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Who is the Best of the X-Men? | Marvel Comics

[MUSIC PLAYING] Best X-Men would
be, uh, Storm the wind and the [IMITATES STORM]
rain, it’s fun. Jubilee’s my all time
fave, but, I dunno, Captain Britain right
now is my favorite. Cyclops. There is no other answer. Smart, confident,
cool under fire. Smartest guy on the team. Captain Kit Pryde
of the Marauders. I’m trying not to–
not to do a spoiler here. You know what? It’s a tie, it’s, uh,
Cannibal or Sunspot. Storm. She’s the toughest by far. I like Chamber. He’s not really an
X– is he an X-Man? Would you call him an X-Man? I’m just gonna say him,
he is an X-Man now. I think he’s gonna
be the head X-Man. Jubilee, but
only as a vampire. Ooh. I’m gonna say Cyclops. I like Cyclops, he’s got
[IMITATES LASER BEAM].. I like him. He’s good.

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90 thoughts on “Who is the Best of the X-Men? | Marvel Comics

  1. Wolverine is the most interesting and unique X-Man by far. He was literally the last A-list character in comics… And that's coming from someone who doesn't think the X-Men is even the best Marvel team.

  2. Wolverine. Not only does he have the best marvel movie (Logan) but he has been the O.G for so long. And he has been through a lot.

  3. Magik is my all-time favorite. She has one of the most creative origin stories, her powers are great and fresh and make her interesting character. She has so many cool relationships with other X-Men and to people of the more magical side of the world. Her costumes look awesome (even the older, red ones), and her bang is just iconic.

    Why doesn't she have her own series? C'mon, let me write it.

  4. Princess Ororo Munroe🖤Storm! All Day!
    With no powers, it's always her!
    Thank the Goddess and Bast for the Weather Witch!🖤

  5. I really like Negasonic Teenage Warhead from the movies, but I must confess: I haven’t read any of her comic appearances yet.



  7. My favorite has always been Wolverine. As far as "best" I would go with Jean Grey; not only is she an Omega level telepath, but she can house the Phoenix force, which is a multiversal entity 🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. X-Men I want to see in the MCU

    Ice Man
    Night Crawler
    Kitty Pryde
    Proffesor X

    & Magneto as the Villain.

  9. Ororo Munroe
    Mistress of the Elements
    Queen of Wakanda
    Queen of the Morlocks
    Goddess of the Serengeti
    Queen of Polemachus, Breaker of Chains, Savior of the Environment.
    Leader of the 1st Men
    Queen of the Edict
    Weather Master
    Wind Rider
    She who brings life to the Desert
    Empress of Unbothered( as to not smite every one in the room) until you come for her people.

  10. Rogue – she's gourgeous, strong, badass, sassy and always in a good mood. She has a ton of problems and could be just a tragic character, but she got up and fight back.
    And Storm, of course. C'mon, she stayed being the leader of the X-Men even WITHOUT HER POWERS!
    (I also like Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Magneto and Beast)

  11. Well, Storm is consistently my favorite (with Cyclops and Jean Grey not too far behind). However, Rachel Summers holds a special place in my heart. From her first appearance in Days of Future Past right up until she swapped places with Brian Braddock in the time stream (one of the worst decisions in X-history), she was arguably the most compelling character. We got to see a character physically and emotionally scarred on a mission to prevent the dystopian future where she was raised. Eventually, she moves past her trauma, and learns to live in the present, and even form a surrogate family. She hasn't been written quite as well since her return, though. Pretty much all of her character growth was reversed, unfortunately. To be fair, her story pretty much concluded when her and her Excalibur teammates went into the future to stop Master Mold. Any story told after that point was bound to be comparatively underwhelming. But seeing an X-Man from a dark alternative future timeline showing that Charles Xavier's dream could potentially end in failure was incredible.

  12. All cute answers but we all know it's wolverine. I mean he is Project X. I'm telling you, the X in X-Men doesn't stand for Xavier.😉 Don't care what you say.🤷

  13. If the creators of the original material said that Scott is the best X-Men. Then we know who are truly Marvel fans and who are the "mainstream" ones.

  14. I think it's Scarlett witch dude, she got awesome power and weird telepathic powers I mean she is insane So is most powerful 💯.

  15. Thunderbird, Storm, Sunfire, Wolverine, Night Crawler, Colosus, Banshee, Jubilee, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Jean Grey, Angel and Bishop are the best Xmen members.

  16. Look and listen to these guys and wonder no more on how they don't know how to write Gambit. Not a smooth bad boy to be found.

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