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Where I Buy Comics (and Manga)

yep it’s another comic video. welcome
back to my channel. if you’ve been here for a while, you know that I have a lot
of videos aimed at people who are just starting to get into comics and manga
and what series they should check out, and I realized that I never actually
talked about where you can purchase comics and manga. so, that is exactly what
this video is. I’m just going to talk about options that you have if you are
starting to get into comics and manga, and where you can purchase them. and with
that, we’re just gonna launch right into it, because we don’t need a long-ass
intro, you know what you’re here for. I have this sorted into three main
categories: free, physical, and digital. let’s get the free out of the way,
because it’s very quick. basically, the only legal free resource for comics
and manga is your local library. there ARE a couple of websites that I will
link in the description box below that have older public domain comics
available free to read, but let’s be honest, those are probably not in the
comics that anyone watching this video is interested in. so, if you do want to
read comics for free, your library is where you’re gonna have to go. there are
also these digital library subscription options like hoopla and Libby and
overdrive. now, on to where you can purchase comics and manga. first, I’m
going to talk about the physical versions. the first is your local comic
book shop. a lot of people who aren’t into comics are very intimidated going into
comic book stores, and I can’t speak for your specific area that you live in, but
I can say that by and large culturally comic book stores (as comics have become
more and more mainstream) are less the stereotypical Simpsons comic book guy
environment, and a lot more welcoming and open. so I would recommend starting there
because you’re supporting small businesses, and local comic book shops
are really, really important for the industry. if you don’t know of a store
near you or you’re not sure if there is one, there’s
this great website called Comic Shop Locator ,and you can search both
nationally in the US and internationally to find comic book stories. if you don’t
have a comic book store near you, or if you want to save more, or if you just
don’t want to shop physically in person, there are a couple of online options as
well. high level, anywhere that you would go online to get books probably sells
some comics and manga, so Amazon, Half Price Books, Book Depository.
they do sell some, but their selection is not great. so instead, I would recommend
trying a website that is more geared towards comics and manga, and there are
two main websites that sell single issues and trades and manga volumes
online. they are DCBS and InStockTrades, and I’ve kind of lumped them together
because they are actually owned by the same company, and they have similar deals. there’s a little bit of crossover, but they’re a little different. so the
big difference is that DCBS sells single issues and InStockTrades only sells
trades. so DCBS does have some trades on the website and they do have some manga
on the website, but InStockTrades has a little bit more. so that is the
functional difference between the two, but both of them have similar offerings.
I believe that they both do ship internationally and they also have
frequent deals, which is very useful if you’re trying to build up your library.
so I know InSTockTrades for example, they always always have promotions going
on where Marvel, DC, or Image Comics will be like 50 to 70 percent off. those are
the main options for physical. so moving along to digital, buying digital comics
online is going to largely depend on what publishers you typically read,
because there’s a variety of options and the option that is best for you really
just does depend on what is the majority of comics that you are reading, who are
they published by. starting broad, the two broadest offerings are kindle unlimited
and comiXology unlimited. Kindle unlimited is not restricted to
just comics, they are mostly books, but I thought it was worth mentioning if you
didn’t know, because Kindle unlimited does include some comics and manga. I’m
not sure what their exact selection is because they don’t have it broken out on
the website, but Kindle unlimited is $9.99 per month. comiXology unlimited is
specifically for comics and manga, and comiXology is by and large the largest
website other than Amazon on which to purchase digital comics. so comiXology
has both a subscription model and then they have just a one-and-done model, so
you can go on comiXology and just by a specific single issue, or they have
comixology unlimited which is $5.99 a month and with that you get access to
twenty thousand titles that you can read for free. those titles are scattered
amongst different publishers, so that is access to Marvel, DC, and Image Comics. now
I will say with comixology unlimited, as an asterisk, that they don’t have a lot
of complete series. so a lot of what is included in that is just one volume. so
they’ll have, like, the first volume of say, Archie or saga that’s free and you
can read it, but then if you want the subsequent volumes you have to actually
purchase them on top of your subscription. so that is worth noting. I
will say that it is a good deal for someone who is just starting to get
their feet wet into comics. it’s cheap, so if you want to just go ham
and start reading a bunch of series to figure out what you might like, that is a
good option for that. but it’s not necessarily a great option if you want
to read specific volumes, because you’re gonna have to purchase them on top of
the monthly fee. and both comiXology and kindle do sell manga as well as western
comics. now we’re gonna start getting into specific publishers. so similar to
comiXology ,there is comic blitz which is basically like
the negaverse version of comixology. so all of the publishers that are on
comiXology, the big dogs like DC, Marvel, and Image, are not on comic blitz, but
comic blitz has a large selection of smaller or indie publishers. so for that
reason, I would only recommend comic blitz if you specifically read those
publishers that they offer. they are $7.99 a month, and they do also have a
free version where you can go in and try it. they don’t have listed on their website how many comics they have in their
database, however, and to my knowledge comic blitz does not have any manga on
it, but I have not used their platform extensively enough to confirm. they may
have a couple, but I would imagine not given their publisher list.
next is Marvel unlimited and this, of course, is Marvel’s offering. so that
means no manga, no DC, no image, just strictly Marvel. however, if you do read
Marvel, this is a fantastic deal. they only charge $9.99 a month, and they
basically have like their entire backlog online. their website says that they have
25,000 plus comics. there are a couple of comics here and there that are not
available, but by and large it’s, like, every single Marvel comic released. so
this is definitely worth it if you read a lot of Marvel. and then finally, there
is DC Universe. so this is a DC’s sort of version of Marvel unlimited, except that
DC Universe does include movies and TV shows as well as comics, and comics is
not the main focus of the site. it’s just it’s kind of a 50/50 split. this service
is $7.99 a month and they have 20,000 comics available in their database. and
that brings us to the end of the video. I hope this is useful for someone out
there. please let me know in the comments if there are any resources that you know
of that I did not mention in this video. and until next time, take care, bye!

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7 thoughts on “Where I Buy Comics (and Manga)

  1. Hey now, Anglo-American style comics aren't the only Western comics tradition! 😉
    Izneo is a similar service to Comixology for BD (Franco-Belgian style/format) comics. The bulk of what they sell is in French, but they have a decent-sized English (also German and Dutch) section too. Their Canadian prices are pretty much in-line with Comixology's.

  2. Wordery has a pretty decent comic book selection as well. They had the Berserk collector's edition too, of all things. 🙂 Also Humble bundle often has drm-free digital comic book and manga bundles.

  3. Thank you so much for this!. I am always intimidated by comic books but i so much want to read them. This along with your other viseos have really helped..i just need to pick what I want to read first.😊

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