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Where to Start Reading Teen Titans Comics [CC]

(Singing) When there’s trouble you know who
to call Teen Titans! (Voiceover) Man, who doesn’t love the Teen
Titans, am I right? Hey guys, I am back today with another video
in my series of getting into comics. This time we’re going to be getting into some
Teen Titans. So, if you want to start reading some Teen
Titans comics but you’re not quite sure where to begin,
then this is the video for you. Teen Titans is one of my personal favorite
teamups in all of superherodom so I’m really excited
to do this one. I have to put up something of a disclaimer: I’m going to just make the assumption that
most want to start reading Teen Titans because they’ve seen the Teen Titans cartoon
or Young Justice, which are both fantastic shows. I just wanna let you guys know before you
start reading the comics, that the characters that are in Teen Titans
and Young Justice do appear in the comics, but they don’t always
all appear on the same team, if that makes sense I just wanted to throw that out there so you
guys know before you start reading Teen Titans that you don’t get dissapointed if you’re
a huge Raven fan, for example, she might not be in all of these titles that
I’m going to recommend. Cause it’s a team. The team lineup changes and shifts, so just be aware of that. Alright? That being said, I am going to start with
the comic that show is based off of and the comic that is, in my opinion, the
best overall Teen Titans comic that there is. And that is The New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman
and George Perez. You might recognize George Perez if you’ve
also watched my Wonder Woman video. He’s a very, very influential creator and
he and Marv Wolfman teamed up to work on Teen Titans in the 80s. Before they took ahold of Teen Titans it was disjointed, kind of childish. Together, they made it into the Teen Titans that we know and love today. The cartoon is unquestionably mostly based
off this version of Teen Titans. This is where Starfire, Raven and Cyborg were
introduced. This is also where all the most famous Titans
stories come from like Judas Contract, that comes from this
era. There are 7 volumes total of this series and DC is currently releasing omnibus versions
that combine a couple volumes so I will leave links to all of those in the
description box below so you can go check them out. Highly recommend that series. Alright, and then the next one that I’m going
to recommend is a little one off series and that is Teen Titans: Year One. This is a really good one to read if you’re
not familiar with the comic version of the Teen Titans, because it basically just
gives an overview of how they started which is different than how they started in
the cartoon. It’s really cute, it’s a really quick read
and since this is just a one-off, it’s only one volume, so that’s also really
easy to find. Alright, moving right along we’re gonna get
into the next Teen Titans series that I’m going to recommend, which is Geoff
John’s run on Teen Titans. Now the thing with this teamup…do you remember
that disclaimer that I threw out in the beginning? This version of the Teen Titans does not have all the characters that are
in the cartoon. There’s quite a large chunk of the Titans
that are in this that are not in either one of the cartoons. This takes place kind of after the Titans
have been established for a while so that’s the reason why a lot of the OG Titans
(if you will) aren’t in this it’s because they’re adults now. So it’s interesting from that perspective
too because you get to see characters in more
of a mentoring role. We get to see Starfire especially act more
as that kind of guidant figure than as a Titan herself, which is really interesting. It also has a really nice mix of characters
and it’s just a ton of fun. And there are 7 volumes total in this series. I will leave them down below in the description
box for you. And finally, for you I have Young Justice
by Peter David. This is the one that inspired the Young Justice
cartoon, obviously. I include it in the Teen Titans because it’s
basically the same thing they just call themselves Young Justice but
it’s Teen Titans. And this is, again, after the original Titans
have kind of aged up and now a new generation of Titans is coming
into the fold and taking over. Alright, and those are all the recommendations
I have for you. In the comments below, let me know who your
favorite Teen Titan is. Mine’s Wally West. Thanks for watching and take care now, bye!

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