Why are Ninja Scientific Tools so important to the Boruto series?

In today’s episode I’m going to talk about
Scientific Ninja Tools, namely, why it is so important for Kara members to have their
bodies modified with this technology, also this episode contains spoilers from Manga,
as we already know Amado is the one who modify the bodies of
Kara members, and through these modify they can use different very powerful abilities,
the first character we saw in Manga using these skills was Ao, we still don’t know why
he joined Kara, but he was badly injured in the 4th shinobi war,
so Amado modify his body, the second character with body modifications that was introduced
in Manga Boruto was Garo, Garo’s forearms were modified with Type-5 Shinobi Gauntlets,
and these modify allowed him to launch the Fire Release
Bubbles, his body also contained an Argos unit, and other unknown modifications, and
the third character that was introduced with these modifications is Kawaki, Amado
modified Kawaki’s body to the level of his circulatory and nervous systems, and implanted
countless ninja microscopic scientific instruments all over his body, with these modifi he can
use a skill similar to a Kekkei Genkai, with which
he is able to transform his arms, or other parts of his body in metal weapons, also details
about the other modifications of Kawaki’s body are strictly classified, therefore we
will see in the future what other powers he can use with
these body modifications, another character who was introduced in Manga with body modifications
is Delta, she just like Kawaki can turn her legs into weapons, and can also fly using
continuous chakra explosions from her legs, and with
her eyes she can absorb chakra, but they have a limit, for example Naruto used a Rasengan
with a lot of chakra, so her eyes reached the limit, and she was defeated, also these
artificial eyes are connected to a drone, that she holds behind
her, and when a fight starts she releases that Drona into the air, so she can see much
better what’s going on around her, also, when Boruto used Vanishing Rasengan against her,
she could see that Rasengan, which means that these eyes
can see even the invisible techniques, she can release some kind of light from her eyes
as well, which when she touches her oponent, that light causes cellular breakdown, halting
regenerative abilities, and after being defeated by Naruto,
she appeared in Amado’s lab in another body, which means that the body she uses is not
her real body, and her real body, I think is that drone, i mean, after she was defeated,
the drone was still moving, so I think that drone went back
to Amado’s lab, and placed in another body of the Delta, and the last character we saw
in Manga that has the body modified by Amado is Boro, who are now fighting against team
seven, the first ability he used in this fight, was
a kind of virus that looks like a dark mist, and this mist consumes the energy of the opponent
gradually during the fight, and Boro is the only one not affected by this mist, because
he has antibodies in his body, and because this mist
is not based on the chakra, it cannot be absorbed by Karma, also Boro can regenerate instantly,
even if his body is destroyed, and according to Kawaki, this ability has a weakness, namely, if they destroy Boro’s core, then they will
be able to neutralize his regeneration abilities, there are also other members of the Kara organization
who have the bodies modified by Amado, for example Code, who after Delta returned to Kara’s organization, he said it’s time for
him and Boro to get to work, because Delta is weak, which means he is stronger than Delta,
and also Kashin Koji has the modified body, but just like Code we still don’t know what
abilities these modification offer him, now the answer to
the question, why is Scientific Ninja Tools so important for the Boruto series, I think
it’s pretty simple, I mean, to create a strong opponent for Naruto and Sasuke, in my opinion
i think this technology is needed, because as far as we
know Naruto and Sasuke are the most powerful Shinobi at the moment, so I don’t think there
are any other Shinobi at their level, that’s why this technology is important, for the
development of the Boruto series, Isshiki Otsutsuki is an
exception, because as we know, the members of the Otsutsuki clan are the Gods, so it
is obvious that they are very powerful, but if only Ishiki was the only enemy, then the
Boruto Series would not have been so interesting, therefore, with
this technology more powerful enemies have been created, and because of this, in the
future we will be able to see more interesting fights, and also fights in which Sasuke and
Naruto will have to use their strongest abilities, because
if the members of the Kara organization had only used Jutsu, then I don’t think the fights
would have been so interesting, and would have ended very quickly, therefore, in my
opinion, I think Ninja Technology is very important
for the development of the Boruto Series.

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