Why You Should Read the Demon Slayer Manga. [Kimetsu no Yaiba : 鬼滅の刃]

Tell me if this sounds familiar. The seasonal
anime split starts, most shows suck but there are a few that look promising. There’s one
you really like and after hitting episode 4, you’re sold on the pitch of the show,
hook line and sinker. You’re pretty jaded from all the trash isekai anime series that
have burned you recently, and you’re just waiting for the quality of the plot or animation
to tank, but, it doesn’t. Fast forward a couple of months. The series finale rolls around and that cliffhanger
hits hard, dangling the juicy plot carrot as you slowly become aware of that gaping
void within you, yearning for just one more episode. But, what if I told you that you
haven’t even scratched the surface of the Demon Slayer world, and it only gets better,
MUCH better from here. You my friend need to READ. THE. MANGA. Anime Fried Chicken back once again with another
Demon Slayer, Kimetsu no Yaiba discussion video. If you like Demons Slayer Reviews,
Analysis and Breakdown videos, check out some of my stuff and subscribe, and I’ll make
more Demon Slayer content. Right, before you jump straight in and carry
on from where the demon slayer anime left off, lets go over the 3 most significant differences
between the manga and the anime, so that you’re on the same page as the rest of us (pun intended)
when you pick up the manga. 1. The Manga has less detail…sometimes UFOtable have done a phenomenal job with this
series and regardless whether you like, or cannot stand battle shounen shows, critics
have been singing praise for the quality of animation since the premiere of episode 1.
Truly showing beserk that 3d digital animation can be done well in anime adaptations. Yikes. In my unpopular opinion, Kimetsu no Yaiba
the manga has far less detail in it’s panels than other contemporary works published for
similar demographics and in similar publishing houses. It doesn’t have that jaw dropping
“wow” factor you’re constantly barraged with by the anime. Although, if you are directly
comparing the manga and anime as separate entities, the more recent chapters hold their
ground and many including myself, believe that both the quality of the art and plot
is turned up to 11 pretty much as soon as season 1 ends. The storytelling is a lot darker
and the art way more compelling and able to lend itself better to grittier themes. So
much blood. 2. Translation. The form names of the total concentration
breathing techniques used by the Demon Slayers vary across all the different platforms and
interpretations of the source material. The manga fan scanlations are different to the
official viz translations which are different to the official subtitles, which are different
to the anime fansubs. For this you can blame the subtle nuances of the Japanese language
and the long-arse names that some of the techniques have. Needless to say consistency across platforms
wasn’t likely the foremost priority when the author was drafting the pilot chapters
for the series. Although I do low key wish it was as simple as Naruto’s Kage Bunshin
no justu or Shadow clone jutsu, and could be universal across all versions of Demon
Slayer media. But it aint even close to being a deal breaker and you’re going to have
a good time with the manga, whatever be the wording. 3. The stylisation of the art Now we talked about the level of detail in
the art between the manga and anime, which is usually bottlenecked by factors such as
time constraints, man or woman power on the project etc etc. But when I say the style
of the art differs, I mean to say that the overall artistic portrayal of the characters
is significantly different. The animated adaption illustrates characters in a style true to
present-day anime. However the manga reaches towards the chibi end of the spectrum, with
larger eyes relative to their face, more rounded features and shorter limbs. In turn this really
dials in on the fantasy element, appearing more supernatural, almost ethereal. It looks
pretty dope. hose are the 3 factors where the manga and
anime differ most for me personally. As far as plot & story, I haven’t found
anything that was cut in the anime adaption from the original manga, and very little non-canon
material added in to the anime. So do yourself a favour, go out their and
pick up some Demon Slayer Manga, you will love it. I believe the season 1 anime will
finish up around chapter 51, 52? Let me know in the comments below if you’re
going to jump on the manga train (ha manga train, there’s an easter egg). If you liked
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Thanks for joining me, this was anime fried chicken, cheers.

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