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WHICH GENRE SHOULD YOU WRITE?! A Summary of All Anime/Manga Genres!

as a manga creator you might know you
wants you to create a manga but you might still be uncertain about what
genre you should shoot in today’s video I’m going to be giving you a full list
of genres you can write your manga about and hopefully this will give you
some new ideas and also inspire you for your own manga as well thank you so much
James Mooney for your suggestion and if anyone else watching this has any
suggestions or things you would like to see feel free to let me know in the
comments below because I’m always open to your requests and if you have any
videos you’d like to see I’m really happy to make videos for you guys
most manga branches into two different kinds of genres Shonen and shoujo manga
shoujo manga is manga that is targeted more to teenage female audience and a
shounen manga is more targeted to a teenage male audience some popular
shoujo series might be Sailor Moon or coming summer kiss and some popular
Shonen series are things more like Naruto or one piece with these
demographics you also have seen in and josei seinen is manga targeted to adult
men and josei is manga targeted to adult females you can pretty much categorize
any manga into one of these branches of genres or demographics there is also
kids manga which shoot you should keep in mind as well but any of these
demographics of manga have lots of different genres attached to them to
create the stories and in today’s new I’m going to be giving you a list of the
entire manga genres so that you can see them for your own manga and get inspired
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want to miss it because I give lots of manga advice so the first jhana I want
to talk about is adventure manga adventure manga focuses on the
characters exploring the world this is why so many of the longer mangas can be
classified as adventure mangas like one piece or fairy tale because there are so
many adventures and storylines to think about when they are going on this big
adventure around this world and adventures stories revolve around
something they are doing within the universe and they can never stay in one
place for too long adventure is one of my favorite genres
and two of my personal favorite mangas are in this category which is the
promised Neverland and made in abbis the next gender I want to talk about is
action manga action manga focuses on intense battles and high levels of
action these are mangas that have many pages
focusing simply on a model or the characters fighting or doing something
intense so it’s really really intense scene intense action the next turner i
want to talk about is comedy the purpose of this genre is just to make you laugh
comedy manga focuses on lighter topics and also tends to tie in with slice of
life quite often but it doesn’t have to it can also be a part of fantasy or
other genres on this list popular comedy manga include the devil is a part-timer
and nichijou now tying in with this is slice of life which is the next genre
I’m going to talk about slice of life is something that can be shown in numerous
other genres slice of life literally shows a slice in the characters lives
what they would do on a day to day basis this may be a character going to school
or a character in a fantasy world going out and doing something like collecting
some herbs or something the manga I mentioned in the comedy section could
also be classed as slice of life the difference is that slice of life doesn’t
just cover the comedy genre but can cover a wide range of genres I actually
have a video specifically on how to write this entire topic and if you want
to see it you can click the link below in the description and also in the
comics section the next runner I want to talk about is sports sports can also tie
into slice of life sports mangas are mangas that focus on the characters
doing sport and this may be basketball tennis or even ice skating popular
sports manga include high Q and one of my favorites which is welcome to the
ballroom next is cooking cooking manga can also
tie into slice of life some of the most popular manga focused on cooking our
food wars and what did you eat yesterday it’s very interesting how this has
developed as a genre because when I first got interested in manga I didn’t
know much about cooking manga and now there are so many mangas in this genre
that are really popping up so next on rwan to talk about is fantasy the
fantasy genre deals with surreal events and locations it usually has a very
mystical atmosphere and they use a range of unique characters and creatures to
really bring the world to life popular fantasy manga includes seven deadly sins
and my all-time favorite which is Inuyasha the difference between this and
adventure manga is that adventure manga focuses on the exploration of the world
but fantasy mega doesn’t have to do that it can enjoy the exploration of the
world but it doesn’t have to and that’s the difference I actually have a video
specifically on to write fantasy manga so you can also check that out in the
comments section below then we also have another branch of this I know I’m
branching off but there’s lots of different branches of genres in anime
and manga and so this one is post apocalypse first the post apocalyptic
manga this is manga such as attack on Titan set in a world that has gone
through this apocalypse and has now sort of survived to be as it is in the story
so this is also a sub-genre of fantasy makeup now the next runner I want to
talk about is romance manga romance manga focuses on a love triangle between
characters there will usually be a main love interest or a love triangle but
whatever it is this focuses on relationships and can also be tied in
with drama popular romance manga includes say I
love you and Kim Yuna Tata care which is one of my all-time favorites I also have
multiple videos specifically on this genre that may help you next I want to
talk about Supernatural John Roos supernatural might seem a lot like
fantasy at a first glance but supernatural focuses more on the odd
supernatural events in a more day-to-day setting rather than in a fantasy setting
in fantasy the whole world is in a different place or fantasy universe but
supernatural manga might include supernatural supernatural characters
like demons or vampires and be focused as being something odd and out of the
blue in a normal setting manga such as noragami and blue exorcist can be
classed as super Oh mango next is horror horror focuses
on scary things the stories show very gruesome events gruesome things this
could be through Goya through monsters or through scary events
some popular manga in this genre are another corpse Party and Higurashi I
also have a video on this topic which I linked below now at a first glance this
next honor I want to talk about which is paranormal manga may seem very close to
the horror genre but paranormal focuses less on super creepy things like John GE
termite and instead focuses more on ghosts and spirits I say I am a horror
fan but I would say my interests are more in the paranormal genre my own
manga having faith also falls under this genre a popular paranormal manga is
xxxHolic they actually aren’t that many I can think of that focus more on this
subject next is magic magic is a manga genre
that focuses more on special powers and well magic some popular manga in this
genre include include Maji the labyrinth of magic this genre can also cover anime
like Madoka Magica which is in the magical girl genre but they use their
powers and magic to fight tying in with this is the superhero genre superhero
could also include magical girls magical girls are sort of between magic and
superhero genres in my opinion because magical girls kind of have a jhana all
in their own superhero genres can include magical girl anime like Sailor
Moon because these characters focus on saving the day but I would say newer
manga like my hero academia can also be classed as a superhero manga next is
mystery manga and the mystery genre is one of my all-time favorites and focuses
on characters solving mysteries detective conan is a mystery manga and
also umineko is a mystery manga next is music the music genre focuses on
characters playing music and is usually also tied in which slice of life
this is manga such as kay on next is the psychological donor psychological manga
focused more on how the mind works and interesting and complex characters this
usually also gets tied in with horror or drama or any one of those more darker
genres dev nur is an example of a psychological manga because the main
focus of it even though there is crime and detectives the main focus is a
battle of wits Morini key can also fall under this
genre because a lot of the focus of the manga falls on to how the characters
interact and how they do things in the manga next is crime this is quite
self-explanatory crime manga focuses on police and crime next is ISA Chi ISA Chi
is a bit of a newer John rrah that has just started showing up more and more in
recent manga and there are so many new ISA Chi mangas out there ISA Chi focuses
on characters being transported to another world I refer you some means of
teleportation or through dying in the real world and waking up in a fantasy
world ISA Chi is different from mangle
excellent online because sword online is set in a game whereas ISA Chi is the
real fantasy world that the characters are in some is a Chi manga I do enjoy
are the rising of the shield hero and re zero now following this I’ll talk about
game manga this is a confusing topic in the manga community some people say that
ISA Chi and game manga are kind of the same thing and I do understand but I
kind of think they’re more of a John Ruan on their own because sword online
is where characters literally go into the game they’re not reborn into a
fantasy world so game mangas that I can think of would be sorta online and also
overlord the next trainer I want to talk about is the martial arts genre martial
arts focuses on characters doing martial arts I haven’t actually read any manga
in this genre myself but I know that mangas such as a vagabond could be
classed under this but also popular Shonen manga such as Naruto and Dragon
Ball have martial arts components the next genre I want to talk about is
drama drama focuses more on complex character emotions scenes and stories
these are more emotional mangas that really help you to feel what the
characters feel and these are mangas such as your lie in April or animes like
on Ohana next is sci-fi and in this I’m also
including mecha sci-fi focuses on space and the science behind things and this
can also include the mecha genre which focuses on robots cyborgs or androids
this genre focuses more on futuristic technology things that may not have been
floated before one of my favorites in this genre is Connaughton or Astra and
also the classic Astro Boy it falls into this genre now I’m gonna talk about
historical manga historical manga focuses on a world and universe in the
past this might be the nineteenth century Middle Ages Vikings medieval
times the list goes on this includes mangas such as Emma Vinland saga and
vagabond I actually have a video specifically on this topic as well the
next topic I want to talk about is military manga military manga focus is
more on Army or war and this is usually combined with historical mecha or action
genres as well now we’re going to go into harem or reverse harem manga this
is something more specifically shown in anime and manga but I have seen a few
novels on this as well harem manga focuses on a lot of girls being
potential love interests with one guy and reverse harem focuses on lots of
guys and one girl popular horror manga include amada-kun and the seven witches
and popular reverse harem manga include Ouran High School Host Club Ichi is a
genre that focuses on more revealing scenes there is nudity and adult moments
in Aichi this is manga such as highschool DxD
then you can go on to hentai manga which is a lot more hardcore than ecchi this
focuses on the really 18-plus stuff then we’ve got URI which is romance between
two female characters or more than true female characters and this is manga such
as bloomin to you or citrus and then you also have yo a manga which focuses on a
romance between male characters and this is manga such as junjou romantica and
the world’s greatest first love thank you so much for watching my video today
everyone I really hope you enjoyed it if you did please let me know in the
comment section down below I really hope this video helps you get
inspired for the different genres or if you’re just watching because you were
curious thanks for watching and I really hope this gave you more information on
the different kinds of manga jon runes and again thank you for watching and
i’ll see you in the next video bye

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