100 thoughts on “WHIS WATCHES MERUS VS GOKU! Gohan Vs 73 With Moros Power! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 54 LEAKS!

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  2. "Meerus and the Grand Priest are not the same"

    Assuming the Grand Priest cant make a simple split form, like the Yardrats, and assume a "secret identity" like Meerus. While maintaining a form of Grand Priest.

    The Grand Priest is 2cnd only to the Zeno's, you are underestimating his power.

  3. I never thought that I’d watch dragon ball for narrative or lore that’s great good ol days are back and maybe even get better

  4. Imagine if merus was an attendant from universe 16 or something .. would be so cool but he looks to be different . Could be whis's long lost son.

  5. Chapter 54 is impressive🤩❕, Gohan Vs 7-3, Merus identity and Goku with Vegeta have more time to train … An amaizing way to celebrate today the 35 years of the Manga of Dragon Ball and the final fight against Moro is coming🤩❗️

  6. I'm utterly sick of dragon ball a, super, everything, goku literally gets the special training every single time, htf is another angel training him, meanwhile vegeta stuck on freaking yardrat.

  7. why do i keep seeing ssj3>ssgss? that doesnt make any sense. ssj3 is using ones own saiyan ki. ssgss is using god ki. completely different paths. ugh….

  8. UnrealEntGaming lied here, Gohan did not fire a Kamehameha in 7-3’s face, his copy ability wore off and he shrank down to normal size, then switched to Moro’s abilities and swallowed the blast. Shame on this channel for tying to re-write the story..

    He’s also pretending as if the English translation is not out already which you can read for free on the Shonen Jump app. There’s no need to wait for it to see what Whis says which is that he asks the Grand Priest about the angel laws in regards to Merus, confirming he’s an angel of some sort. Don’t let this channel scam you like that..

  9. sooooo does the current manga coincide with the anime, previous manga, or is it kinda doing its own thing taking from both? cus as someone who watched the canon anime i'm not a huge fan of having everything I loved and invested in as a fan being retconned.

  10. Moro is letting goku and vegeta train for 2 months that Jaco managed to give them. Whis is talking to the grand priest about the situation about Merus. It ends with that.

  11. I don't think Merus has lost any angle power for all we know he could probably blitz Whis he is doing his on thing with out fear after all.

  12. I find it funny that 73 can absorb everyone's fighting techniques and has had a long life and all of this and yet he is still using piccolo's attacks he hasn't learned any valuable attacks beforehand cuz Bigelow's a text pretty much suck

  13. Why would you post this video and speculate on what they are saying instead of just waiting for the translations to come out in a couple hours

  14. I'm also starting to get annoyed by the people complaining about the DLC. You want Xenoverse 3? Stop buying DLC. You want a new game? Wait for DBZ: Kakarot.

  15. Best intro ever I get chills every time I heat that sound track and that one inch punch is a signature trade mark move of the legendary Bruce Lee

  16. Meerus is a fallen angel, or one of the sons of the grand priest. The thing is that he is training goku just as whis is training beeurus, that could be a conflict as he may want to turn goku into a god of destruction or some other kind of god or beerus might not like that since he is the one in charge of that universe

  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't Moro's primary power just a forced spirit bomb? The way 73 used it reminded me of the way Goku makes his spirit bombs. So this is a power that Goku already knows how to use, except he does it with the concent of the beings he absorbs power from. Whereas Moro rapes the planet he absorbs. Goku should naturally be able to come up with a counter to this redundant energy absorption technique. Don't ya think?

  18. – Grand priest sent mirus to train goku..

    – Mirus is moros angel.

    – Mirus wants goku to get stronger so moro has more power to absorb.


  19. My condolences go out to her family so now we all go find the dragonballs and bring her back lol love y'all and may God bless y'all

  20. c'est la vie!!! Live life folks fuck what the world thinks about you. Long as you do you. Free the weed , free the WEED next year!

  21. I know this is off topic but, I seriously hope that Vegeta is NOT sitting on his ass on Yardrat for some bullshit technique or power that will end up being completely irrelevant.

  22. Spoiler alert meerus is actually going to punch goku but then use his special ability gomu gomu nooo bozooooka

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