Watchmen Episode 4 Breakdown | HBO | Season 1 Recap and Review

Hey guys, Pete here. This will be my
breakdown of Watchmen Season one Episode four. it was directed by Andrij Parekh,
was written by Damon Lindelof and Cristal Henry, and was titled “If You
Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own” which appears to be a nod to Chinua Achebe – a
rabbit hole that I’ve yet to go down. we get another major character introduction,
more Angela, and a few more clues about what Adrian Veidt is up to. generally
speaking things seem to move in episode 4 rather than just asking more
questions, and I like the timing of the reveals. it seems like the writers have
an awareness of how fans will react and dissect the information. so far they
appear to have a handle on when to give us something to keep our heads in the
story without ruining the mystery. while this wasn’t my favorite episode out of
the four that we’ve seen it was still a very good hour of television and it
feels like things are moving along full steam ahead.
we’ve had some hints of Lady Trieu in the show and learned some of her backstory
from the Peteypedia. in episode 4 she arrives at a home she wants to acquire.
to say that she makes a dramatic entrance would be an understatement with
the three minute hourglass and a baby in tow she makes the family an offer they
can’t refuse for their property. a legacy, a biological child that they were told
they would never be able to have. her plan works and just in the nick of time.
as they sign the paper something crashes to the earth outside and we at least see
what was up with the urgency even if we don’t fully understand what is happening.
we’ll learn a little bit more about the trillionaire later in the episode but
first impressions are that she’s all business. she tells the couple that she
got rich making advanced Pharma and biomedical tech. I liked everything about
this sequence from “Islands in the Stream” to her saying she would have to destroy
the baby. and, the characterization and performance is on par with what we’ve
come to expect with this Watchmen series. what crashes to earth is a complete
mystery but it certainly looked like Lady Trieu and her daughter were
expecting it to be there. at her bakery Angela chops up Will’s wheelchair so that
she can fit it into a duffel bag and dispose of it later. she cleans up any
traces of him being there and accidentally burns the watch over this
boy note after she reconsiders destroying it. she gets a message from
the Greenwood Center for Cultural Heritage about another branch of Will’s
family tree being identified which prompts her to suit up and head over
and break in. there we find out what the cool-looking holographic tree we saw in
the trailers actually is. Angela is able to see her great-grandparents and see
the image of her grandfather Will as a child. there’s a really strong scene here
as Angela talks to the image and then asks that her grandfather leave her the
fuck alone. at that exact moment her car falls from the sky which we’ve already
seen from Laurie’s perspective at the end of the last episode .the two women have a
quick back-and-forth about it being Angela’s car and that it fell from the
sky before Lorie takes off complimenting Sister Night’s cool costume. Angela
recovers her grandfather’s pills from the glove box and then heads home after
a talk with Topher and filling in Cal on what’s going on. Angela takes the pills
to Looking Glass who we find out has a backyard bunker. he’s developing pictures
of the last squidfall and we get the idea that he might be obsessed with the
interdimensional nature of them. a squid truther perhaps? after Angela asked him
to get his ex to identify the pills she also asked him to hold on to the Klan
robes she found in Crawford’s closet. this sets up one of my favorite lines
from the episode where LG tells her to watch out for Laurie because she’s
extremely weird. it’s funny because the guy developing squid photos in his
backyard bunker said it, but it also points out how the woman who grew up
being trained from an early age to become a costumed adventurer is actually
the one that serves the purpose of bringing the story back down to the
ground when it teeters on going completely weird, sort of. throughout the
episode Angela is trying to investigate will and her connection to him while
trying to fly under Laurie’s radar as she disposes of the duffle with the
wheelchair she crosses paths with a man in a costume that Red Scare later dubs
Lube man there’s no telling who this character is but his MO appears to be
squirting lubrication that he carries in a holster on his waist over his costume
so that he can slide effortlessly in the sewer drains Angela doesn’t have time to
learn more after a quick run-in with keen that acts to remind us that he’s
probably shady and a short exchange with Red Scare and pirate Jenny that
reestablishes the police’s priorities she has a conversation with Laurie who
has now taken over Crawford’s office there we learn that the FBI got a match
on an unknown set of prints found Angela’s car they belonged to William
Reeves and the big reveal here is that he was a police officer in New York City
in the 1940s and 50s Angela finds out that her grandfather
retired young and disappeared and we get confirmation that he was in New York
City at the time the Minutemen were active and was a cop just like Hollis
Mason who was the original Nite Owl does this mean that he’s Hooded Justice?
not exactly but it does seem to put him in the right place at the right time it
makes it seem less likely that he wouldn’t have some connection to the
beginning of costume adventuring but we’ll have to wait to learn more about
what role he actually played he could be Hooded Justice a lot of people think he
is but there may be more to the story as well Angela acts like she doesn’t know
who he is and as far as what Laurie tells her it’s probable that the FBI
haven’t realized that they’re related yet
Petey comes in to interrupt which sets up a trip to Trieu industries on the ride
Laurie lays out the idea that people who wear masks are driven by trauma they
become obsessed with justice because of some injustice they suffer usually when
they were kids sister Knight pushes back and asked what
trauma she suffered Laurie asked agent Petey to fill in the blanks which he does
he explains that her father the Comedian attempted to rape her mother Silk
Spectre he doesn’t mention it but by the end of the comic we find out that in
spite of this happening her parents went on to have a consensual relationship
after the fact where Laurie was conceived this whole chain of events
with Laurie being born from her mother loving a man that she should have
probably hated played a role in Dr. Manhattan returning to Earth he referred
to it as a thermodynamic miracle which is what Laurie is referring to when she
talks about Angela’s car being stolen on the night of Crawford’s murder and being
returned on the night of his funeral wherever Laurie is there’s a strong
connection to the source material and that holds true when they arrive to meet
Lady Trieu after getting a look at the drone craft that agent Blake points out
would be the perfect thing to steal Angela’s car with the pair are invited
into truths vivarium by her daughter the vivarium
looks like the one Adrian Veidt had at Karnak his Antarctic retreat in the
original graphic novel which also is where he was last presumed to be before
it was announced that he went missing in 2012 everything about Lady Trieu hints the
she might be following in Ozymandias footsteps including the aged up
sculpture she has of him inside her own private Vietnam when asked about it she
calls him a truly great man and says so much of my success grew from the seed of
his inspiration but we all know there are no real true heroes or villains and
Watchmen so the fact that she comes off like the bad guy is all the more
confusing bottom line is that we find out that she helped will escape thanks
to a conversation that she has in Vietnamese with Angela and we get the
feeling that she might be the one who imprisoned Ozymandias after their
encounter Angela goes to find out what Cal told Laurie when she dropped by to
interview him he lied for her even though he hates to do it which we
already had a feeling about because he couldn’t lie to the kids telling them
that Judd was in heaven we also learned that he was involved in an accident and
it might have something to do with them meeting each other in Vietnam back at
true industries we see beyond wake up from the nightmare she has a mysterious
IV attached to her arm that bears the Trieu logo and after she tells her mother
about the dream of being marched away from her village after men came to burn
it she just goes back to bed not before telling Mr. Reeves goodnight though and
we see that will is indeed in league with lady T she’s concerned that will
left the pills behind for Angela to discover his counter is why is she doing
the same type of thing to her daughter and after saying it’s completely
different lady T explains that she’s afraid that
the family connection will cause will to lose his resolve he says it won’t we
discover he could walk the whole time and that there is something coming up in
three days that they’re planning that will cause Angela to hate him he
reiterates that he’s all in and the episode ends with him repeating
tick-tock tick-tock while gazing up at the construction of her tower in the
Adrian Veidt story we learned quite a lot without getting any real answers the
clones of Mr. Phillips and Ms Crookshank’s are trapped in crab or
lobster pots after they start to grow in a lake?
Adrian then loads them into a growth accelerating machine and they come out
fully formed but hey it’s not completely unbelievable because it takes some time
before they can talk Veidt says that he’s been there for four years which confirms
that the candles on the cakes correspond to the past
of one year between each anniversary he also calls it a prison and he makes his
intention to escape it known he uses the trebuchet he built to launch the clone
corpses into the air and we watched as they pass through the invisible barrier
that appears to surround him and disappear I’ll say the same thing I said
last week in regards of the bait part of the story we still don’t know where he
is or what exactly is going on but it feels right and that we’re learning more
each time we visit I think that’s what’s impressing me most about the whole
Watchmen experience right now there are a lot of questions hanging over our
heads in the story but the show is doling out enough answers that it ends
up coming out like it’s leading us somewhere rather than trying to outsmart
us not to say that we shouldn’t expect for obvious outcomes to be subverted but
the storytelling feels tight which is pretty exciting considering some of the
things that we’ve seen unfold on the screen while we got introduced to some
new mysteries the main ones are still intact did Will actually kill Crawford?
who imprisoned Ozymandias and where exactly is he in relation to the rest of
the story? is the 7th cavalry being led by someone to serve a larger purpose
after episode 4 all these questions feel like they could be connected at the same
time what are the chances that lady Trieu is behind all of it and the series ends
with her being found out and dealt with we can expect some twists and turns but
right now I don’t think we should expect that we won’t get answers angela is a
character who’s earned our trust in the sense that her motivations are fairly
clear her boss and good friend got killed her grandfather that she just
learned about says he did it and she’s trying to make sense of what’s happening
she’s just following through like most of us would if we were presented with
the same situations we have to like that about her but we’ve also watched her
torture a guy to get answers which means that we know she’s flawed she’s a real
character she’s not someone that is a hero in that traditional sense Lady
trues introduction makes her look like she’s the opposite of Angela and in the
same way she’s probably not a pure villain there’s a lot going on we got
introduced to but we don’t have a lot of answers if they can keep the same
balance going that’s a pretty satisfying place to be we need to know a lot more
about will they’ve given us a time frame of three days until something’s going to
happen it seemed like they were in three days that the project would be
complete the Millennium clock whatever that does other than just tell time so
we won’t have to wait for a really long time to figure out what’s going on with
him Ozymandias is the same kind of situation we know he disappeared in 2012
we’ve seen four years pass in his story we can reasonably expect that he’s going
to collide with the main story in the present timeline how that’s gonna go
down is anybody’s guess but certainly he’s flinging things out of his
enclosure they’re going somewhere it’s all a test so that he can do the same
thing for himself I mean that seems like the best guess Loree kind of took a back
seat here again as Angela took over the main driving of the episode and her
influence on the story like I said heals more like a lasso to pull things back in
we know a lot about her backstory from the original comic series the PDP do was
all about her this week so we learned some more about her and her pile is an
interview that’s redacted so we don’t get a crystal-clear picture but we see
how she came to be in a position where she had to work for them at the very
least things are moving in the right direction
it feels pretty darn tight at this point I haven’t lost one bit of interest the
mysteries just get deeper but at the same time it feels like answers will be
delivered so let me know in the comments what you thought about episode 4 I’ll
have your positions on what the answers to the mysteries might be have changed
where do you think things are headed how do you think it will all play out what
are your favorite series this week I should have some bonus videos to follow
up on this I will definitely do a trailer breakdown next as soon as I
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please like this video if you enjoyed it and let me know in the comments what
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