What The Biggest Fans Don’t Know About Riverdale

This isn’t your parents Archie. The CW’s Riverdale is a moody, murder mystery-meets-soap
opera based on the old comics. Let’s take a look behind the scenes at some
facts that even the biggest Riverdale fans might not know. Acting can be a difficult balance for a performer. They have to use their memories and experiences
to inform a character’s behavior while also suppressing their own traits and cutting off
their personal impulses. In her very first on-screen appearance on
Riverdale, Madelaine Petsch had to quell her growing inner panic. The series begins with Cheryl Blossom and
her doomed brother, Jason, in a rowboat on the Sweetwater River. As it turns out, that was a hard sequence
for Petsch to film. She told Glamour: Instead, the crew expected Petsch to get in
the rowboat for the scene. Luckily, Petsch was able to conquer her fear
long enough to shoot the scene and everything went swimmingly. She even remarked afterwards that it was kind
of like therapy. On Riverdale, Archie is a singer-songwriter
in the Ed Sheeran vein, because he’s both redheaded and very emotional. Actor K.J. Apa is reportedly up for the musical challenge,
considering the young actor really does play the guitar. However, Apa doesn’t write those original-to-the-show
songs he’s been shown performing at Riverdale High events. Those tunes are composed by staff songwriters. As it turns out, he doesn’t really enjoy his
character’s songs. He told The Last Magazine: As Cheryl Blossom, actress Madelaine Petsch
steals most every Riverdale scene in which she appears. “Listen up, ragamuffins. I will not allow Riverdale High’s above-average
GPA to suffer because of classrooms that are overcrowded with underachievers.” Clearly, the Riverdale casting team nailed
it with Petsch, but in some alternate universe, the actress actually won the role of Betty
Cooper. Petsch auditioned for a part on the CW’s Legends
of Tomorrow in 2015, but casting director David Rapaport had other plans. Petsch told Glamour: That role was obviously Cheryl, and Petsch
was cast soon after the meeting. Although she wasn’t the only actress to audition
for Betty: According to Entertainment Weekly, 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford also
auditioned, although she didn’t get the part. While Riverdale gets a bit more bonkers with
every passing season, the show may never top the moment in Season 1 when viewers get an
intimate look inside Thornhill, the Blossom family’s stately mansion. Therein sits patriarch Cliff Blossom’s wig
room, an enclosure full of various red-dyed toupees atop mannequin heads. At a 2018 PaleyFest panel, creator and executive
producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared that the whole thing was an elaborate joke. Actor Barclay Hope, who plays Cliff Blossom,
didn’t want to dye his hair that signature Blossom hue, so the production had to rely
on wigs. Then some executives at The CW told Aguirre-Sacasa
how fake and bad those toupees looked on Barclay. The crew decided to film the actor rocking
his naturally gray hair, and then write a scene explaining that he wore wigs. That gave the crew the perfect opportunity
to construct and film a ridiculous room full of terrible wigs. “How many wigs does your father have?” “One for every mood. Legend has it that Clifford’s hair turned
white overnight.” Speaking of odd things people on Riverdale
wear on their heads, it just wouldn’t be an Archie adaptation without Jughead’s crown-meets-beanie
hat. It’s technically a “whoopee cap,” a style
of chapeau popular with the teens back when Jughead and his pals first appeared in print
in the 1940s. Times changed, fashions adapted, but Jughead
kept his hat through 70 years of comics. “I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in, and I don’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen me without this stupid
hat on? That’s weird.” In what was probably one of the most difficult
things about the Archie mythos to modernize, Riverdale costumers fashioned a chic-looking
cap for Cole Sprouse to sport as Jughead, and that thing is precious. So precious, in fact, that there’s only one
copy of it. Sprouse told Teen Vogue that they only have
one beanie for a reason: “Girl craziness” is a hallmark of Archie stories. Archie perpetually pursues Betty, Veronica,
and almost every other girl in Riverdale on occasion and so does Reggie. The only major character who isn’t hopelessly
burdened by his teenage hormones is Jughead. In a 2016 issue of Jughead, writer Chip Zdarsky
and artist Erica Henderson made the character’s fundamental lack of sexual interest canon
by making Jughead Jones officially asexual. The comic earned praise for offering representation
to a community seldom depicted in popular culture, but Riverdale didn’t keep up that
mantle. In the show, Jughead is definitely interested
in physical love, specifically with Betty. Sprouse reportedly pushed hard to keep Jughead
true to the comics. He told Glamour: Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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