for yourself considering what he knows now
right so you have Vegeta who has some kind of mastery over his ki over his
spear as to where Goku has had some level of training you know on Planet
read but nothing in comparison to what the ji has gotten as of lately so if
that’s the case then you know it kind of feels like they’re both very strong
fighters they’re both very capable fighters and they both have access to
things that the other does not have access to so Goku as UI omen based on
what we’ve seen and in the panels with him providing marys right so that was
the only time we’ve seen his aura like that
so with that under assumption Vegeta probably doesn’t have UI but again he
has a higher great and you know a heightened sentence of spirit control
and which turn makes it a lot more powerful than he ever was before so in a
way you can kind of justify him not having ultra instinct for having access
to it yet but he’s nearing that state you can kind of justify in that sense
because now he has something that Goku doesn’t have and it’s been a while since
that was the case generally Vegeta learns things on his own and he
his toolkit his arsenal is everything that he’s learning on his own as to
where Goku has had dozens of trainers right not dozens but he’s learned for
his fights with other people he’s learned from you know via training with
other people ask where Vegeta hasn’t so this is probably one of the few times
that started him training with we said he’s actually had to resort to learning
other things through other beings weaker than himself in some way shape or form
right so I guess that again if Vegeta ends up being there first you’ll
probably be able to hold him off until Goku guys – then they both hammer him
down and seal the deal but that would be boring but I guess somewhat expected of
Dragonball and it’s not to deter or take away from Kanagawa but you know if
literally every chapter prior to this one has been any kind of indication as
to what we can expect we kind of have to expect that right um I I feel like Goku
should arrive first because in theory Virgie that would be the most likely
person to arrive first because he can sense earth he he has like chi level he
has like a high level of sense right now of sensory abilities right as to where
Goku kind of has to be pointed in the direction before he can reach earth so
he has to keep going in said direction you know and that’s not the first time
we’ve seen that yes especially you know as the recent chapter chapter 56 has
alluded to us so but Zito he can go at any time so in theory he should be the
one that could go first the option is there for him to go for him to go first
but I feel like Goku should get there first and you know even though he has UI
omen and stuff like that he doesn’t have that that sense through that spirit
control to the level of Vegeta having it now and maybe be Vichy to coming in
second you know it’ll pretty much bring what I was just talking about together
in the sense where now they can both work together to slap on Morrow because
if my thing is this I think that spirit control and whatever technique that
which is using or learning on all and and in conjunction with all the training
that he’s done as of lately I think that’ll help him to kind of
nullify a and neg Morrow’s ability to just SAP his power right because if you
have that level of spirit controlled and NVIDIA should just in theory be able to
just cancel it out and I don’t wanna say reverse because I think that’s to O P
but I think prevent Mauro from just you know sucking him dry and then more was
just like oh well you know no matter I can still kill him and then vide to just
you know smacks us and just slaps him around and
then it just makes everything feel that more exciting
but again the indication of Goku having UI omen based on that one panel with
Maris and everything that kind of Vegeta is working towards right now you know
you kind of want to see both of them do something against morale you want both
of them to feel like they had like a major impactful role in taking them down
once and for all I mean some fans might just say well just give it to Vegeta
it’s always the Goku show and it’s not really the case and then some fans will
just you know assume that Goku will take this you know he’ll just you know take
the victory but I think that considering what they’re both working towards if I
had to say anything I might give Vegeta a little more praise than this instance
only because the development that he’s gaining in this in this arc and these
past few chapters alone it will benefit him in the long run and
as to who as opposed to where Goku he kind of has to adapt to this state of
being or for him that he doesn’t really have full control over and he doesn’t
really know how to have full control over estimate Vegeta seems like he’s
getting the key the missing key that Goku needs to control that form so we’ll
see I don’t know but I think Vegeta should be second to come for because he
can go there whenever you want so you know xiety now so it’s like whatever now
I definitely think that Vegeta is going to do a lot better than how he did on
new Planet Namek against Morel and I do firmly believe that Vegeta is going to
be able to actually defend himself against Morel taking his Genki or at
least trying to potentially take his Genki but what I wanted to know is do
you see the Gina possibly tapping into a higher level of Super Saiyan blue
perhaps Super Saiyan blue evolution we saw be done in the anime and in some way
shape or form we kind of saw that be alluded to in the manga in the t.o.p
vision so do you see Vegeta further tapping into Super Saiyan blue evolution
because I think that to further engage someone like Morel who really isn’t
someone to take lightly this guy is incredibly dangerous and he possesses a
lot of hacks and abilities that could be really detrimental to someone fighting
him so do you see Vegeta possibly using something higher than Super Saiyan blue
and my second question is do you see new ability or move being something that
reverses morals magic or least his draining ability to take someone’s ganky
and the idea that Vegeta is able to take whatever moral can dish out and use that
against him so I guess if the idea was to counter like if the Cheetahs goal is
to counter morals magic we’d have to assume that it’s based on what Vegeta
has morals magic so far which is using the planets energy you know to gain ki
rising from the floor whatever right from there from the earth or from the
planets crust whatever and just shooting out everywhere or just the
energy-sapping like the Genki zapping right so you’d have to assume that
Vegeta’s goal is to basically I guess fight magic with magic is because a few
chapters ago you know Vegeta hated the idea of relying on fancy tricks to beat
you know your opponent and it was pretty much indicated to us that as they were
then Super Saiyan blues they’d be enough to just take down morale right but here
we are chapters later we’re obviously more is stronger than I you know
provided that the time they were talking about morale he was a lot weaker he
wasn’t says you know his younger self so on and so forth but it was his magic
that was getting in the way it was his you know different techniques that were
getting in the way hence majin buu being able to slap him around so you know I
would say that it kind of pushes us more to the idea of requiring both of what
Goku has and what he doesn’t and then of what Vegeta has and what he doesn’t well
Vegeta doesn’t have goku has and what Vegeta has Gopi doesn’t have so they’re
like two sides to the same coin right they’re both two different sides of the
same coin you know at that point it kind of makes the chapter exciting especially
you know based on what we’ve seen for so I’d have to assume that yeah the the
goal would be for Vidya to just counter his magic and Mauro’s magic control and
then you know like stop more from using it or if Morel is shooting you know the
planets energy at vegeta budget could just turn it around and shoot it back
that would be a really really really different twist it’d be a big twist
especially for Vegeta to see him doing stuff like that and I think you know I
don’t know how well the friends respond to it but I think it would make for a
really enjoyable read right so it kind of gives us more reason to look forward
as to how they defeat him but yeah it’s it’s really you know you’d have to bring
back evolution you’d have to bring back whatever that was that he did in termina
power because if they’re bringing back you I omen which everything kind of you know
we have reason to believe that based on that panel again I breakfast that a
couple times ready with with Maris you know you kind of have no choice but to
bring back evolution as well and I mean if anything that’s pretty much the only
thing to stop in vegeta from tapping into that level of power right or it’s
that state of being so you know he might he doesn’t have to do it here he doesn’t
have to get UI and this in this arc at all but like I said in my previous
statement it kind of you know benefits Vegeta in the long run because now he’s
getting all this development and via training and it’s just gonna make him
that much better provider and if the idea based on stigmas that we’ve gotten
from like you know the people who ride them on their produced and stuff like
that and then the giant will super cutting the tremble super burly stuff
that Goku is you know nearing the power of the guys but you just desperately
trying to catch up well here he is you know he’s doing his thing he’s kind of
showcasing that so even if there’s differences between the anime and manga
the G is actually pulling forward and he’s pushing through with actually you
know trying to obtain something that he didn’t have before and I think it is a
it’s a it’s a it’s very fresh it’s very fresh to see that it’s refreshing to see
that his budget wasn’t always like that so yeah I just think I’m they’re gonna
have to they’ll require both of them I don’t think it’s just a one-man show I
don’t think but you look close out I mean they could do it like that but I
feel like you’d have to come second right Goku’s getting his ass whooped and
then he’s getting smacked around that boom budget comes in you know he knows
Kakarot can take care of himself he knows that right virtue but you know
we’ll sit back and let go could get beat up a little bit and then when things are
dire bloom II just I tease there and here we go let’s fight you know I think
it would definitely be a throwback to have moral fight Goku first and for Goku
to have his ass handed to him at first then only for Vegeta to step in and save
Goku from Morel I mean the irony behind that would be quite interesting in the
fact that we’ve seen to be done before with you know metal cooler and so many
instances in Dragon Ball Z but I definitely and I strongly feel as if
Vegeta is probably going to have a bit more shine than Goku here I think that
when it comes down to raw power if let’s say for example Vegeta zat is Max and
Goku has mu Y I think with mastered ultra instinct o who definitely takes
the lead over Vegeta but that’s only considering the fact that if Goku taps
into that power but what I wanted to know from you is
do you think is the absolute best and worst-case scenario for the Vegeta
character in the manga considering his development and everything we’ve seen
lead to this point in the fact that do you think they’re going to drop the ball
or do you think Vegeta is genuinely going to have an actual moment now well
if the last like what ten twenty years fifteen years hasn’t been any kind of
indication that Dragon Ball fans generally are very patient and they have
been patient I mean after gem balls he took a while for us to get remold super
right so if the goal is to do this to tell us to wait until the GA actually
does something bigger bigger bigger like wow like ultra instinct or something
like that again I would say that it’s a good investment in the sense of where
he’s gotten so much done this art right he’s done a lot of actual training and
development here and at that point the writing is on the wall like he it’s it’s
about you know because he’s the only person to spar with beerus goku has to
done that yet he actually fought him in the beginning but since then we haven’t
actually seen a sparring match between that right so it kind of it kind of
brings us back to that panel where you know where we switch telling beerus like
yo those two dudes will catch up to you someday and here we are you know we’re
go Keys tapping in CYO but potentially again and then a Virgie is just doing
something that we never thought he would do right I mean at first I kind of had
my concerns cuz I was like well why is Vegeta doing something that Goku did
like 20 years ago you know he’s going to yard rata like
right now right that was like I mean that was a long time ago right but here
we are they cut I want to say correct it but they kind of remedied that concern
by saying well but dude is doing what go oku did but better and he’s getting
access to things that Goku you know even back then you know I I mean we can all
we can all pretty much assuming agree that Goku could not do the things that
but you just doing now back then especially not not at that level of
power that he was back then so yeah I don’t think they’d have to wow people I
mean obviously the worst-case scenario it was that the training was to waste
but he doesn’t learn anything at all and he gets his ass whooped
right the boom done and then same thing for Goku and then they kind of have to
like pull some some rabbit out of the Hat like they’d
think in Smyrna masu right for both the enemy in the monk I told a manga can I
felt a little more you kind of understood why they need it why they
needed zento and the anime was kind of like well okay whatever but um I don’t
think they have to I don’t I think people would still enjoy the chapter
nonetheless we just need a good fight really you know it doesn’t really have
to be just a one-on-one i I’m pretty sure Vegeta would be a you know would be
wanting to work with Kakarot around this time he did it versus boo no he’s done
it before he can do it again and obviously Goku will need Vegeta this
help it’s not like gokhan will finish this by his own he’s rarely he’s rarely
ever been able to do anything on his own which brings together this whole I do it
why Goku Allah as the people that he fights to live and all this other stuff
because he kind of draws people closer to so it kind of goes hand in hand here
I think this will be a good chapter hopefully hopefully they don’t get a
rush like the Dilton COP but yeah there’s nothing really bad that they can
do except for doing things I did it in the t.o.p so if a Jew does all this
training he does absolutely nothing you get just asked up and then Goku finishes
him off with all trained sting that’s annoying
yeah it won’t suck because it’ll still be hype right ultra instant it’ll still
be really hype but it would be really annoying not and it has nothing to do
with me being a Vegeta fan or goku friend it’s just yeah there was a lot of
investment put into that arc for his development what are we gonna see now as
he gonna spar with Pierce again now and then it kind of you know he makes up for
it there I don’t know you know but I it’s really difficult to
say I can’t really answer that question like you know as accurately as I would
like to but we are going to find out on February 20th with Dragon Ball super
manga chapter number 57 March 20th with Dragon Ball super manga
chapter number 58 April 20th Dragon Ball super manga chapter number 59 May 20th
Dragon Ball super manga chapter number 60 so on and so forth so I want to get
your thoughts in the comment section below about this because I really do
believe that Vegeta has a great chance of really doing some damage tomorrow if
anything doing something that prevents morals
from getting to everyone else but just in case you guys don’t know Anna she’s
going to be covering lots of Dragon Ball super content as well as dokkan and many
other things on his channel so do you have anything to say before we close off
this video all right so thanks for having me I’m really do appreciate I
used to be on this channel a lot so for those you guys who do know Emma’s life I
used to cover Dragon Ball lots nowadays I covered mostly dope cons to fresh
channel so it’s just that much you guys can follow me there a lot of analytical
breakdowns the same way you used to do in the same style same branch the same
fashion that I used to covered rambles super mangas and theories done the anime
and stuff like that I’m bringing that same kind of vibe into
dokkan so we cover teams different team bills what unit is better than the other
I’m not too much of a fan of doing summonings but I will be you know doing
something for your anniversary I’ll be closing in shortly so depending when
this video goes up of course so if you guys are into that kind of stuff
definitely checking out links will be in the video description as well as the
comments section as well thank you for the support and thank you once again
Alex for having me I’m looking forward to doing a lot more conversations like
because because we used to do this stuff all the time so it does definitely bring
back some good memories which by the way me and Emmas are going to be doing
another discussion on master to ultra instant goku vs morel just in about two
days or so so i wanted to thank you all so much for watching
vegeta hype i think that vegeta is really really going to do some damage
here against more but the question is when is he going to do it so thank you
both so much for watching if you guys are new to this channel smash that
subscribe button everybody turn on all notifications give this video a big
thumbs up if you guys are just simply stoked ready and excited to see vegeta
kick some ass against morale tune back in for the next video and i’ll be seeing
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  2. I would LOVE for Vegeta to kill the big baddie, but I know Toriyama always fucks him over. So I’m never getting my hopes up again! Not after Toriyama couldn’t even let Vegeta kill the monster that enslaved him, his father, and his entire race while eventually destroying his planet, which by the same token….his throne.

    Why bring back Frieza if not to give Vegeta the redemption he so desperately deserves!?

    So after that, I’m never getting my hopes up again that Toriyama will ever give Vegeta the respect he deserves.

    He’s still my favorite character though

  3. I think Vegeta's ki control might be good enough to prevent it from being stolen at least for a while but Goku is most likely going to be the one to beat Moro

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  5. My opinion that no matter who gets there first the end will be the same….they will fusion with goku can now go ultra instinct and vegeta having ki control when they fuse then the full effect of both skill and make them way more stronger that they will destroy him and with ki control there energy wont be sucked out of them…..

  6. Idk if I’m reading to deep into this but as dragon ball goes on vegeta continues to grow into the best version of him self and I wonder if Akira Toriyama is waiting for something because something has to happen with vegeta growing as a person like maybe once vegeta stops fighting to surpass goku then maybe he can grow stronger or he will let him start winning because again after watching this show for so so long gokus wins r getting stale and ik Akira Toriyama has to see that ik he isn’t dumb that’s partly what I think idk I might be reading to deep

  7. I feel like Vegeta will because a God of Destroy just what if he already has God Super Saiyan form in the manga he has new power that he can't really control just yet

  8. What if Goku and Vegeta both or defeated and killed and no one's left to fight Morrow but beerus it's the only thing no one has thought of seeing happening since Vegeta could be but more than likely they're not ready for that yet but Vegeta they're saving the best for last for him I think they want to open up more about the gods of destruction and the angels

  9. what if this battle with moral get so out of hand that they actually have to bring and super Saiyan broly and jaron because it's forbidden for the angels to get in and the Grand Prix Cinzano ain't going to interfere with fear in it unless there's no otherchoice which means that literally has to be just about every universe destroyed and nothing left in them but the Angels and zanos

  10. Here's the thing that people forgetting about with this manga and moral episode is that the angels and the Grand Prix agreed that the universe was in great at risk and in great dangerwiese and the grand priest know something no one else knows about morale because of Angel try to get involved in it and because of the law is no one's paying attention to that the angel laws prevent them from being involved and certain thingsif you think about it right now the way Morrow can hit someone like Goku and Vegeta after come out the power of tournament one blow literally take the breath out of them and that's before basically he even took their power second time beerus couldn't even hit him like that when he was super Saiyan God andalthough he wasn't using all his power beerus is only using my 10% of his power but that doesn't mean anything who knows how much power Morrow is using right now I mean he literally have SEPTA Vegeta and Goku powers of the gods twiceand who knows what else he's capable of with Jess the wishes he got away with that are not talkin about anymore they just telling you details on what he wanted maybe he added some details to some of the wishes as wellwhat if morrel actually wish for any one of the wishes he made immortality indestructibility in telekinesis so basically like he'll be like the one above all and nobody would know itbut the grand priest he knows something he knows something more than all the rest of the Angels including wheeze wheeze have a great hint that his father is hiding something about moral but he don't know what it is and I think he know beerus could not beat Morrow right now because tomorrow will take his power and then it would be total chaos having a power that he has already and the power of a God of destruction the most powerful God of destruction ffbe that's why I believe this is going to go a lot longer than people think it is longer than any cell series any Majin Buu series or any of the series with Vegeta and frieza them as wellin fact this might actually come down so them happen to bring characters into other universes into this fight more was literally about to become the most powerful being in existence it doesn't matter what no one says that's his goal to be above all

  11. I think they're trying to open up the universe to more than about Goku in the saiyans now and the New year's to come and I think the people are forgetting that moral did something in the beginning of after taking Goku and Vegeta's power and no one even paid attention to think back on and that is he already fallen angel he fought married and Marist use a lot of his power but you got to think about moral hardly use any of his power when he was fighting and almost went toe-to-toe with an angel already

  12. I believe when it's all said and done this is going to be a big surprise like avengers infinity war when Thanos beat the holy s*** out of the hulk with out breaking a sweat moral literary my surprise everyone and beat the holy s*** even out of God of destruction beerus the strongest God of destructionthere is something not being told about moral and beerus that is very secretly detailed in in the episode if you pay attention to it closely there is something that happened between those two before in the past and the angel weeks and the grand priest know it

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