Why I Love Cheryl Blossom From Riverdale | Vlogmas Day 5

Oh, my gosh, I cannot figure out how
to make this camera and video be straight, but, then again, I’m not straight either
so I guess this is just fitting, right? (MARKER SCRATCHING) (ELECTRONIC VIDEO GAME CHIME) Hello and welcome back to the channel
and Vlogmas. Today, because it is Wednesday,
and what does Wednesday mean? Well, if you are a CW fan and a Riverdale fan, you know that today, tonight
is a new episode of Riverdale, I think. I think it’s still airing. Alright, I’m gonna be honest, I stopped
watching it as it aired because I couldn’t focus and I would just prefer Netflix,
but, still, I wanted it to be fitting. So, because of that, I just want to talk about
how much I love Cheryl Blossom. In fact, I love her so much
that I was her as a Serpent for Halloween. So, if you don’t know who Cheryl Blossom is
and you’re not really aware of Riverdale, it’s a show that is based on the Archie comics, which I will admit and be honest,
I have not read. Riverdale is about a bunch of teenagers that… It’s like watching a soap opera, a soap opera
in really, really, really high-quality HD, and Cheryl Blossom, aka Cherry Bombshell,
is kind of a character that you… Well, to be honest, when I first started
watching it, I kind of really hated her. Well, not hated her, I loved and hated her
and I still almost kinda do, but she has a brother named Jason,
and, you know what, let’s not spoil it. But, anyway, she’s kind of like
the head bitch in charge and the mean girl at school,
which…she is kind of mean. She’s a character you cannot ignore,
a character that you cannot forget, and this goes for both her looks
and her personality. So, I want to go over the reasons
why I just really love Cheryl Blossom. I kinda already mentioned this
but the fact that she’s just not boring. Like, I’m gonna be honest,
I’m not too much of an Archie fan himself. I don’t dislike him and I don’t hate him. But I just… I kind of find him forgettable, which shouldn’t really happen if you’re
the main character of the show, right? But when I watch him and whatnot, I just… I kinda don’t really remember
what goes on in his life, unless it’s like a really major plot point. But with Cheryl, man, there’s always
something wild going on in her life. You know, she’s the main person in the show
that’s just, like, really dramatic and just all this obscene stuff
happening in her life, and it’s just… You can’t forget her. The signature look with the red hair
and the really thick lashes and the red lips. As you can see, I was kind of
trying to channel her look today. I just… I don’t have red hair. Every time she comes on the screen,
my eyes just move over. Every time she comes on the screen,
it’s just… it’s too hard not to look over at her
because she’s just so mesmerising. OK, not to be a Debbie downer,
but the second reason is the fact that I can relate to her
when it comes to having an abusive parent. Now, is Cheryl Blossom an angel?
No. She’s done some pretty… She’s done some pretty wild things
in the show but I understand it. It’s like a defence mechanism. When you’ve been abused all of your life,
you have to do whatever it is that you can to try to protect yourself,
especially if the threat is still ongoing. Every time, when she feels really upset,
when she’s getting beaten down, you know, verbally and whatnot
from her mother, I feel that. I feel that very much, and I think the fact that,
OK, her dad wasn’t anything too great either, but, since her mom is more in the picture now,
it’s just…it’s so much more relatable, and I think that’s just one of the things
I really enjoy seeing, a character that goes through the same
experiences that I had to go through, and I just want to, like, go into the TV screen
or the laptop screen and, like, you know, just give her a hug. The third reason being
that she is also a bisexual woman. It was confirmed by Madelaine herself, so I don’t recall if they say that outright
in the show, at least not since the last episode
that I’ve seen, and, if they did mention it, it might be completely just…it might have
disappeared from my brain and my memory. But I was looking it up when I was making
my list and Madelaine said herself that, yes, Cheryl is bisexual, and hi –
bisexual woman myself, so, heck, yeah. Also, the actress herself is vegan, as well, and so I’m going to assume
that Cheryl Blossom is, too, so let’s just throw that in there. And the last reason that I really like her, or more of that I can really relate to her,
is the fact that, you know, she’s a loner. You know, you see her as this person
who’s, like, the most popular in school, and the cameras, the writing make it
seem like she’s, you know, very popular, and, of course, Veronica was
kind of taking that place a little bit. But, regardless of her being, like, the
head bitch in school and whatnot, you know, that girl is a loner. She doesn’t really have any real friends. Now she does. As you get more and more into the show,
into the third season, she’s starting to develop friendships with the
Serpents and she’s dating Toni, you know? But, really, before the end of season two,
all she really had was Jason. And, well, she doesn’t have Jason anymore,
so she’s just feeling very alone. Her parents are abusive and, well,
let’s be honest, OK, Cheryl’s not perfect. Cheryl is… She has a mean streak, and, so, yeah, if you’ve got a mean streak, people don’t
really want to be friends with you all that often. So, you know,
she’s been trying to change that. She’s been doing better with her personality. She still has her moments. I don’t think Cheryl
will ever get rid of her moments and I don’t think I even want that
to really happen because that is what makes Cheryl Cheryl. Just don’t go too overboard with that, right? All she really wants is a family and friends
and whatnot. She just wants connections with people, and I think,
because of the defence mechanism and all the shit that she was dealing with
with the abuse from her parents, she doesn’t really know how to not be
so defensive and not be so mean, which is a situation, a thing
that she needs to work on, because, if she doesn’t work on that, then, obviously,
it’s not gonna work out really well for her. You know, I feel that, I felt that in high school. You know, I had a couple of friends but I didn’t really feel like I had
a real connection with anybody ’cause, you know, while we’d be friends
at school or whatever, it’s like, outside of school, nobody really
wanted to connect with me all that much, not in the way that I would see
other people be connected. I mean, even now, like, with YouTube,
friends and whatnot, like, I don’t really feel like I have a real
strong connection with as many people as I like to think that I do because connection
is like a two-way street, you know? If one person reaches out but the other one
doesn’t really on their own time, it’s like… Maybe I am the forgotten one and I…people
don’t really want that connection with me. Like, I feel those same feelings
that Cheryl has and I understand the desire
to try to make connections so, so badly, because being alone and feeling
alone really, really sucks. It really does. I’m not saying that Cheryl Blossom
is a completely perfect character. Nobody is. It is Riverdale. Nobody in Riverdale is perfect. That’s the whole show. Everybody has their deep, dark secrets
and whatnot, right? I’ve had my own issues in the past. I still have my issues in the past. Even just yesterday, I was probably
doing something really crappy and I’m gonna learn from it, and, you know, it’s not just me, it’s everybody
else on this planet, nobody is perfect, and that’s probably why
I love Cheryl so much, through all the… with just how messed up she is
because I relate and I just… She is that one character
that is going through so much growth. It might be slowly but it’s happening. She’s going from someone
that just wanted to take care of herself, it was just me, myself and I, or she felt like that was just how she was
gonna have to be, like it was just herself, but now, working with the serpents
and, you know, being a serpent and how she was standing up for people, even people
she didn’t really know all that well. Jughead and Toni, you know,
she knows them pretty well, but, just… I feel like, if you haven’t seen the show, you have to see the show
to understand what I’m talking about. That’s why I love Cheryl Blossom. If you are a Riverdale fan, let me know
who your favorite character is. Tell me how you feel about Cheryl. You don’t have to love her as much as I do. That’s fine. But let’s have a conversation about it
because I really want to talk more about it. As always, I appreciate you watching,
thank you, but, before you go, if you haven’t,
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