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SCOTT: One of the defining moments in almost every single Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is this line right here: STAR-LORD: Star-Lord. KORATH: Who?
STAR-LORD: Star-Lord, man. Legendary outlaw… SCOTT: It’s a great line that gives us a feel of
what to expect from the film but it does pose an interesting question… Why does Peter
Quill go by the name Star-Lord? The answer’s a little bit more complicated than you might
think at first, but don’t worry, because we’re gonna get to the bottom of it right
now. Welcome to Comic Misconceptions, the show
that takes you into detail about the things you think you know about comics, I’m your
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for you to go watch some of his comic book-related videos. Like this one right here! But let’s talk Guardians of the Galaxy,
I am so stoked for this movie guys, I thought about doing many different videos about many
different topics related to the Guardians, I mean, there’s just so much to pull from,
the original team line-up, the new team line-up, the Nova Corps, even, but the more that I
thought about it, one question kept coming back to me. Why is Peter Quill called Star-Lord?
The trailer makes it seem like some kind of alias he gave himself for his criminal career,
but the comics tell a different story. Or should I say, stories. Star-Lord’s origin
was revealed to us in Marvel Preview #4 from 1976 and was written by Steve Englehart, who
had an intense knowledge of astrology, and really worked that into the character of Star-Lord.
The planets aligned themselves the night Peter was born. His father, Jake, takes one look
at him and says, “Well he doesn’t look anything like me!” and he takes that to
mean that Meredith, the mother, had cheated on him and Peter was the result of that affair.
Out of anger, Jake takes the newly born Peter Quill outside to kill him, but out of a stroke
of luck on Peter’s behalf, Jake dies of a heart attack then and there. So he grows up being raised by his mom, Meredith Quill, and one day on the way to school, Peter sees an alien spacecraft,
and goes to get his mom to prove to her that alien life exists. Unfortunately, this doesn’t
work out for Meredith as once the aliens see her, they shoot her dead. This is the one constant
throughout all of Star-Lord’s origins. Peter then grows up in an orphanage, learning everything
he can about outer space, destined to be an astronaut so that he can someday find the
aliens that killed his mom and get revenge, even though no-one believes his story that
aliens exist in the first place. He was very rough around the edges and made
no friends, and it was actually because of this that he was denied the mission to Mars
that he so desperately wanted. He did get a second chance later, on an orbiting space
station. It wasn’t the trip to Mars that he wanted, but, it was a start. And it was
actually on that space station that Peter finally got to prove that he wasn’t crazy.
Alien life did exist. Some sort of Alien lifeform appeared to everyone in a shared vision
and told them that in two weeks, a person of their choosing would become a Star-Lord.
They all have a meeting and Peter steps up and volunteers “I will be the Star-Lord!”.
He thinks this will finally give him the ability to avenge his mom’s death, but he gets denied
the opportunity because they think that someone with more experience should be Star-Lord. Two weeks later, they choose Peter’s rival
at NASA, Greg Harrelson, to take up the mantle. Peter is outraged, and rightfully so, he had
gone his whole life believing in alien life, only to be ridiculed, and now, that he finally
has proof, he is still treated like garbage. So, he decides to take the mantle of Star-Lord,
by force. A lot of force. He gets cornered and the guards all shoot at him in unison.
When the smoke clears, they believe the lasers have vaporised Peter Quill out of existence,
but that is not the case. The moment they shot at him was the same moment that a Star-Lord
had to be chosen. Peter was not vaporised, he was transported through space to be at
the feet of a being who calls himself the Master of the Sun. The Master of the Sun reveals
that Peter’s middle name is Jason, which Peter had never told anyone before. I mean,
it’s kind of out of nowhere but I guess it proves that the Master of the Sun is the
real deal. I do have a hard time believing that you can be an astronaut, but not have
written your middle name down on any paperwork or forms or something, but I don’t know
how space works. Peter’s costume appears out of nowhere as the Master of the Sun grants
him the title of Star-Lord. The only problem is, Peter doesn’t know what a Star-Lord
is. Are they supposed to just observe and document things that go on in the galaxy?
Or maybe supposed to be political representatives, trying to unify all the planets? Unfortunately,
that’s never explicitly stated in this story. The Master of the Sun does give Peter a gun
that can shoot all four elements of fire, water, air, and earth. Then he gives Peter
the satisfaction of killing the aliens that killed his mom. There is some question about
whether that experience was real, or maybe it was just a way for the Master of the Sun
to purge to urge of vengeance out of Peter, we’ll find out later that it was, indeed,
the latter. That’s pretty much it for this story, we
find out that Peter calls himself Star-Lord ‘cause he stole the title from somebody
he didn’t like. And it’s probably some sort of intergalactic police officer, because
everybody likes those. But this story does leave us with a couple big questions. Why
didn’t Peter look like his father, Jake? Why were the aliens on Earth in the first
place? Why did they shoot Meredith Quill so violently? And what’s the importance of
Peter’s middle name being Jason? So let’s next dive into Marvel Preview #11,
from just one year later, where they reinvent the character of Star-Lord, taking out the
astrological aspect of it because, quite frankly, nobody but Englehart knew enough about it
to make it work. It is a fantastic read and you should somehow get your hands on it, I
encourage you to, it’s super great, but the important part comes at the end when Peter
and friends stop a coup on the empire of the planet Sparta. The Emperor was revealed to
be none other than… dun, dun, dunnnn… Peter’s real father, Jason. Jason was on
the way back to Sparta from exploring space when he heard that there was a war breaking
out. But, his ship broke down above Earth and he was forced to make a crash landing.
He was pulled from the wreckage from Meredith Quill, who nursed him back to health and helped
him repair his ship. They got to talking and then they got to … not talking, if you know
what I mean. But about a year later, Jason had to return to Sparta, to help with the
war effort. Jason’s ship readings showed that Meredith was pregnant with his child,
and he didn’t want to risk taking the love of his life, and his unborn son, to a place
of war. So, he wiped Meredith’s memory of ever meeting him. Jason left, Meredith married
Jake, and they had their son, Peter. And that’s also why Peter didn’t look anything like
Jake, because he was really half alien. Years later, when the war was tipping in his favour,
Jason sent his uncle Gareth to retrieve Meredith and Peter, to bring them to Sparta so they
could live together as a family. Unfortunately, Gareth was the one who staged the coup to
overthrow the empire, so instead of retrieving Meredith and Peter, he sent a bunch of lizard-like
aliens to kill them. Jason is relieved to see that his son still lives, and invites
Peter to take his rightful place on the throne. Peter kind of angrily denies this, because
he’s an adventurer, he wants to go explore the universe, and not be tied down to one
planet. So, he leaves abruptly to go carve himself a legend. So, we have all that information now, gaps
filled in, and a pretty nice origin story focused less on astrological phenomenon and
more on fun sci-fi adventures. This will help us as we uncover our latest origin of Peter
Quill that was revealed to us not too long ago, in 2013 from Guardians of the Galaxy
0.1. In it we see a simplified origin of Star-Lord that takes away anything that’s weird and
overly complicated and leaves us with the bare essentials. Jason, now spelled with an
apostrophe where the ‘a’ should be (J’son), crash lands on Earth to be rescued by Meredith
Quill. She and J’son hit it off pretty nicely and end up doing the no-pants dance but it’s
time for J’son to leave and head back to his home planet, which is now called Spartax.
Upon his departure, Meredith discovers that she is pregnant. Instead of getting mind-wiped
and ending up with Jake, she just goes about her life, raising Peter and waiting for the
day when J’son can return so they can all be a family. One day there’s a bright light
in the yard and Meredith believes that J’son has finally returned. But unfortunately, it
is an alien race called the Badoon. They shoot and kill her. And this is where the story
gets a little bit more interesting than the other ones. The Badoon race inside to also
kill off Peter, but Peter finds a shotgun and kills them both in one blast. He then
finds the gun that his mother hid from J’son when he first crash landed there. The remaining
Badoon…s…Badoons… Badoon. The remaining Badoon blow up Peter’s house as he barely
escapes. In the following issue, Guardians of the Galaxy #1, we see that Peter is confronted
by his father J’son, who tells him that he is the firstborn of the Spartax empire,
and therefore it his birthright to be named Star-Lord of Spartax. Peter describes this
as being a prince-like role. So, there you have it. From interplanetary
police officer to royal title, the name Star-Lord is a little bit more complicated than, say,
Spider-Man. It’s even spelled differently on occasion, with and without the hyphen.
From just what we’ve seen in the trailer, I can’t imagine that they’re going to
go the route of space police, that really seems like a job for the Nova Corps, ah, but
as for Peter Quill being royalty, I guess time will tell. I’m curious to see what
you guys think; which one of these explanations for the name Star-Lord do you like more? Space
cop, or royalty? Let me know, in the comments. And if this is your first time hanging out
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you knew about comics. See ya.

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