Voiced Comics! (Crystal Crown) Chapter 1 (Original Series)

what the hell happened here
the Emperor attack what all those lives! he shall pay so! you are finally accepting the role that
was given to you and the burden that comes with it? many years later hang in there cat
Wow the big city I’ve never been to the city before Carlos Carlos there you are
Carlos your mother worried sick about you hey Dad come with me all right
bye kitty and its gone isn’t home this way we’re going to the city really I am a little
surprised my mom agreed yeah just don’t mention it to her it’s a wanted poster of you Father let’s keep going the king hates you but you are innocent right The king he… he concentrate the public outrage of his conducts on me, blamed me on his mistake, and punished me for it. Its been 12 years, I look young in that wanted picture though that’s why you shouldn’t draw attention to us, got it? My father always tell that story, of how the king screwed him just to avoid blame, still… It was surprising to see that poster. No wonder mother always worried when either of us leave the home are you lost
I’m here with my father I’m lost
I never left home I don’t even know the way
I was I’ll starve to death
my whole life is flashing before my eyes Hey you can stay at my place,I am sure your dad will come eventually you sure? yes by the way my name is Stella what’s
yours my name is Carlos
this is where I stay wait you live here
yep all by yourself they have my cat what about your parents they are gone
but don’t you feel lonely all the time that’s horrible it could be worse that’s so sad what’s that father I finally found you demon
tonight will be the night

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