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What Is C2E2? Best Of Chicago Comic-Con 2018 Comics, Entertainment, Marvel, DC, Cosplay, This Is Us

We’re going in! This is a really big convention! Lots of
vendors. Lots of panels. Lots of artists, creators,…everything! There’s all kinds of
vendors and things you can buy. Really cool collectibles. And all the latest
comics and movies will be featured here. DC Comics has a big booth. There’s the legendary Jim Lee. He came here for a signing just on Friday morning. There are so many comics here. You can buy cheap comics or some more expensive, graded comics. A Fantastic Four for $500.
And a Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge for $450. There are handcrafted things. And this is Artists Alley. In Artists
Alley you’ll find a lot of creators. They will sell you their art work or draw something for you. There’ll be Comic Book writers. A lot of artists will do commissions.
They’ll sign work that they’ve already done. There are a huge number of people
set up in Artist Alley. This is a line to see Tom King, writer of Batman. He’s
sitting in Artists Alley for a while to give autographs. And you can catch people like that every once in a while. Sometimes they’re on a set schedule.
Sometimes they just show up. This section is the paid autograph area. Celebrities
will show up at certain times and you actually have to pay a fee to get their
autograph and talk to them. This shows everybody that’s going to be in the
autographing area on which days. Which table. A lot of cool people! You will see a lot of great Cosplay here. He even had the good laugh. They will sell you an updated pinball machine here. If you’re into toys, there are lots of them
here old and new. You can build your own Lego minifigure. Lots of minifigs for sale. You can probably buy about any type of
board game here. There’s Ursula! Graham Crackers comic book shop always has a big presence here. And there are walls and walls of Pop! figures. Anything you’re looking for is probably
here. They’ve got a booth for M&M’s. You can go in there and try all the new flavors. There’s three new flavors of M&M’s
and we get to try them and then vote on them. There’s Crunchy Mint, Crunchy Raspberry and Crunchy Espresso. I liked Crunchy Mint the most. There’s Dragon Ball Z here! The McCormick Center is a great place to
have this convention – it’s really huge! They even expanded it this year. And
you’re right on the shore of Lake Michigan out there. And they’re using all these side rooms for different exhibits and different shows and panels. And right now I’m headed to the Main Stage. This is the biggest room where they have the biggest
stars and comic book artists and writers. And Milo, let’s talk about your death! Oh, ok! Go ahead. A rare opportunity to talk to somebody
after they die! “The Whispers”…that was the show that, just sadly, nobody watched. There
was this bad character, he was an alien, whose name was, actually… That’ll happen from time to time. That’ll happen from time to time, over and over and over again. How many shows have you been on that people haven’t watched? Thank you question! Uhhhhh! 15 years later, would you ever have thought that this little show called “Firefly”, would still be giving and bringing in this loyal dedicated fan base that it is?!? NO! No. Actually, this as many people that are here that were able to follow it when it first aired! I knew exactly where he needed me to go with the character. (Tom Kenny Doing His Spongebob Voice) So when Spongebob first came out, and I started doing this voice and his laugh, and the laugh like came out of nowhere, they were like, oh that was great! They were like, “Don’t change it, that’s cool!” It sounds like a dolphin, pokin’ it’s head out of the water, doin’ that! What’s up Chicago??? Chicago is happy to have you guys! You guys happy to have them here? I’m here because I heard that Dave was gonna be singing songs from “Frozen”, and “Hannah Montana”. Is that right? Did I get that right? That was the plan, but I got a little sick, a little cold, and my voice is gone. So, I’d feel a little self-conscious about it. So, sorry guys! There we are. Can you say something? No??? Hey, man! How you doing? I’m doing well. You’re doing well. You look great! You can buy all kinds of weapons here.
Fake, but very realistic. Today is Saturday, and it’s a lot busier
than Friday was. A lot more people are off today so it’s just a lot more
crowded. But it’s a lot of fun. A lot going on. This looks like the Batmobile from the
’60’s TV series. This is the Family HQ area. There’s a lot of Family-Friendly, Kid-Friendly activities going on and demonstrations. This is the Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary.
You can see some animals over here. We’ve got a puppet show about to start here. This is the Star Wars area. The 501st & Rebel Legion. Looks like a Snowtrooper and a Tauntaun. Can I get us all in a video, maybe? There we go. It looks very friendly, very tame. Hi-2 D-2 R-2 Builders. . A lot of photo
ops over here. Poor Han. Still frozen. Here’s a drawing class. I believe it’s
“Learn to draw in 30 minutes”. Correction. “You can draw in 30 minutes”. I’m not so
sure. There’s a big food court area, but it is really busy. This view from one of the upper eating
areas gives you an idea of just how big this is, and how packed this is today on a Saturday. And there’s more on that other side. This is Princess Etch in the Family HQ Zone. And she’s teaching people how to use an Etch A Sketch. And make, I guess you’d call, erasable art. This is some of Princess Etch’s artwork. That’s incredible! This looks like from the Neverending
Story. That’s good! Here’s Ryan Stegman doing some art. Now we’re going to bring up the legendary Second City who is going to put kind of a twist on some classic game shows. This is “Pop Culture Clash”. So let’s give a round of applause and welcome to the stage, “Second City”! Hello everyone! It’s me, Firestorm, the most popular member of the Justice League. You’re welcome that I’m here. I’m
Firestorm! The powers of a fire and a storm. I think some people booed you when you came out! Ooooed or booed you, I’m not sure. Only Villains! You can get your picture taken in a hot dog. They have setups where you can get
together and play your favorite games. They had one for Magic the Gathering the
other day. This is Star Wars Legion. This is Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Games. Jafar! Awesome! There’s Steampunk Lincoln. Steampunk
kinda fits Lincoln. This area is Cosplay Central. Everything
you want to know about cosplay, or get supplies, or find out a little
more information. Here’s some different cosplay costumes that they’ve made. The Iron Throne. Sunday from 11 to 12
they’re doing “Iron Wig”. They’re doing console gaming here. Old-style TVs and games! C2E2 is over. It’s time for us to go. We had a great time .I know I did,
and I think my sons and their friends did too. We’ve geeked out a lot. Now it’s time to go back to the real world. Bye!

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