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Venom Morbius Teaser Breakdown – Marvel Spider-Man and Deleted Scenes

Welcome back everyone, it’s Charlie! We
have our first official look at the Morbius character ahead of the trailer
that they’re going to be dropping next week, so well break it down. If you’re new to
the channel we’re also doing a movie ticket giveaway all you have to do to
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if it wasn’t clear this is going to be a spinoff of the venom movie yes it is
related to what’s going on with their spider-man plans inside the venom verse
we know a little bit about how that’s going to work I’ll explain that after I
talk about what’s going on with the actual Morbius movie cannot wait to see
J Jonah Jameson showing up in a post-credits scene posting about
vampires. It’s going to be fun people are saying that this teaser
leaked but I think that Sony actually dropped this on purpose in advance of
the trailer just to get people hyped up if we’re the most part I think people
are happy with the CG special effects because it does look pretty comic book
accurate but this doesn’t give you a really good idea for what the actual
movie is going to feel like it just gives you an idea for what he’s going to
look like it’s a picture of him right after he’s gotten done feeding on
someone and it’s an homage to this comic book panel like an over-the-shoulder
shot he’s looking to see if someone caught him feeding oh my god what’s
going on here because he can’t control his hunger if you’re a big fan of the
Wesley Snipes blade franchise way back in the day there were originally plans
to do the Morbius character in one of those sequels they even have a deleted
scene from the first blade movie they were going to introduce him during the
sequel before Guillermo del Toro came on and did his version of Blade 2 the
footage is kind of janky but this is that deleted scene I never thought I’d be so happy to see
the Sun Rise I need to get you back to the lab if I’m going to cure you. it’s over you keep you’re cure. I’ve never felt better besides as long as there’s a war going on I still have a job to do. then your back on the clock. I’m a big fan of Guillermo del Toro but
it would have been cool to see that version of Morbius if that had panned
out if you have no idea who the Morbius character is or you never read the
classic spider-man comics he is a spider-man character he debuted during
amazing spider-man in the early 70s it was basically Marvel wanting to do their
version of a dracula character because the 70s was a really big time for the
dracula character in pop culture so Marvel just wanted to get in on that
Morbius was their attempt in an original character based on Dracula though but
the funny thing about this is because Sony doesn’t have the rights to do the
Dracula character Marvel Studios does because of the way the comic books
worked out and where the Dracula character debuted in Marvel Comics
there’s a rumor right now that Dracula is actually going to show up during the
werewolf by night moon Knight series that they’re doing and during the Blade
movie that they’re going to be doing with Mahershala ali during Marvel phase 5
maybe as part of their grand sharing arrangement with the spider-man
character Marvel will also loan out the Dracula character for their Sony venom
verse to do Morbius stuff with and sequels if the first movie is successful
but the whole idea of Sony doing Morbius is them testing the waters with other
spin-off movies they of course want to create their own version of the MCU
because it’s been so successful for Disney and Marvel and as part of the way
the rights with the spider-man character work they have access to over 900
different characters Morbius is called the living vampire but he only has
vampire like qualities he didn’t get his abilities through the vampire bite like
most do he started out as a Nobel prize-winning biological scientist he
had this rare condition that was eating his cells alive so he developed a
treatment using vampire bat;s blood and electroshock therapy when he eventually
tried it on himself that caused an accident that gave him his vampire like
qualities turning him into quote-unquote a living vampire the way that Sony and
the venom verse is setting him up though is to be an antihero just like the venom
character yes I definitely think that they’re setting them all up for a crossover in maximum carnage so Morbius will wind up teaming up with venom you
know because of the Sony Marvel sharing deal Tom Holland’s spider-man will also
crossover with them eventually too you may have also seen the rumors about what they’re doing with J jonah Jameson so Sony controls the JJ character they
loaned him out to the MCU for spider-man far from home for that great post-credit
scene I thought it was a great way to reintroduce the character and also sort of connected to the Tobey Maguire spider-man era because they kind of skipped over J Jonah Jameson during Andrew Garfield’s run so if you haven’t seen it the rumor is now that Sony’s going to use him as an
early point of crossover to weave together all their venom burst movies in
the Tom Hollands spider-man MCU movies so he showed up at the end of that movie
so he exists in the MCU now but the rumor now is that he’s going to cameo
during the Morbius movie and during venom two in the same type of role doing
the same thing just total posting about the main character of each of
those different movies so you can imagine him going on and on about
vampires existing in the real world you thought they were fake no they’re
totally real we have live footage we’re going to air it now is a really easy slam-dunk so I high-five whoever had the idea to use
J jonah Jameson to connect all these dots together if you didn’t see it recently to Sony also created a special separate real website that you can visit
for the Daily Bugle dot net that was the one that they referenced during
spider-man far from home post credits scene Daily Bugle Dot Net J jonah Jameson has a live report if you go to the website it’s basically him going on and
on about all these crazy theories about why Avengers endgame and the snap
happened why everyone came back about the elementals that Mysterio created how
there are weird creatures running around so Sony is now using as a viral marketing place for all their spider-man related stuff and that’ll probably wind
up including venom stuff when we get to venom two coming out later this year in
Morbius later this summer really good example of how they’ve used that for
viral marketing is that after spider-man far from home came out the movie was
done they didn’t shoot any new footage for the movie itself but they shot a
bunch of new promos with JK Simmons doing his J jonah Jameson thing is if
you were in his studio and he was still reporting on spider-man stuff J jonah Jameson here spider-man a
psychopath wielding powers he has no right to possess trying to pass himself
off as a hero well let me tell you something kid you’re no hero Mysterio
that’s a hero you are a criminal a miscreant a masked Marauder a menace thanks for watching don’t forget to Like
and subscribe so that’s not something that they did for the spider-man far
from home movie that’s just something that they’re doing with this new Daily
Bugle dot net web site I know there are a lot of questions about how spider-man is
going to figure into all this in later this summer Marvel is going to start
shooting spider-man 3 so are they going to have some sort of post credits tag in
that that will imply how he will eventually crossover with the venom
characters when Kevin Feige made the announcement about the new sharing deal he referenced the multiverse in spider-man jumping between cinematic
universes in addition to different planets at the multiverse right now Sony
is developing a Madam web movie my early guesses is that they’ll use Madam
web is a way to explain how he crosses universes because otherwise you’d have
to use someone like Doctor Strange or scarlet witch or someone capable of that
level of technology or magic and it sounds like based on the sharing
arrangement between Marvel and Sony Sony has the rights to reference any spider-man related stuff from the MCU but not the Avengers not the quantum
realm or anything like that so I don’t think that the quantum realm is going to
be the way that they used to get spider-man between Sony’s venom first in
the MCU the Morbius movie was shot to make it look like it was happening in
New York City in venom – looks like it’s shooting scenes set in and around New
York City spider-man is local to New York City even though technically he’s in the MCU right now you can kind of see that
they’re bringing these characters into each other’s orbits eventually they’ll
start crossing over probably in advance of a big maximum carnage team-up movie where they all team up against the carnage character so most important
characters in this movie are Jared Leto’s Michael Morbius character who
becomes Morbius the living vampire his love interest Martine Bancroft who herself becomes a vampire eventually in the locust crown aka the hunger character played by Matt Smith you heard it right Matt Smith is going to be the
villain of the Morbius movie he’s not quite the exact same thing as Morbius in
the comics but he has the same blood disease that eventually causes him to
have to feed on other living things in order to survive so he’s also very
vampire like we don’t have to wait that long before they’re going to drop the
actual trailer that’s happening Monday of course I’ll do a Easter Egg video for
it and we’ll find out what the movie is actually going to feel like I think we
all kind of wondered what venom was going to be before we actually saw a
footage but at least for right now it seems like they’ve nailed the look down
so everybody just post her reactions in the comments and let me know what do you want them to do with the Morbius character inside this larger connected
spider-man envenom universe I know that a lot of people asking if this is going
to prevent Jared Leto from ever playing the Joker again there is a version of
the Jared Leto Joker that’s going to be used during the birds of prey movie but
Jared Leto himself was actually filming the Morbius movie when they were
shooting birds of prey so we need Joker stuff that you see happening during
birds of prey next month because the movie is coming out really soon is going to be a body double or hinges off screen it’s not Jared Leto actually being in
the movie himself let me know if there’s any bonus videos that you want me to do
our big requests for spider-man videos while you wait for everything click here
for that brand-new Doctor Strange two announcement that Marvel just made and
click here for my new Deadpool 3 video thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!

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100 thoughts on “Venom Morbius Teaser Breakdown – Marvel Spider-Man and Deleted Scenes

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  2. I just saw Morbius trailer and oh my god it’s good. I feel that their gonna drop a Blade teaser at the end of it. And if anything, Please please please Some how bring Ghost rider into the story arch. If Marvel can pull off ghost rider, put him after Doctor Strange 2 in post credit scene.

  3. If there’s a morbius In the mcu that means there’s a BLADE why are they not talking about this!!!! Especially since there’s a blade reboot coming out!!!!!!!

  4. Think they will get a Wesley cameo and I believe they will have an end credit scene of him in nyc hooking up with Aunt Mae

  5. That closing music from the SNES Maximum Carnage game brought back memories!! I had the “limited edition” red cartridge of that game!

  6. The man never should have played joker… but maybe Jason Blood. These kinds of dark characters suit him! I will def be watching this movie!

  7. I am glad that Sony is making movies on these characters because I feel Marvel would have done nothing with them. I honestly felt that Fox and Sony should have teamed up to create a connected universe with these characters, Spiderman, X-Men and the Fantastic 4. But they really shot themselves in the foot with only doing movies revolving around Wolverine and Jean Grey instead of exploring solo movies for Gambit, Rouge, Juggernaut, Mr. Sinister, Sabertooth and then also Silver Surfer, Dr. Doom etc. Sony will have to create many anti-heros now.

  8. Morbius is my favorite character. I read all the comics. I hope it doesn't look awful. I really love this character.

  9. Morbius helps set up the blade movie in phase 5!! It was morbius’ bite that gave blade his super human powers but he was born a day walker. I’m praying Sony and marvel doesn’t fuck this up they have something really good cooking up best not spill the pot

  10. God please make a movie with Werewolf by night. Im happy with him just being in someone else's movie as long as his on screen somehow 😀😀😀

  11. How about build up to Spider-Verse, since they are doing Madam Web movie, they can get Toby, Andrew, and Tom Spider-Men all together for one movie. Sure toss in Mile Morales somewhere there too.

  12. I am a huge spiderman fan and i at leasted watched spiderman 2 og 20 times. I never read comics and stuff cause they are not popular and there is no where to buy them in montenegro but for some reason im so exited for morbius. Cant wait for venom 2 announcement

  13. I dont think its gonna be seperate universes, i feel its more likely to be like the netflix deal, where venom verse mentions mcu but mcu dont really mention spiderverse

  14. If Don't and Marvel continue to play nice, I think we'll all benefit from it. Sony might actually put out some good work with Marvel helping them out, at least I hope they will.

  15. I’m alright with him not being able to play as joker I hope he nails this role as morbius as he definitely has the potential to be great.

  16. My idea for the end credits
    It shows Eddie brock covering some thing about morbius and he then talks about how cletus kassidy has escaped then the final post credit scene will be the new mcu blade doing something badass and talking about morbius

  17. Why Edris Elba NOT Blade??? Ali is too skinny to be Blade, right now… unless they plan to "Dr Dre" him! 😱
    That would awesome!

  18. WoW ~ ~ ~ 看起來很特別耶😆 吸血鬼!以前看這個演員演小丑時也覺得他有某些邪惡的特質(當時是沒想過現在的“吸血鬼”,但現在飾演吸血鬼的感覺,也有對到他那個特質XD 💜😈

  19. Hey Charlie, since you're in the know, I was curious to know why they didn't give J.K. Simmons the classic flat top hairstyle we all know and love for J. Jonah Jameson? It's his trademark look.

  20. It's a damn shame that movies still haven't gotten the Spiderman when he's older, more battle hardened and experienced route, and he's already living with Mary Jane.

    The whole "young high school" Spiderman was only a small piece of his full story arc and growth, but somehow filmmakers keep rebooting him to be young and naive over and over again.

  21. Hopefully Jared fucking leto doesn't veap all over the Morbious. Movie the way he dump diarreah on his wmbarrasing and insulting performance of the joker on the suicide squad.

  22. Hmmm… this amplifies the possibility that spiderman is really the only avenger on earth…dealing with the eventual formation with sinister six… while the rest is in space…. why does this gimme hope though that the black widow movie might be something more than a prequel but black widow might be actually alive(in the sense after events of endgame)?

  23. Hopefully Joaquin Phoenix calls to try to stop Morbius from happening the way Leto did for Joker lol… Jk…. That was a Trip to see Morbius in blade….What the H bro 😈

  24. This could be a really good way for marvel to introduce blade , but in all seriousness this could fall rather nicely into the original blade storyline , the “science and tech “ just seemed very similar

  25. Which is it huh ? Venom morbius or venom 2 spider man phase 4 or spider man 3 wtf we've all ready had 3 glad I dont watch this shit I'll just stick to the 2000's before they used scrabble to make movies fucking morons

  26. I want morbius to join the S6 with vulture, mysterio, scorpion, carnage, and im not sure about the last member. Then have a Spiderman and Venom team up to take them down.

  27. J Jonas Jameson website for the Bugle us a direct rip off Alex Jones Infowars…the text title spinning in the background his voice modulation seating background it's a direct knock off the real Alex Jones Infowars just sayin..

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